Thursday, April 08, 2021

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Bill Konkolesky

This week I changed things slightly and invited Bill Konkolesky on the program to talk about his abduction experiences. About the first thing I learned was that he doesn’t like the term abduction because it implies he was a victim. Instead, he prefers the term “experiencer,” because these were, well, experiences. You can listen here (or use the embedded audio player at the left):

We did discuss some of the terrestrial explanations for alien abduction. Sleep paralysis was one of those topics, of course. Those who experience sleep paralysis

Bill Konkolesky with Budd Hopkins

often describe an event that is remarkably similar to alien abduction. I did mention that protocols to separate sleep paralysis from alien abduction had been talked about but that no such protocols have been established.

We did talk about the vast distances between stars and that the speed of light, as we understand physics today, is the limiting factor. While it is certainly possible that in the future, we might discover a way of defeating that problem, as of today, we simply can’t do it. This did lead into a discussion of ancient astronauts and ancient aliens, but that conversation didn’t reveal very much.

One of the things that interested me was some sort of corroboration. Bill gave three examples of that. He told of a childhood friend who had witnessed part of an interaction when a fog crept into the backyard where they were playing. The friend, however, didn’t see the gray alien wrapped in the fog.

In the second event, Bill and friends witnessed a display of lights but again, while that would provide corroboration for the sighting, it does nothing for the claim of abduction.

In the third event, he was on a date when they were approached by what might have been an alien. Unfortunately, he is no longer in contact with the woman and frankly, I have no desire to bother her, given her strong reaction to the event.

This led to the question of attempting to record any of these events, but he hadn’t done anything like that. I thought if the abductions were happening periodically, there might be a chance for a recording. Bill did mention that when MUFON has attempted something like that it has always failed for some reason. I find that somewhat suspicious, but that’s an argument for another time.

I asked why he thought he had been singled out and he suggested that it was a family thing. He said that others in the family had reported some strange activity. He was reluctant to supply names and I didn’t push him on the subject.

Next week will begin a two-part show with both Tony Bragalia and John Greenewald to discuss Tony’s claim that the Pentagon had admitted to possession of alien materials. If you have questions about this, put them in the comments section and I’ll try to get them asked. 


Moonman said...

It baffles me sometimes how people try to extrapolate technology from 1000-1000000 year ahead of ours using our own science, physics and tech. Its not like this is isn't done by amateurs and professionals alike. "Oh, we cannot break the speed of light! So, aliens can never get here!" The main problem is that we cannot predict what we cannot predict. So, why do so? Accept that it may be possible given an old or lucky enough civilization. But there are nevertheless physicists that calculate wormhole travel and warp drive at various limited success. Using robotic entities can also eliminate trip time concerns. Breakthough Starshot is another seriously investigated method to send things to the stars using lasers and light sails. Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are likely the two game changers in the future that will enable star travel. In fact, AI will likely answer the problem for us.

It would have been nice for you to have asked the guest what "messages" the so-called aliens had delivered to him (stop nuclear weapons? recycle? love your neighbor?). I presume he asked them questions such as why the hell they are infringing on his rights, do they work with the government, where are they from, who/what are they, how they keep from infecting humans with all their biota, why are they making "hybrids", how he can do ESP (he did say he could hear their thoughts) and what can they do for HIM (superpowers, healing, gold bars)? Also, he might have been asked if he does ESP all the time or just with greys. Did the aliens ever talk with their mouth? Did he ever resist them or just give up and be a passive guinea pig? Did he ever have a medical checkup for implants? Does he have any medical conditions (maybe due to radiation exposure)?

Fendrich said...

Funny and great points. If I want to follow on Twitter what's your handle?