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Coast to Coast - Pentagon Video and Other Sightings


On Wednesday, John Greenewald and I were talking about some official information, photographs and video that had just leaked. John mentioned that some of that wasn’t all that interesting but he was intrigued by the video which shows pyramid-shaped objects near the USS Russell in July 2019. At one point the objects about 700 feet above the ship.

In one video, the UFO is reported to have shadowed a destroyer for 90 minutes, maneuvering near it. That was one of three incidents when UFOs were seen near various Navy ships.

John Greenewald

John wanted more information about this and communicated with his contacts at the Pentagon and in Washington for an official comment. He didn’t expect much other than the normal, noncommittal response. Instead, the Navy confirmed to him, as they did to other news sources, that the videos were authentic. This video is alleged to be part of the UAP Task Force which is supposed to report to Congress in June.

There has been discussion about this required report. Some in the UFO community have thought that it would take us closer to Disclosure. However, there seems to be avenues for suppressing parts of the report under the umbrella of national security. This means, quite simply, that all the report and its evidence, might not be reveaedl publicly as wanted by those outside the government. There has even been talk that there could be a delay in the completion of the report.

Although the objects in the video are unidentified, that only means that they’re unidentified. More research is needed but what is important here is that the Navy authenticated the video and said that it was unclassified. In fact, John suggested that some sort of drone program might be causing these sightings and this is just another step in the run up to that sort of revelation. You can listen to John and me discuss this here (that discussion begins at 45:30):

From the discussion of the UAP Task Force, I wanted to talk about some of the latest sightings that didn’t leak from the government. I will note that when looking at these reports, I want some evidence they are valid. Length of sighting is one. None of the following reports are shorter than a minute which gives the witness a good chance to identify the object. I also look at for multiple witnesses and if they are independent of one another, so much the better. In other words, there are ways to determine if the sighting is more than just an unidentified apparition.

Here are a couple of good examples of this, courtesy to the National UFO Reporting Center. The witness in Gouverneur, New York, said that he and his partner were in their living room when they heard a strange noise on January 21 of this year. He went to the window and saw the UFO with a red steady light, a blinking green light and a blinking yellowish light that seemed to form a triangle. The witness reported that within an hour, the witness heard the same noise again. He saw, within two hundred yards, a similar object with the same lights blinking in the same pattern.

Just over an hour later, in the same New York location another witness reported nearly the same thing was observed. The witness said he was working on a puzzle with his girlfriend when they heard an odd sound. They both got up to look out the window and across the street, above the neighbor’s house, they saw an odd red light and both blinking yellow and green lights in a triangular shape. The movements of the object were not like those of an airplane or helicopter and he ruled out a drone because of the size.

Like the first report, the witness said that about an hour later, or about 3 a.m. they heard the sound again. This time they ran outside with a camera, but it could not pick up the light. Like the first witnesses, he said it was a very clear night with plenty of stars visible and a very low level of ambient light. He said that the sound was terrifying.  

As I said, all these sightings lasted for a minute or more. There were two witnesses at each location, and all the sightings were of a triangular shape with the same-colored lights. The sightings happened in a short time frame and were relatively close to one another. Given all that, these are interesting sightings that deserved additional investigation.

From the Fran Ridge and the MADAR network comes another New York report, this one from Utica on January 29 about eight days after the first reports. The witness was driving north when he saw bright lights to the left, in a field. At first, he thought it was the lights of a truck but then saw a large craft bank over the treetops and then hover in front of him. He stopped his car in the middle of the highway and stared at the bright object for about thirty seconds. He said that he was frightened as the craft leveled out and without a sound flew about twenty feet overhead. As it flew over, he saw that the craft was cigar shaped and that it had tiny wings that were swept back. He then saw another car coming and he started up again, returning home.

All of this, from the Navy’s release of videos to the witnesses watching the objects near them, provide additional evidence. We need to evaluate that evidence so that we might learn what is going on, though, given the nature of the cases, that seems quite clear.

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