Friday, April 23, 2021

Coast-to-Coast AM: The Latest Navy Videos


Last week I discussed the latest Navy video showing pyramid-shaped objects near a number of US military vessels. This week, I received information from a listener who noted that the objects on that video looked like those produced in by a civilian. He provided a link to a YouTube video in which someone had attached a cell phone camera to a night vision device and hit record. The video shows an object that resembles that found on the Navy videos also captured using night vision devices. Here’s the link to that video:

Talking with John Greenewald, he wondered if this latest might not be Condon 2.0. The Condon Committee was created in the 1960s to review the Air Force investigation. It was organized after years of discussion about ways to remove the UFO investigation from the Air Force. That, and a way of belittling UFO sightings, was the mission. We know this because the conclusions of the investigation were written prior to the beginning of the investigation. The Condon Committee was to say some positive things about the Air Force investigations, that there was no threat to national security and that nothing of scientific value could be learned by further research. Here’s the link to that letter:

In other words, these were the recommendations made by the CIA sponsored Robertson Panel in 1953. Like the Condon Committee that followed, the purpose of the Robertson Panel was not to investigate, but to provide a “scientific” label to the investigations so that it seemed something important had been accomplished. They spent five days looking at the evidence and decided that there was nothing to UFO sightings. They suggested finding a mysterious sighting that was later revealed to be something ordinary. Take the mystery out of UFOs, and the problem would go away.

Dr. Edward U. Condon.

They suggested that teachers not allow students to research UFOs. They wanted to end the interest in the topic by claiming there was nothing to it. The suggested that the whole phenomena be “debunked.

At that point the Air Force began a debunking campaign, which failed. The officers in charge of Project Blue Book were selected because of there anti-UFO bias. They appended labels to sightings that had no real relation to the sightings. Once a case was labeled as anything other than “unidentified,” they were happy about it.

As noted, this all culminated in the Condon Committee, which ended the public end of the Air Force investigation. Documentation suggests that sightings were still investigated, but there was no longer a requirement for the results to be made public. They could just say that they no longer investigated UFO sightings and let it go at that.

Now we have a situation with the Navy providing a mysterious video that we now find to be duplicated by digital cameras and night vision devices. Could it be that the Navy, and by extension the Deep State, is attempting to implement the plans suggested by Robertson and reaffirmed by Condon to end public interest in UFOs?

This is what I now fear. The Navy will investigate these sightings that have had so much public scrutiny. They had already acknowledged that the videos released at Navy video were authentic, meaning they were videos made by Naval personnel. They offered no explanation for them. But, as I noted, there are similar videos that do not required an extraterrestrial explanation. If the Navy determines that the videos are a result of the interface of digital cameras and night vision devices and not alien visitation, won’t that go a long way to convince many that there is no case of alien visitation, regardless of what other evidence is presented.

Rather than move toward Disclosure, we now move back to the darkest days of UFO research when nearly everyone was making fun to the topic. The investigations can again be hidden behind a curtain of ridicule that intimidates witnesses, prevents solid academic research, and an attempt to learn the truth. We enter a new dark age in the search for answers about UFOs.


Bob Koford said...


Thank You for writing this. I feel it is right on the money, so-to-speak.

I think, before what you are suggesting can happen, people should be helped to see some basic descriptions of the Air Force's make-up, including with Intelligence. For instance, as you have said, repeatedly over the years, there was no such thing as the Air Force before September of 1947. It was the Army and the War Department. When the UFO program was begun, it was the Army and Army Intelligence who ran the investigations.

The Air Force, as it was created with the signing of the National Security Act, had two sides: the Secretary of the Air Force and his attending offices, and the Air Staff, which liaised with the War Department General Staff/US Army General Staff. This is crucial to the issue, because it was the Assistant Chief of Staff/Intelligence-4th AF-, AFCIN and the USA General Staff that handled the secret National Security information, regarding Flying Discs, from the very beginning.

As the program was to be "shut down", in the sixties, during the Condon investigations, the UFO program was turned over to the Office of the Secretary of the AF. That way, the National Security information never has to be made public, because, well, they no longer have anything to report, because they don't "investigate" any more.

Based on the files I've read, I feel strongly that what they don't want us to know is that they have been keeping track through "instruments" instead of "eye-witness testimony" all this time. They followed through with the original recommendations produced during Ruppelt's tenure, in the ATIC Branch Intelligence Briefings. UFOB Reporting Stations were established, the FCC monitored for strange sounds, spy-satellites contained sub-systems that dealt with UFO detection and surveillance, etc.

In other words, I don't think that they feel they can admit the UFOs are tangible, because it would show us that they have destroyed people's lives because of a lie. I am for some form of admittance...if for no other reason than to spare countless future lives from being trashed.

Joeschmoe said...

In Greenewald's first book he aptly described Bluebook not as an investigation for events but as an "explanation" The Navy will subsequently acknowledge that the phenomena is terrestrial which will result in several million with a moderate interest in the topic to lose interest once again......with the inference that all UAP's have an earthy explanation.The CIA released this kinda information over 10 years ago proclaiming that a great majority of UFO'S from the 1950's were " ours"

JoeWhip said...

Glad I could have been of some help Kevin. While I remain skeptical in regards to the ufo field, seeing the Navy release such utter bs ticks me off and makes even this skeptic wonder what is going on. Thanks.

Capt Steve said...

If the Navy/US Government wanted to end or seriously curtail interest in UFOs, there's one simple thing they could do: they could stop engendering interest by not releasing material that they claim is authentic while also not releasing any statements to the media.

Instead, they are doing the exact opposite.

I believe that the vast majority of the public doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about UFOs or UFOlogy (although there's certainly widespread awareness of the topic)...until some headline brings attention to the topic, at which point public interest clearly increases, at least temporarily.

Condon took the "Move along, nothing to see here" approach. That's not what seems to be happening today.

So what's really going on here?

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Lemurian said...

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