Friday, November 13, 2020

Glenn Davis, First-Hand Witness... I Mean Glenn Dennis


It keeps happening and its still annoying. When Air Force officer James McAndrew finished his report about Roswell that dealt with the bodies, he apparently packed up everything. That material eventually ended up at the National Archives, with a note that the tapes and files had been sent by the Air Force. It provided a note of authenticity to those tapes.

I don’t believe that the Air Force conducted any those interviews. The tapes were provided by others including the Fund for UFO Research. In other words, they came from the private sector, yet the way the are displayed suggests they came from the military. I mention all this because I have become aware of another website which has posted the interview with Glenn Dennis without comment or permission. To make it all worse, if possible, they label is as “W. Glenn Davis, alleged firsthand witness to events at Roswell Army Air Force Hospital concerning recovered alien bodies.”

Glenn Dennis, Obviously.

Other than getting Dennis’ name wrong, and the name of the base wrong, they make no comment about the validity of Dennis’ testimony. It has been exposed as a hoax. Dennis told numerous lies about his involvement in the case. It was clearly invented and we, and by we, I mean a number of people attempting to verify his tale, were unable to do so. The nurse never existed, he changed her name, and when confronted about this told additional lies. You can read more about it here:

For those interested in the truth, we really should remove Glenn Dennis from the story. He had no special knowledge, he wasn’t involved, and the tale of the child-sized coffins was probably appropriated from another witness… And we haven’t even discussed the need for child-sized coffins. Would those of any size have done the job?

Without the National Archives making this video available and creating the idea that it was the military who gathered the data, it adds a level of credibility that the Dennis testimony does not deserve. Since I was one of the initial investigators, and since my voice is one of those heard on the tape, I should know. The best thing is to remove the video so that it confuses no one else.

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Paul Young said...

Glen Dennis epitomises the biggest problem for UFO researchers in that they can put their hand on the Bible, stare you in the eye and lie, unashamedly.
When I first heard his early interviews (unlike Frank Kaufmann, whom I considered to be "dodgy" from the very start) Dennis seemed quite convincing.
These people have hampered the subject from the very beginning.
It's alarming how comfortable it is for some people to lie