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The Shaver Fiction = Carrion's Latest, Part II

(Blogger's Note: Brad Sparks asked me to post this rebuttal to James Carrion's rebuttal, and I can see no reason not to do it. Although we seem to be creeping close to the weeds, I know there are many who are interested in this discussion, so I decided to post this. BTW, in case it is unclear to some, the following is from Brad Sparks... and note his link to James Carrion's post.)


I want to commend James Carrion and Kevin Randle both for the gentlemanly manner in which they carry out this discussion and debate and how they do so in general.  I apologize in advance if I fail to always follow their example in such a gracious way, and hope I can do as well. 

Thank you to Kevin Randle for your interest in reposting my original draft article from the NICAP site, critiquing Carrion's Aug. 20, 2016, blogpost, and for doing so in a meticulously careful manner, including allowing me to update slightly to incorporate some small corrections and editorial improvements.  I am putting major substantive material here (below) to reply to Carrion's rebuttal posted Aug. 25.  

Carrion has some interesting and provocative ideas, which encompass a broader perspective of Cold War history than usually found in UFOlogical work, and should be applauded for his initiative.  But unfortunately this latest work does not prove his case, in fact does not even make a prima facie (on its face) showing, i.e., one that appears to hold together at first glance.  Carrion also needs to be more careful about asserting as "certain" what are merely speculations, inferences and hypotheses.  

In dealing with this latest issue, the Goldbranson matter, we are necessarily leaving aside (for now) an extensive discussion of the bigger issue of how major UFO sightings at Muroc Field (future Edwards AFB) Flight Test Center and by White Sands rocket scientists, and the supersonic radar UFO's over Japan, can be explained by such a vast deception operation.  Notice that for the visual sightings I am deliberately picking the highest-credibility, not lowest credibility, multiple-witness, not single-witness, daylight, not nighttime, sightings by actual rocket scientists (not a casual expression!) and test pilots (including the famed John Paul Stapp).  Were they all just ordered to lie? 

Carrion originally claimed that "Sometime prior to July, 1947 Goldbranson left for Washington to resume his deception duties but this time with Army Air Force [sic] and then the US Air Force."  Carrion argued that according to the deception unit JSC's charter that it was an: 

"Air Force [sic] full Colonel who would work in the Executive section and also pull double [sic] duty as a member of the JSC Special Section, the section specifically charged with deception planning and implementation.  Air Force [sic] Colonel Carl E. Goldbranson would have been the officer to fill that billet."  

But the FBI memo is a killer by putting Goldbranson in a completely different, wrong agency, in the intelligence branch of the Army, not the Army Air Forces.  The FBI Liaison Agent S. Wesley Reynolds and his superiors knew the difference between the Army and the AAF and did not make mistakes confusing the two service branches' completely independent intelligence departments, which they dealt with on a daily basis.  That's right on the face of it, on the face of the FBI memo, and Carrion didn't catch that until I brought it up. 

So Carrion now changes his position and insists that Goldbranson was first with the Army in mid-1947 then later the Air Force, which does not mesh with the previous claims or with the JSC Charter or with his major source Thaddeus Holt (see more below).  The Charter clearly and explicitly distinguished the "Army" from the "Army Air Forces" and did not try to slip the latter back into the former, as Carrion now tries to do in order to salvage his argument.   

I am not convinced that Goldbranson was a full Colonel in the AAF just because he was a Colonel in the Iowa National Guard.  It is essential to Carrion's original argument that Goldbranson be the AAF Colonel cross-assigned to the deception ops JSC Special Section which had only Army and Navy officers for staff, otherwise there would be no one there who could possibly be Goldbranson.  In his rebuttal Carrion wants to have it both ways -- have Goldbranson as both an Army Colonel and an AAF Colonel in mid-1947 as recited by supremely well-informed Joint Chiefs of Staff and FBI officials who were careful to distinguish the two. 

The JSC charter of May 1947 admits that the AAF was "not directly represented" on the deception ops Special Section and had to accept only the part-time service of the one AAF Colonel on the JSC Executive staff (charter p. 6).  In fact, the deception ops section was subdivided into an "Army Special Section" and a "Navy Special Section" (charter pp. 1, 6, 7) with no corresponding AAF Special Section.  

This latter fact raises another issue:  If flying saucers were a fabrication of a grand deception operation planned for months and months should it not have had its very own AAF Special Section to carry out the planning and implementation of an aerial deception? 

If Goldbranson was orchestrating a vast conspiracy to manufacture a nonexistent nationwide and global UFO flap he was surely a very busy man given that the AAF had only a single part-time officer assigned to deception ops (even assuming purely for sake of argument for the moment that Goldbranson was this very same AAF officer).  

Carrion never answers my point that Goldbranson's request for FBI investigation is not a request for deception, it is an attempt to gather facts.  He says he will cover that in his forthcoming book, the question of why there was a request for FBI investigation of Richard Shaver, and he concedes that my argument is "a good point and well taken."  

