Friday, April 28, 2023

Coast-to-Coast AM - ARRO Briefing and Sightings

Although it has been more than a week since Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick briefed the Senate Armed Services Committee about the progress and logistics of the UAP Program, I thought I’d add a few items I noticed. First, the room was lightly populated by Senators. There were just three.

The Senate hearing room with Sean Kirkpatrick and others.

Sean Kirkpatrick, who leads the All-domain Anomaly Office, known as ARRO, provided a statement that had little to do with their investigative work and more about the logistics of creating an investigative team.

UFOs, or UAPs or ETs, were mentioned twice. Kirkpatrick said, “In our research, ARRO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology or objects that defy the known laws of physics.”

Later he said, “In the event sufficient scientific data were ever obtained that a UAP encountered can only be explained by extraterrestrial origin, we are committed to working with our interagency partners at NASA to appropriately inform the U.S. government's leadership of its findings.”

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick

Ironically, he did say that there was a plan in place in case any alien activity is encountered. I can think of several cases in which the alien explanation is currently the only one available, including Roswell, Levelland and more recently Rendlesham Forest as but three examples. In all these cases there are multiple witnesses, some very high-ranking people involved but these are all outside the purview of ARRO. I do have to wonder exactly what this contingency plan that Kirkpatrick hinted about has to say.

The real point is that here we are a couple of years into this investigation and all we have are some statistics, several videos, and little real information about what they are doing, which, if we listened closely to Kirkpatrick, is investigating terrestrial threats, which are, of course, of national security interest.

To me, as I have said in the past, this is Robertson 2.0. One of the suggestions by the Robertson Panel, which, by the way, was sponsored by the CIA, was to take a mysterious sighting, report it, and then solve it. If we look carefully at this whole question of Navy cockpit videos and the government response, we see how That has been stage managed.

Those videos were mysterious. We are told they have been validated by the Navy, except the Navy wasn’t saying that the videos showed alien spacecraft. They were saying that yes, the videos did come from the Navy. They weren’t identifying the objects seen, other than to talk about the mysterious characteristics but now tell us that it was a technological glitch.

In the meantime, we now ignore the testimony by the pilots and crewmembers involved. No one has explained how a technological glitch in the cockpit of a fighter manifests itself as a blip on a surface vessel radar screen… oh, yes, we are told by skeptics there are always uncorrelated targets on the radar screens. Well, that explains that.

My point is that we are seeing the playing out how Robertson saw it in 1953. People will remember the explanation, even if that explanation is bogus. They’ll forget the details of the sighting.

The best example of this is the Mogul explanation for the Roswell crash. There are dozens of witnesses who talked about what they had seen themselves. They talked about the unusual properties of the debris and that the debris was widely scattered over a pasture near Corona, New Mexico.

But then comes the explanation. It was a balloon array and radar reflectors from the highly classified Project Mogul. Except what was going on in New Mexico wasn’t highly classified. In fact, it wasn’t classified at all. Pictures of the balloons were printed in the newspaper just two days after the announcement they had “captured” a flying saucer. True, the ultimate purpose was classified, but the experiments in New Mexico were not.

Claiming that it was Flight No. 4 of Project Mogul fails because the field notes and diary entries by the leader of the project in New Mexico, Dr. Albert Crary, documented the fact that Flight No. 4 was cancelled. Now few question how a flight that was cancelled could have spread debris on the Foster Ranch, and why that debris lay out there for more than a month before Mack Brazel found it in a field that he was in nearly every day. I have covered this here, on this blog and in both Roswell in the 21st Century and Understanding Roswell.

But I digress. ARRO is actually the Robertson Panel suggestion for explaining mysterious UFOs, I mean UAP sightings. I see what they’re doing but too many don’t understand the what is happening. They are now attempting to change UFO into UAP and overlook the long history of the phenomenon. They are giving us mysterious sightings and then explaining them. Just look at the numbers that Kirkpatrick provided in his latest, poorly attended briefing. Once, they had answers for only one of 144 incidents. Now, with many more sightings, they are explaining many more with language that sounds impressive but means nothing.

Or, in more precise language, I note that the program to rid the world of UFO reports, note I said reports as opposed to sightings, is being slowly implemented here. It took them a while to figure all this out after the Condon Committee’s “scientific” investigation failed to end the problem. After years of attempting to ignore it by deflecting reports to local law enforcement, we are at the point of information manipulation. They can’t provide all we need to know because of the specter of national security.

Some of us understand what is happening because we have been around for a long time and seen it all before. This is just the latest government program designed to influence civilian thought. But UFOs, I mean UAPs, are not going away. As an example, is a sighing from Ocean Shores, New South Wales, in Australia was reported on April 8 of this year. The witness, in his backyard watched an object that passed directly overhead. It was triangular in shape with about ten lights along the forward two sides and three on the trailing edge. None of the lights were flashing.

According to the witness, he could not see the stars within the triangle as it passed over. The UFO was the size of a football field (which is probably a soccer field given the location) and there was no sound. It appeared to be close and was in sight for about twenty seconds until it disappeared over a hill.

And, in keeping with the report from ARRO which provided a video of an orb, the witness in Bedford, Virginia, watched several orb-like objects for two minutes on April 7 of this year while driving. According to the witness, the orbs were low and moved erratically at high speed. They changed color from red to blue to green. The witness said that he looked to the rear to be sure there were no aircraft with lights or emergency vehicles there. There was a car in front and the witness was sure that they had seen the orbs as well.

I will note that neither of these sightings will make it into the new investigation because they come from the civilian world. That’s just another indication of government manipulation of our attitudes. Just thought I’d mention it. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

For Those Interested... Deb's Obit

For those who would like to learn a little about Deb and what she did in life, please follow the link to her obituary... though I think of it more as a remembrance that an obit.

Thursday, April 20, 2023


A Memorial

Deborah Jeanne Randle: October 27, 1949 – April 20, 2023


My beautiful and beloved wife Deborah Jeanne passed at 2:37 today.

Wedding picture in 1974.

On my return for Iraq, 2004.

Gradiating high school, 1967.

The last words I said to her were, “I love you.”

Her last words to me were “I love you.”

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Coast-to-Coast AM -- UFO Archives and Sightings


Just the other day, I saw a request from MUFON to researchers looking to find a home for their files to think of MUFON as that repository. It wasn’t all that long ago that I learned that Dave Marler, along with Mark Rodeghier, were working to not only digitize the Center for UFO Studies files, that included much of material collected by NICAP but to collect the files of other UFO researchers as well. The project is called The National UFO Historical Records Center. For those interested, the APRO files are still in the hands of a family member but steps are being taken to retrieve them for the Center. Those files would be a great asset.

Clas Svahn in Sweden, has been collecting files of both UFO and paranormal interest for his AFU (Archives for the Unexplained). I know that Clas Svahn has been in contact with Dave Marler in Albuquerque to share their information. Philip Mantle, the owner and publisher of the Flying Disk Press in England, has just shipped a great deal of information to Marler.

Marler has organized the effort to create digital files of this vast amount of information. There is an army of volunteers using the latest in technology to convert paper files, audio recordings, and all other kinds of collected material into a form that can be used for online research purposes. Although it is in its infant stage, a great deal of material has already been digitized.

MUFON’s effort is known as Project Aquarius. The name, and not MUFON’s project, is somewhat problematic (Project Aquarius being one of the first of the discredited MJ-12 documents). I do know that some researchers have donated material to the project including the estates of Len Stringfield and Bob Pratt.

A sighting that I would add to an archive took place on April 7 of this year. The witness in Skowhegan, Maine, said that he had been studying glowing orb UFO sightings and wondering why they seemed to fly in triangular formations. He had been working at the computer for about two hours, when he noticed something in the sky that resembled the objects of his research.

He said that the object was green, and looked as if it was triangular shaped. He heard no sound, said the lights were fluctuating as opposed to flashing and it was floating across the sky.

He had created a circuit various components including fishing magnets with the idea of generating a high Tesla magnetic field. He routed it through his computer. He believes that this might have unraveled part of the UFO mystery, the suggestion being that he had created an EM field like those reported in many UFO sightings.

Finally, from Broomfield, Colorado, the witness said that he noticed an object that changed color on April 3 of this year. He said that he was looking west, over Boulder, Colorado, and watched the object for ten minutes. He said that it was circular, that it changed color and vanished after those ten minutes.

The Bloomfield, Colorado UFO

The UFO seemed to be shaped like that reported in the Japanese Air Line 1628 case from November 17, 1986. The pilot in that case reported a UFO that was confirmed by radar at the time. I provided a chapter about the sighting in The Government UFO Files, for those interested in the whole story. I will note here that I did interview John Callahan, who was the chief FAA investigator on the JAL case. The drawing made by the pilot of the jet looked like the object in the pictures taken in Colorado.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Coast-to-Coast AM MADAR Notes and Sightings

Here is something that I believe. UFO research has stagnated for decades. We are doing the same things today that we did in the 1980s and 1990s. Someone would report a UFO and a researcher or investigator would head out to gather data about the sighting. If there were photographs or landing traces or radar confirmation, so much the better, but it was always after the fact. We weren’t proactive.

There were attempts to gather other sorts of data. At one time there was a government network of cameras set up in parts of the country that would photograph the night sky, to track meteors and other natural phenomenon. Once the photographs, made from film, were examined, they were tossed out.  UFO researchers asked for the photographs so that they might look for UFOs. Philip Klass caused some trouble about this and the photographs were thrown out. I’m not sure what he feared, and no taxpayer dollars were expended, but those running the program fearing, I guess, adverse publicity withdrew their support.

This, among other things is why I’m a fan of the MADAR network. These node centers hosting a variety of sensors and detectors, are gathering data all the time. There is a documented record from these centers and it is the sort of thing that Avi Loeb had suggested a couple of years ago. He wanted UFO research without the human factor in it.

On March 22 of this year, the witness, in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, said that he was in his backyard when he spotted a bright, steady light that appeared to drop down, out of the clouds. The witness was familiar with airplane traffic because one of the approach lanes for the airport was over his neighborhood.

At first, he thought the light might be a jet, but there was no white, flashing light on the tail of the craft and there were no navigation lights on the wings. He said that the light appeared to be round but he could see no other details. He thought his eyes might be playing tricks on him and he took no photos or videos of the object.

That same day he was reviewing his incoming emails and noticed that he had a MADAR alert about the same time as the sighting. There was a jump in the milligauss readings and a compass deviation as well. This does bring the nonhuman aspect of the case into focus, providing data about some anomaly. The human aspect adds to the information.

In keeping with this theme of alternative corroborations, MUFON reported that the witness, in Almena, Wisconsin, on February 12 of this year, said he was outside when the dogs began to bark. They moved to the southwest where the witnesses noticed a red light moving at them at a high rate of speed. As it flew closer, they saw one red light and two white lights. Following that craft was another, about five seconds behind the first.

At that point the witness said there was a low, deep hum that was felt more then heard. Both the craft’s lights were blinking in no real pattern. The witness did take photographs, saying that some were blurred but in a “zoomed” in picture, there was a definite triangular shape.

Wisconsin MUFON state director Fred Kohler investigated and said that the photographs contained a great deal of additional detail. He said that the body of the craft looked more U-shaped than triangular. He closed the case as an Unknown. 

Saturday, April 08, 2023

On a Personal Note


For those of you who have wondered about the sporadic nature of my postings and the long delays in response to emails, I say, “I have been dealing with a catastrophic family illness. It is taking more of my time on an irregular schedule.” I offer this, not as an excuse, but a simple explanation for my failure to acknowledge emails, return telephone calls and to post interesting articles to the blog…

While I know that you all will have nothing but hopeful thoughts and wishes about this, the outcome is not going to be positive. We survive day-to-day and deal with whatever comes. Let me thank you all, in advance, for your kindness and understanding.