Thursday, November 05, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Ben Moss and the Socorro UFO Landing

Ben Moss was the guest this week. We talked about his book on the Socorro UFO landing case, and our investigations into it. My book about Socorro, Encounter in the Desert, came out in 2018 and Ben’s, Not of this World: The Socorro Landing with Humanoids, is available from Ben by writing for an autographed copy. You can listen to the interview here:

The one point of disagreement was about the symbol that Police Officer Lonnie

Ben Moss

Zamora reported. While the credibility of the case does not hang in the balance, it is an interesting point. Very few UFOs are reported to have any symbols on them and the situation that created the discrepancy provides some insight into UFO investigation, at least in the 1960s. For those interested, you can read some of my comments and an FBI document about which is the correct symbol in my book and take a look at these postings:

We also discussed the Project Blue Book investigation into the landing case and what Lieutenant Colonel Hector Quintanilla had to say about it. Upon his retirement from the Air Force, he wrote a book about his experiences investigating UFOs. Although there are many cases in the Blue Book files in which witnesses reported some sort of entity, there are only three in which the cases weren’t written off as some sort of psychological problem. Of those three, the Socorro landing is the best.

Briefly, we talked about the claims that the case was a hoax. Like Ben, I don’t believe that a strong argument can be made for the hoax theory, though there are those who believe otherwise. I have explored those claims here:

We did mention an article in the MUFON Journal that Don Burleson had written. You can read it here:

All this should give you some insight into this important UFO case. We have moved it from a single witness event into one in which there were multiple witnesses. The trouble is that those witnesses entered the arena and left without providing all the testimony necessary to elevate the status. Socorro was a missed opportunity, but given the time of the report, it is not surprising that more wasn’t done.

Next week, I’ll be talking with Colonel Richard Weaver about his official investigation into the Roswell case for the Air Force in the mid-1990s. He too, has written a book about it, and it does provide some very interesting insights into that investigation. If you have questions, append them here and I’ll get them asked. 


anon said...

I don't think Socorro was a hoax or prank and I think Lonnie Zamora is a decent, honest man who described what he saw. What's interesting about the April 24 1964 Socorro UFO is that its described in a similar way to a tic-tac shape. The Nimitz tic-tac sighting was in 2004 and it appears to look very similar to Lonnie Zamora's description. Maybe its a coincidence, maybe not.

TheUFOGuy said...

Thanks Kevin, that was a great discussion. I feel we will never learn the origin of the 'vehicle' that landed in the desert in 1964, but from our investigations a terrestrial answer
is out of the question. Be safe sir!