Friday, November 06, 2020

Coast to Coast - November 6: Hawaiian UFO Video


I’ve talked about multiple chains of evidence in the past, which is the suggestion that we move beyond just witness testimony. I have a sighting from just about two weeks ago, on October 24, in Hawaii that involved, not only witness testimony, but also an interesting video. This supplies us with something that can be analyzed and it corroborates what the witness saw. According to what William Puckett reported, on his website at, the witness who hosts a podcast and lives in Honolulu, said, “I saw a possible V-shaped craft… It had lots of lights and was very large.” You can see the original video here:

KHON2 in Honolulu asked, “Did you happen to see strange bright lights Saturday night? You may have been one of many who thought it looked like a plane, a meteor shower or something unexplainable…. We are told since it was traveling east, residents on the Big Island and Maui probably got a better view.”

There were suggestions from astronomers and others that this was the re-entry of a Chinese Rocket booster, as it broke up re-entering the atmosphere. There are videos on YouTube of meteors falling that can be used for comparison. I’ll put a link or two at the end of this with the compilations of meteor falls.

Puckett, in an update on October 31, said that he had shown the witness a rocket re-entry video. He reported that “This thing was its one thing,” meaning, of course, that it was a single thing and not something that was breaking up.

Others have weighed in on this. In the comments section, Jim supplied some interesting observations. Using his equipment and watching it several times, he wrote that there were more than eleven fixed, stationary lights with two that are larger and pulsed randomly at the same speed. Several of the smaller lights are in fixed positions. He concluded that they are on a single object. He believes that one of the photos that had been posted that seemed to show burning debris was the result of camera motion blur.

Another commentator, Joel Wesley Small, said that when he looked at it, he thought there was a central object and some smaller objects on its periphery. He thought that it could have been a re-entry that was disintegrating, but thought the light sources were too steady. He thought of it as unidentified.

I thought the blinking lights seemed to suggest something other than burning rocket debris. Looking at the video, I did notice the blinking lights and haven’t seen anything quite like that on the meteor compilations that I watched.

I will note here that in March 1968, the re-entry of the Zond IV did fool a few people into thinking they were looking at a cigar-shaped craft with lighted windows along the side. However, the majority of the people who saw it, understood what they were seeing. This was compared to the famous Chiles Whitted sighting from 1948 that lead to the infamous “Estimate of the Situation.” You can read about that this controversy here:


Following are some links to other videos of meteor falls to give you an idea of what they look like. This will provide some perspective on the Honolulu video.

As it stands right now, the video from Hawaii is unidentified. It doesn’t look quite like the re-entries that had been seen in the past and there is a real possibility of additional videos out there. If those are located then a great deal of additional information can be gathered, and that is, after all, what science is all about.

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It was a rocket booster re-entry. See: