Thursday, November 07, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Jim Willis

Jim Willis, author of Lost Civilizations: The Secret Histories and Suppressed Technologies of the Ancients, published by Visible Ink, was this week’s guest. Although his book didn’t do more than touch on the idea of Ancient Astronauts, that was sort of the theme that I explored with him. You can listen to the show here:

I did start with something of a snarky comment, asking him what sort of background he had in anthropology and archaeology. His bio suggested that his professional education had been in music and theology. He did say that he had taken some courses in archaeology over the years. I had asked the question
Jim Willis
because, in his book, he had suggested that archaeologists didn’t pay much attention to the myths of the past. Willis thought these myths might provide clues to archaeological discoveries. I suggested that archaeologists do use those myths as part of their research when appropriate.

We talked about the Clovis people who inhabited an area around Clovis, New Mexico, some 13,000 years ago. But Willis pointed out that a Clovis site had been found on the east coast and was dated some what earlier than the original site. There were suggestions in the material recovered there that connected it to France. Traditional archaeology hasn’t completely accepted this theory but certainly has its supporters.

I wanted to explore the location of Atlantis, being a fan of the Minoan culture and the destruction of Santorini as model for the Atlantis myth. Willis thought that the Caribbean, with some of the islands such as Cuba as the remnants of Atlantis.

We also took something of a flyer as Willis talked about fossil fuel, or rather evidence of global warming had been found in ice cores of the world long ago that suggested a use of fossil fuels in antiquity. He suggested this might be the result of other civilizations creating a situation not unlike that we have today. I suggested that the Milankovitch Cycles might be an alternative explanation for some of this.

During the conversations, we did discuss how the ancients had moved such big stones in building their monuments or pyramids with such precision. The point is that there are some things that we just don’t know for certain, though there are theories to cover the points.

Next week I will be talking with Jan Harzan of MUFON fame. If you have questions for him, append them in the comments section and I’ll get to them.

Oak Island, Episode 1 - Disappoints... Again

I’m truly sorry but this show has jumped the shark more than once. Last night, as they were tearing up the swamp and finding rocks that were smooth, they keep talking about pirate ships or treasures that might have been purposefully sunk in the swamp. My question is, “Why does it have to be a treasure ship?”

Everything they find leads them to the conclusion that the treasure is real. They make no room for the very distinct possibility that the landing of ships on the island has nothing to do with hiding a treasure there. They are looking for the
Oak Island, obviously.
remains of a ship in the swamp and assume it would be a treasure galleon. They just use everything to prove their point apparently unaware of confirmation bias.

They find a button that their expert says was made sometime between 1650 and 1750. It proves that someone was on the island decades before the boys discovered the alleged money pit. It proves nothing of the sort. It just proves that someone had a button manufactured in the late 17th or 18th century but it tells us nothing about when it was lost on the island.

That’s the thing that I have noticed over the years. They just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that there are alternative explanations for what they are finding on the island. If Joy Steele is right, then what they are finding is more likely to confirm her theory than suggest a booby-trapped money pit. Her theory explains all that they are finding today. Her theory, as I have noted in the past, suggests that Oak Island was used as a repair facility for British ships in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. By the time the boys arrived with their picks and shovels to begin this two centuries plus search, the British had left… but their trash remains.

In the years since the Laginas began to tear up the island, they have found nothing to suggest a treasure was ever hidden there. They don’t seem to wonder about the engineering ability of those who allegedly hide the treasure. They don’t wonder how they created the money pit, how they made the booby traps, or how they would have recovered the treasure when they came back for it. In all the years and all the various attempts to find the treasure, no one had actually found anything to suggest the treasure was there. It all goes back to the teenagers who spent a summer on a wild goose chase for an imagined treasure.

As I have said in the past, I was enthused about this. I was hoping they would find a treasure because, well, that’s the most exciting solution. But I now think they have found an answer. There is no treasure but there is too much money to be had with the program. Obviously, History is making money even with the millions spent on everything they have done. Obviously, there is an audience for the show and the ratings are high. This will probably go on until the public loses interest, they start lose money, or the ratings collapse. And yes, I’ll be there at the end. I hate to say it, I’m still interested in the final outcome, but there is no treasure.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The Curse of Oak Island - Season Seven

Yes, I know that a new season of The Curse of Oak Island is beginning, but I’m just not sure I have the patience or the stamina to participate in it. There are too many unanswered questions that no one on Oak Island wants to answer.

Oh, you want an example.

Oak Island
They mention that stone tablet found at the 90-foot level with a strange code on it, that has been deciphered as saying that below is more than two million pounds. No one seems to want to know why those who buried the mythical treasure would leave such an artifact. It serves no useful purpose for those who buried the treasure. They know what is down there. They put it there. They would have no reason to advertise the fact.

However, if I’m looking for investors in my company with a mission to find the treasure, then such an artifact would be valuable. It is hard evidence (pun intended) that the treasure exists. Of course, the stone has disappeared… or rather, it seems to have been traced to a book bindery operation that used the stone in part of the binding process. They have found what might be a couple of letters on that stone, but why, if it is valuable and related to the treasure, was it allowed to be ruined in that fashion?

And there is one clue that no one seems to notice. The alleged code refers to two million pounds… is that the weight of the treasure (unlikely) or a reference to the monetary system of the English. Doesn’t this rule out pirates and others who weren’t from England? Doesn’t that suggest something about the treasure that tells us that it wasn’t the Knights Templar (as opposed to the Night King)? Doesn’t that rule out the manuscripts of Shakespeare, or the Arc of the Covenant or some of the other speculations?

No one seems to question the story of the teenagers who started this whole thing with their attempted excavations back in 1795. Has anyone ever seen teenagers get obsessed with something? Can you imagine the teenagers sitting round, spotting what they think might be an indication that something had been buried and escalated that into pirate gold and buried treasure? Has no one ever wondered if they just didn’t make it up about the treasure as a way to spend an afternoon? Maybe there is treasure down there. Maybe it’s pirate treasure. We might be about to become rich… and then overwhelmed with their speculations and imagination they begin to dig.

Has no one worried that nearly everything they have found is on the surface of the island? It is no secret that people had been around it for more than 200 years. But the discoveries in Smith’s Cove seem to suggest something of a port facility or an
Joy Steele
emergency repair facility rather than anything to do with pirates. Joy Steele’s theory makes more sense each time they make another find in Smith’s Cove. The island wasn’t used to hide a treasure but as a repair facility for British ships.

Has no one wondered why the “discoveries” of the past haven’t been found again. I mean, there was talk of a buried vault found decades ago. Though they know the approximate location, they have not been able to find it with all the modern equipment and technology that they bring to the search. Could it be that the “evidence” of the vault was little more than finding the remains of attempts to get at the treasure some time earlier? I mean, they hit the beams and logs bracing those tunnels dug early in the search rather than some sort of a treasure vault.

Does no one remember the exciting finds that would suggest a treasure that have shown nothing of the sort? Dan Blankenship dug Borehole 10X and put a camera down it. The poor video seemed to suggest abandoned tools, a box of some sort and human remains. This was touted as evidence of the treasure in the early years of The Curse of Oak Island. But when a diver finally reached the bottom of the hole, he found nothing of the sort. The alleged artifacts were optical illusions recorded by the video camera rather than actual artifacts.

I could go on but there really is little point. We have been disappointed time and again by this hunt. Last week’s “astonishing” find is replaced by this week’s “astonishing” find. Do any of you remember the Roman sword found so long ago? Here was evidence that Europeans had arrived at Oak Island centuries before Columbus… but analysis showed it to be a modern replica.

Yes, I have been interested in Oak Island for half a century. I have mentioned this before. I have read the books and the magazine articles. In fact, in a book I wrote in the mid-1990s, I had a long chapter on Oak Island. I concluded the long discussion of Oak Island, writing:

It seems that we’ll have the answers in just a few years. When the story began in 1795 the technology to recover the treasure didn’t exist. The booby traps were big and clever enough to prevent the boys from finding anything. It could have been recovered fifty or hundred years ago if the work had been well planned and sufficient financing had been in place. Those problems are being resolved. Once they are, it seems that the Triton Alliance, or any of the treasure hunters that follow them, will finally solve the puzzle. The only downside will be if the treasure is so small that it doesn’t cover the expense of the search.
The Laginas have done everything they possible could to find the treasure. Their efforts have been extraordinary. What they have discovered, instead of a treasure, large or small, is that nothing of consequence is buried on Oak Island. It had been an exciting journey, but one that should have ended a couple of seasons ago.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

UFOs and Edward Snowden

Normally, I would have put a mention of the following on the post about my interview with John Greenewald. We did talk, briefly, about Edward Snowden and his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, podcast #1368. Snowden had said that he had searched for UFO related documents but that he had found nothing. While this might be an extraordinary claim that suggests there is nothing hidden in government files about UFOs, it presumes that Snowden had access to
Edward Snowden
everything and that nothing is hidden away in databases or archives to which he had no access.

Here's why I can say something like this. The most obvious example is the Navy videos that were released after Snowden had made his document dump. Clearly there seems to be a UFO component here, but the Navy didn’t refer to the Nimitz incident as anything to do with UFOs. They talked about UAP. That might be why Snowden found nothing and this alone undercuts the importance of his revelation about UFOs.

But that’s not the only problem. Many UFO documents were copied to the CIA and the NSA as reported by both Jan Aldrich and Brad Sparks. This means, if nothing else, if you were searching for UFO related material, and if you used the correct search parameters, you should have found something. Anything. There were UFO documents out in the classified areas that would suggest some importance to them.

We learned, in 1986, about something called Moon Dust. The documents, first found by Robert Todd during a FOIA search, revealed this classified project that had a UFO component to it. I found four cases in the Project Blue Book files that were labeled as Moon Dust. Granted, they were crappy cases and I think they all had terrestrial explanations but the real point is that they landed in Project Blue Book, which had the mission of UFO investigation.

Once the Moon Dust name was compromised, it was changed. Todd, among others, attempted to learn the new name but were told that even the name was classified. That told us that Moon Dust had survived the compromise and that the code words for the mission had changed.

All of this suggests that Snowden’s effort to learn about UFOs, alien visitation, and investigation of UAPs, should have found something. This would not be something Earth shattering, but probably more of the Moon Dust type of material that we all saw years ago. Maybe it would have compromised the new code name but the point is, there should have been something.

Since Snowden found nothing, it is more than likely he didn’t have access to the database that contained that information. There are networks inside the government, computer networks that are not accessible to every computer in the government. Some are separated so that those who do not have a need to know can’t just logon through one database and end up seeing something they shouldn’t.

I’m reminded of Robert Dean’s claim to have seen a top secret cosmic document that he said contained information about a UFO crash retrieval in Europe. He said that he had been in the command post, or somewhere, on night duty. He was having trouble staying awake when an Air Force officer dropped The Assessment on his desk, telling him that it should keep him awake. The Assessment outlined the retrieval operation.

This story is bunk because no officer is going to provide anyone a top-secret document without being assured that he was cleared to see it and that he had a need to know what it contained. Highly classified material just isn’t passed round like that. It has to be signed out and then signed back in. Records are kept.

No, I’m not suggesting that Snowden should have found some reference to The Assessment, or to the MJ-12 documents for that matter, but that highly classified documents are carefully guarded to prevent compromise. They are compartmentalized. They are separated and the more sensitive the material, the more access is restricted. If we are talking about the proof positive of alien visitation, then that information would be among the most restricted and the most difficult to penetrate.

BTW, I’m not suggesting that either The Assessment or MJ-12 are real. There would be no mention of them in any classified database because both are hoaxes and therefore were not classified. But other information about UFOs or UAPs, would have found their way into classified databases. We know this because, as noted, some of that classified information has been declassified after Snowden’s document dump. Had he found something about them, then his conclusion, or speculation might have told his something. That he found nothing tells us something else.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that the UFO material was contained in databases and computer networks that were beyond Snowden’s capability to access. He found nothing because he couldn’t find the right network to compromise. It suggests that the CIA, the Air Force, the DoD, or the Navy might not store this sort of thing in a database. Those who need it might just have to travel, physically, to the point where the information, in hard form is stored to review. Such an extreme step would, of course, prevent a computer breach compromise. I don’t know that. All I’m saying here is that Snowden’s revelation might not be important because he couldn’t access the right network.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - John Greenewald

John Greenewald was my guest this week. I had planned on discussing the controversy around Luis Elizondo and his involvement in the ATTIP program, but there was so much other information about UFOs circulating that we didn’t get to that until later. Instead we first examined the 750K contract between the Army and
John Greenewald
the To the Stars Academy. This involved the metamaterials that have been announced by them and the research done on them. I was less than impressed with the information. You can listen to the interview here:

The article following this post is a long look at some of the history of these claims of alien technology and alien metamaterials. At this point, no one has come up with anything that is outside the ability of terrestrial technology at the time it was discovered. As I mention there, some of it is rare, some unusual, but nothing outside the capability of various terrestrial groups and organizations.

We did talk about the trouble with FOIA in the world today, meaning that it has become a little more difficult given all the circumstances. John related his search for information about Elizondo and some of the red flags flying about this whole thing. John also mentioned that the three videos of Navy aircraft and UAPs released were not supposed to end up in the public area.

I also noticed that in this discussion, there was some trouble with Elizondo’s background, or rather in what had not been said. John did, through his ongoing FOIA requests, learn that Elizondo did have a GS-16 rating, that is a government service grade, which suggests a middle management job and that he was on the distribution lists for some of the ATTIP program. But there is a problem between what Elizondo claimed and what the Pentagon released.

Next week, I’m going to dive into lost civilizations and the suppressed technologies of the “Ancients” with Jim Willis. If you have questions, ask them through the comments section here. I’ll get them asked on the program.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

TTSA, Metamaterial and the U.S. Army

The big news for the 1997 Fiftieth Anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash was that it would be announced, with proper provenance and other documentation, that metallic debris from the spacecraft had been recovered. Scientific analysis had been performed by independent labs and by scientists with the proper training in various disciplines. That debris, small though it might be, was of extraterrestrial origin. All questions about it would be answered during a professional presentation by one of the scientists involved in the analysis, would be held in the auditorium at the New Mexico Military Institute.

It goes without saying that the venue was jam packed with standing room only. Dozens, maybe hundreds of reporters according to one source, were there to learn about this extraordinary, earth-shattering discovery. Paul Davids, who was the executive producer of the Showtime movie Roswell, was the spokesman for the show. He introduced the scientist, Dr. Russell VernonClark (that was the way he
Paul Davids
spelled it at the time) who had done some of the analysis. VernonClark went through the methods used to validate the claim of extraterrestrial origin.

VernonClark explained that carbon, for example, had two isotopes, carbon-12 and carbon-13. He then said, “Naturally occurring on the Earth, carbon is a mixture of 98.9% carbon-12 and 1.1% carbon-13. This will be true for all naturally occurring terrestrial carbon.”

He said, “If a sample [of] carbon was found to be 50% carbon-12 and 50% carbon-13 mixture, we would have to conclude the sample was not naturally occurring on the Earth.”

The keywords here are “naturally occurring.” It makes no allowances for a manipulation of isotopic ratios done in a laboratory setting of which terrestrial science is capable. In other words, the ratios could be artificially changed on Earth.

The explanation about carbon had little to do with what VernonClark found in his various tests of the debris sample. He said, “The sample, which we now know to be nearly pure silicon, shows a striking variation from natural abundance.”

Going a little further, based on tests conducted by an unnamed Texas lab, but was probably Saber Enterprises, associated with Darrell Sims, VernonClark claimed, “The Inductively Coupled Plasma/Optical Emission Spectroscopy or ICP/OES was conducted on the material by a private laboratory in Texas. It was determined that the material was most likely manufactured and not naturally occurring.”

Among the other extraordinary claims made, VernonClark said, “The atomic mass so differs from that found in known earthly elements, that it is impossible for it to be from Earth.”

He also said, “Therefore it should be considered that this material is both manufactured and extraterrestrial in origin.” That meant it came from an alien world and had been made by an alien intelligence.

Derrell Simms.
After making the extraordinary claims, VernonClark was rushed from the stage and out a backdoor without answering any questions. He had been brought to Roswell by self-proclaimed “Alien Hunter,” Darrell Simms. The same Derrell Simms who ran the Saber Enterprises. Hardly independent laboratory confirmation.

Davids, now alone on the stage, didn’t answer many questions with new and important information. Davids told reporter Leslie Linthicum of the Albuquerque Journal, “You’ve seen what we’ve offered. Please accept what you’ve been offered.”

The trouble was, no one would say where the sample have been located, who recovered it, what tests has been done and what were the credentials of those conducting the tests except in a vague and not very helpful way. Davids said that security was a major issue. He added that “The evidence is so sensitive, so unique, that it’s being treated like the Moon Rock. When you have one sample and one sample only, the risks are too great…”

It was a nice way to dodge the questions, but the questions were an outgrowth of the hype used before the presentation. None of these important questions were answered. In fact, other scientists made it clear that while the isotopic ratios found in the sample were not naturally occurring, the problem was that they could be produced in a laboratory. That meant the sample was rare, maybe unique, but this was not proof of alien creation.

In the more than twenty years since that little hiccup in the world of UFOs, nothing more has been heard about that sample. Nothing has been found to suggest it was anything other than something manufactured on Earth, and that it is no more important than the Roswell Slides that slipped into ignominy within hours of being presented to the world in Mexico City a couple of years ago.

What does that have to do with the latest announcement of recovered material of alien origin? It just suggests that we have been down this road before with the same sort of hype being made by a group with a vested interest in finding alien material.

Tom DeLonge
And, it suggests nothing other than what has happened before is happening again. The To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences’ (TTSA) leader, president, director, whatever, former Blink-182 front man, Tom DeLonge, announced on July 5, 2019, that something he called the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command had been made. In other words, the Army has bought into some of the hype presented by the TTSA to study these possibly advanced technologies to learn if they might be applied to Army vehicles.

Dr. Joseph Cannon, of the Army Futures Command said, “Our partnership with TTSA serves as an exciting, non-traditional source for novel materials and transformational technologies to enhance our military ground system capabilities… At the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center, we look forward to this partnership and the potential technical innovations forthcoming.”

They would probably have better success by employing a number of science fiction writers to predict the future. It seems that many of the innovations that have been truly extraordinary came from science fiction. These range from Jules Verne’s submarines to Arthur C. Clark’s communications satellites.

Steve Justice, TTSA’s COO, and who is always mentioned as having been employed at the Skunk Works, leaped on this idea of “potential technical innovations.” He
Steve Justice.
said of this exotic material, which might have been one of the major reasons for the Army jumping on this bandwagon, “The structure and composition of these materials are not from any known existing military or commercial application… In some cases, the manufacturing technology required to fabricate the material is only now becoming available, but the material has been in documented possession since the mid-1990s.”

If the idea that the material appeared before the terrestrial technology was capable of producing it, and if there is a documented chain of custody, then this could be a major find. According Justice, the material came from Linda Moulton Howe, and was once known as Art’s Parts, since they had been shared with the late radio host Art Bell which established the mid-1990’s time frame. In the mid-1990s, Howe commissioned Nicholas A. Reiter, described as a “technologist,” to examine this material, said to have come from the Roswell UFO crash. Reiter however, said that the material was of terrestrial origin. It was rare, it was unusual, but it was not alien. Something that Justice and Cannon seemed to have missed in their hype of the TTSA partnership with the Army.

But that isn’t all. Reiter updated his findings in 2001 saying, “The combination of bismuth and magnesium had eluded us for four years. But then one day, we found a reference to an obscure industrial process used in refinement of lead. The process, called the Betterton-Krohl Process, uses molten magnesium floated over a surface of liquid lead. The magnesium sucks up, or pulls bismuth impurities out of the lead! Often the magnesium is used over and over.”

But rather being new technology, the process was patented in 1938. It produces a thin crust of layered magnesium and bismuth, which is removed from the lead. Howe rejected all of this, saying that they needed a sample of this “slag” material to test against the “alien” sample that she had. Jacques Vallee suggested that samples of this waste could be found in France, Argentina and even the United States.

There is another link to all this is the quite disturbing for the teaming of TTSA and the Army. Dr. Hal Puthoff, also affiliated with TTSA, gave a lecture at the Society
Dr. Hal Puthoff
for Scientific Explanation’s thirty-seventh annual conference not all that long ago. He didn’t answer many of the questions about the sample. Instead, he fell back on the old standard of classified material. This is the same sort of thing used in 1997 to dodge questions about the “alien debris” presented in Roswell. Security issues required them to be closed mouth about the chain of custody and the provenance of the debris.

Puthoff is a smart guy. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University. He worked with lasers and electronic beam devices and apparently holds several patents. He also published scientific papers that have been translated into French, Russian and Chinese.

But he was also a member of the Church of Scientology, and reached its top level. He supposedly achieved “remote viewing” abilities, which is a way of seeing things at remote locations using metal powers. In the 1970s and 1980s he directed the CIA/DIA program to investigate various psychic abilities. He, along with Russell Targ, studied the psychic abilities of Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Uri Geller as well as others in the Stargate Project. Targ and Puthoff declared that Geller had real psychic powers but in other experiments, Geller was caught using magician’s tricks and sleight of hand to demonstrate his unusual talents. This indicates the bias of the researchers.

In other words, Puthoff, who has some impressive credentials, and who has had a long interest in the paranormal, has been less than scientific in his studies of the paranormal. David Marks and Richard Kammann tried to duplicate the experiments validating remote viewing in a series of studies but were unable to do it. They suggested that there had been clues hidden in the instructions provided prior to the experiments which explained their high rate of success. Puthoff and Targ might have unknowingly provided those cues, but there were there for the astute subjects to use.

The point is that Puthoff is hardly an impartial researcher but one who has a specific bias that is often overlooked. Citing him is a simple appeal to authority because he can append Ph.D. after his name. But he seems to hold some beliefs that are, well, not conducive to impartial thought as demonstrated in his work history and the records of the experiments he conducted in his attempt to validate remote viewing.

Puthoff did say that he could talk briefly about the metamaterial debris that Art Bell had told him about years ago. These were bits of debris provided to Bell by a man who claimed that he had gotten them from his grandfather, now deceased, who had picked them up on the Roswell UFO crash site. These were Art’s Parts.
Jason Colavito provided more information from Puthoff. You can read his whole article here:

 Colavito wrote “he [Puthoff] examined the sample after a self-described military man said he had recovered it from a UFO crash site and sent it ‘by email’ to Bell. It appears that Puthoff is not describing an actual physical sample in Bell’s possession but rather a document claiming to describe a government report on such a sample, but Linda Moulton Howe claimed in the Roswell Daily Record… that Bell had the actual sample (six in fact!) and that it had been ‘recovered’ from the Roswell UFO crash site and sent to Bell in 1996 by an Army sergeant who got it from his grandfather.”

Roswell's UFO Museum and Research Center.
But the real point is that the chain of custody for this so-called metamaterial is broken because there is no access to the man who actually picked it up. It comes from a man who said that his grandfather had recovered it and then sent it to Bell, who is also deceased. Without the names of the witnesses, without some sort of notarized statement from the grandfather or other evidence linking him to the debris, it is little more than hearsay. Unless the sample is truly unique and that the components or the manufacturing technique is something not found on Earth, all that is left is a strange bit of metal.

Puthoff, however, had more to say about the metamaterial, continuing to claim that it was something of alien origin. He said:

It was a multilayered bismuth and magnesium sample. Bismuth layers less than a human hair. Magnesium samples about ten-times the size of a human hair. Supposedly picked up in the crash retrieval of an Advance Aerospace Vehicle. It looks like it’s been in a crash. The white lines are the bismuth; the darker areas are the magnesium separations. So, the question was what about this material, so naturally we looked in all the national labs, we talked to metallurgists, we combed the entire structure of published papers. Nowhere could we find any evidence that anybody ever made one of these. … Well, years later, decades actually, finally our own science moves along. We move into an area called metamaterials, and it turns out exactly this combination of materials at exactly those dimensions turn out to be an excellent microscopic waveguide for very high frequency electromagnetic radiation.
The problem here, as mentioned above, is that all that research Puthoff and his colleagues had done in various libraries, in communication with research and industrial facilities, failed to find that patent, granted in 1938. That negates the claim that there was no terrestrial history that outlined this very structure of a composite material. Odd, rare, unusual, but terrestrially based with a provenance that goes back to the late 1930s. That negates the claim that no one had ever made anything like the debris.

Although there are claims that there are other metamaterial samples are out there, we have yet to see them. The cast of those promoting these metamaterials are the same as those who were out there, literally, decades ago, saying much of the same thing. Testing results that were not favorable to the theory of alien visitation were ignored or, at worst, buried. Those that suggested some sort of extraterrestrial technology were heavily promoted. But the bottom line is that twenty years ago, this went nowhere and is often forgotten. Today the Army has jumped on the “alien technology” bandwagon believing that all this “research” will lead to an ability to disguise, hide, improve the Army’s capability to confuse, confound and defeat the enemy. Didn’t anyone bother to research the history of the earlier claims to learn of the shaky backgrounds? Didn’t anyone want to talk to those who had originally found the metal… or if that source had died, to check the family members who inherited the material. And did anyone think to check to see if the grandfather, if someone actually knows who it was, had been in Roswell in July1947? These are basic questions that seem to have been ignored or that have not been asked.

There doesn’t seem to be much to this latest TTSA announcement other than self-promotion and a certain amount of self-delusion. There is nothing new here. Only some of the players have changed, but they are propped up by those who have been around for decades. Their failures, their biases are ignored. Instead we are treated to a list of credentials that suggest a superior intellect that should be listened to because, well, they are smarter than we are and they know all about this stuff and we don’t.

The problem is what they are promoting today had failed in the past. The source of Art’s Parts has been explained and there was nothing extraterrestrial about it, but here we are again, getting half the story. It is surprising that no one in the Army used Google to learn some of this background. It’s all out there. All they had to do was look.


I did not mention the 1947 Maury Island hoax in this. It is essentially the same as Art’s Parts, meaning that worthless slag recovered at the alleged site of a UFO crash turned out to be industrial waste.

The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell received a bizarre sample that didn’t look as if it had been made on Earth. It was driven across New Mexico by the police to be tested in Socorro. It turned out to be some sort of jeweler’s scrap. Certainly nothing suggesting an alien creation, other than the bizarre look of it.

I also want to mention Warren Smith’s claim that he had a piece of recovered debris that was stolen from his hotel room, which is a nice story but no evidence it actually happened. And, I didn’t mention Robert Willingham’s claim that he had a piece of recovered debris from the El Indio UFO crash that disappeared when he submitted it for analysis.

All that proves is that for more than 70 years people have been claiming to have found alien debris or alien technology but we have no independent corroboration for it. We are at the same point today that we were in 1947 when the Maury Island hoax erupted. We have no physical evidence in the form of recovered debris to prove the case.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Robert Cornett

This week I talked with an old UFO investigating and writing partner, Robert Charles Cornett, sometimes known as RC Squared. We talked about our research trip to Maxwell Air Force Base in the mid-1970s after we had learned that the Project Blue Book files were there and open for public scrutiny. We might have been the first UFO researchers to look through the files at Maxwell, which eventually were sent on to the National Archives and were then heavily redacted before the public was again allowed to view them. You can listen to the discussion here:

One of the cases we talked about was the Kinross disappearance of 1953. I mentioned that I had talked with an Air Force officer who had been there at the time. He told me that there had been two schools of thought. One was that the fighter had crashed into the lake and the other was that “it” took the plane. It being the UFO. The plane has never been found.

We also talked about our investigations into cattle mutilations in that same time frame. I did mention some of the things that I had learned in the last decade or so about some of those mutilations including my discussion with Jefferson Davis in Wisconsin.  You can read some of my thoughts about cattle mutilations here:

For those interested in those sorts of things, we did talk, briefly, about writing, and editors and that sort of behind the scenes thing. There wasn’t much about it, but just a bit of an aside look into how publishing operated thirty years ago.

Next week, I’ll interview John Greenewald about all the ins and outs of the To the Stars Academy, Lue Elizondo, and the metametal they’re all excited about. If you have questions, put them in the comments section and I’ll try to get answers during the program.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Jim Penniston

This week I reached out to Jim Penniston of Rendlesham Forest fame. I wanted to get his take on the events there. He was involved in the first night of sightings, but had not been with Colonel Charles Halt on what was apparently the third night
Jim Penniston
when Halt and John Burroughs approached the landed craft.

Penniston said he walked up to it and actually touched in on that first night. You can listen to his story here:

Penniston also provided some information about the aftermath of his sighting, including the fact that there had been a recording of the radio transmissions that had been made during the sighting. He said that a four-star general had retrieved that recording and that it disappeared into the great maw of the Pentagon.

To get a full picture of the Rendlesham Forest events, told by those who participated in them, you can read about my interviews with John Burroughs and Charles Halt and listen to them on the embedded links here:

To help understand the actual timeline of the Rendlesham Forest events, Penniston has written a book about it. The Rendlesham Forest Enigma: Book 1: Time Line is available at Amazon.

Next week I’ll be talking to Robert Charles Cornett about our experiences in UFO research including our trip into the heart of cattle mutilation country in the mid-1970s.

If you have questions for with Bob Cornett or me, ask them in the comment section here, and I’ll attempt to get them answered during the interview.