Why not just find a document that tells us Goldbranson was the part-time AAF officer assigned to JSC Special Section (deception ops) and settle the matter?  I am not saying I know one way or another what is the truth of the matter, but Carrion needs to make his case, not me to disprove his case.  So far this is a case not even rising to the level of satisfactorily explaining contradictions right on the face of his proffered proof (the FBI memo of July 21, 1947, which states that Goldbranson was Army not AAF, in Army's Intelligence Division of WDGS). 

A later, casual newsclipping calling Goldbranson a colonel is not proof, such social gossip column items often abbreviate Lt Col to Colonel for simplicity.  As I said originally, Carrion must produce proof that Goldbranson was (a) a full AAF Colonel in July 1947 (b) serving in the AAF not, as the FBI reported, in the Army, (c) attached to the deception operations staff of the JSC, the Special Section.  

Carrion's only source for asserting that Goldbranson continued his wartime deception work into the peacetime is author Thaddeus Holt, whom he claims proves that Goldbranson was a full Colonel in the AAF in 1947 doing deception work.  But Holt is guessing too.  Holt qualifies his assertion by saying that "evidently" Goldbranson continued deception work into peacetime until making AF Colonel rank by Dec 1948 (no mention of Army service in between!).  As I say, Holt makes no mention of Goldbranson serving in the Army postwar then transferring to the new Air Force, which Carrion now just conveniently assumes without proof (and inconsistently).  

Carrion now asserts in his rebuttal that it is "beyond doubt [sic!], based on Holt’s authority, ... that Goldbranson was engaged in deception."  But Holt doesn't really know this for sure, and has to qualify this by saying "evidently."  How can that be "beyond doubt"?  Carrion should be more cautious and should be softening not hardening his position in the face of contradictory evidence.  Bottom line, there is just no substitute for getting direct proof of Goldbranson's job in 1947, given the fact that the crucial FBI memo conflicts with it. 

And even if Carrion does prove all this, it is not some great victory against all odds, but is something Carrion should have done in the first place before going public and declaring over-exuberantly that this is quote "proof" and "hard evidence" of US strategic deception orchestrating the UFO flap of 1947 into existence when it was really UFO chimera.  This is a UFO flap that he claims was a strategic deception designed to fool the Soviets into believing we had a powerful new secret weapon, i.e., into believing we had such a weapon when we did not.  All he has is a tantalizing lead for investigation, nothing more.    

Carrion's rebuttal argument about dual job roles misses the point:  I am well aware of the dual roles but Carrion is overlooking the crucial issues contained within the JSC (Joint Security Control) charter of May 1947 (by the way, James, nice work finding this gem of a document).  The charter specifies full-time job assignments of actual working subordinate staff officers, who are not to be confused with the high-ranking Board Members of JSC such as military Directors of Intelligence like Gen. Chamberlin, who held various multi-titled roles.  Obviously none of these multiple titles amounted to full-time work on top of Chamberlin's already full-time work as Army intelligence director.

The JSC deception unit's charter specifies that the Army Colonel on staff is detailed full-time from Army WDGS Intelligence Division.  But the specified AAF Colonel is not described as a detailee from Army WDGS ID, which would be rather anomalous but could at least explain the FBI memo's attribution of Goldbranson's job assignment if in fact the charter had said that.  But it doesn't. 

Hence Carrion shoots himself in the foot when he now promotes speculation as certainty, stating that "it is certain [sic] that in July 1947 ... Goldbranson was with the [Army] War Department General Staff" when just a few days earlier in his original blogpost Carrion asserted with equal "certainty" that Goldbranson was with the AF or AAF in perpetrating the UFO deception plan.  

Remember?  Carrion had said Goldbranson was specifically the "Air Force [sic] full Colonel" specified in the JSC Charter, not the Army Colonel and not from the Army / War Department General Staff (WDGS).  That it was "Air Force [sic] Colonel Carl E. Goldbranson [who] would have been the officer to fill" the deception staff assignment he needs for his UFO deception theory to work.  And that "Sometime prior to July, 1947 Goldbranson left for Washington to resume his deception duties but this time with Army Air Force [sic] and then the US Air Force."  

Again, the FBI memo says Goldbranson was from Army Intelligence Division, not AAF.  This is a problem for Carrion's thesis.  Again, he simply needs to directly prove Goldbranson was really serving on the JSC Special Section for deception ops, instead of making tenuous inferences.   

Carrion misunderstands my point about the slackness of Goldbranson's, and the putative UFO deception op's, response to the Shaver matter given its supreme importance if a top deception officer had to take precious time out from his understaffed part-time assignment to push the FBI to investigate this crank Richard Shaver on the off-chance Shaver might know something about the "origin of flying saucers."  And this was itself a mere assumption or question posed by Goldbranson, assuming if (another "if") Shaver was seemingly linked by location and insinuated possible foreknowledge of UFO activity 2 days in advance occurring supposedly near his home at Lily Lake, McHenry, Illinois (the sightings were of objects in fact no closer than about 30-40 miles from Shaver at Lily Lake).  

And then there is an implied contradiction, because if (again a big "if") Goldbranson manufactured a phony UFO flap out of whole cloth in June 1947, wouldn't he already know for certainty that Shaver could not possibly know anything about the (ostensible) "true" strategic-deception "origin" of UFO's?

If anything, Goldbranson's request for FBI investigation of Shaver sounds more like a counterintelligence and security matter, not some sort of deception scheme.  Goldbranson was wondering if an AAF flight had had an encounter with a UFO in some way linked to, or anticipated by, Shaver and thus might be some kind of threat to the AAF.  If (a big "if") Goldbranson was on the JSC and if he was actually the AAF Lt Colonel and only serving in the JSC Security Section (counterintelligence included), not the deception section, then this would make some sense.  

Carrion tries to make it seem as if the long delay in getting around to the FBI means that a lot of action was taking place and very early on.  He seems to insinuate this unseen action in between all of those long days from one bureaucratic paperwork movement to the next.  He insinuates that things were happening practically from the beginning of the dispatch of the anonymous (Ray Palmer?) telegram addressed directly to the AAF, on July 5, 1947, then the 4 days until July 9 when the AAF finally received the telegram (how long does it take to get a telegram??) or at least directed it properly to AAF Intelligence (to Col Robert Taylor III's and Lt Col George Garrett's AFBIR-CO division -- both of whom I interviewed many years ago).  Then another 7-day delay until the Army's referral of the telegram to the FBI on July 16, and finally Goldbranson apparently phoning or visiting FBI Liaison Agent Reynold sometime on or between July 16 and 21, another 5 days.  

This just does not seem like speedy action.  And why do it at all if Goldbranson created the UFO and knew all about his own baby, his own creation? 

Carrion's thesis is a classic unfalsifiable and untestable hypothesis.  It is also, on the flip side of the coin, unprovable.  "The moon is green cheese" is a hypothesis that can be proven or disproven by lab tests, spectra, etc., showing the moon is made of dirt and rock.  "The moon is love" can be neither falsified or proven; it is immune to evidence, either supporting or contrary.  This is a trap for the unwary.  Carrion's theory is "The UFO is a lovely deception" and anything inconsistent with that notion is just part of the deception, or more of it.  There is no set of contrary evidence for Carrion's scenario that cannot be explained away by a deeper "strategic deception."  If Carrion denies that his thesis is rigged to be immune to disproof then he should state what conceivable evidence could ever disprove it.

My strong recommendation is that Carrion get peer reviews (or better peer reviews) before he posts exciting news like this without working out all the kinks, and certainly before publishing a full book.  Let the private reviewers point out all the flaws so James can work on researching them before going public. 

As I said before, Carrion needs to make a tighter, more logical case.  I am willing to consider it and give it a fair hearing.  I wish him well. 

Brad Sparks

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"Truth" and MJ-12

So, I was watching Truth, the docudrama about CBS chasing the Bush Air Guard records. I’m not really going to get into the politics of it because I’m sure that we’ll all disagree with one another about that in some way. Instead, I was struck by the investigation into the records and the vetting process, or lack thereof and the story’s similarity to MJ-12.

As most of you know, CBS, on 60 Minutes II, aired a report that President George W. Bush had been given preferential treatment to enter the Air National Guard and had not properly completed his Guard duties once he was clear of the Vietnam War… and I’m sure that many of you know that service in the National Guard during the Vietnam War practically guaranteed a man would not find himself involuntarily in Vietnam so that many of the wealthy and the connected used their influence to ensure their sons would not find themselves on active duty being trained for combat.

According to the story, documents surfaced that suggested that Bush had not properly fulfilled his obligations and that no one had really called him on it. CBS had copies of documents that looked authentic and provided them to a number of questioned document experts who seemed to be divided about their authenticity. CBS talked to the officers whose names surfaced in the documents, or rather some of them, and the talked to others who had some sort of knowledge about them. CBS talked to a general, on the telephone, and read him the documents. His rather lukewarm response was that they sounded right to him.

CBS then went on the air, in a Wednesday 60 Minutes II broadcast, saying they had proof that George Bush had skated out of his military assignment (for those of you without a military background, skated in this context means avoided). Not long after the broadcast it began to look as if the documents might not have been real. Bloggers suggested the fonts were wrong; there was proportional spacing in the documents which wasn’t done on typewriters from the 1970s, and that the superscript in some of the unit names was inaccurate because typewriters couldn’t do that. Enough questions were raised that CBS began to review the whole process that lead to the story.

Here’s where the UFO connection comes in and for those of you who have been following the great MJ-12 debate, you’ll recognize some of this. One of the first things discussed was that they didn’t have the originals. They were dealing with copies so that it was difficult, if not impossible to properly analyze the documents. Questioned documents experts said they needed the originals so that they could analyze the ink and paper and study other aspects for their examination and two of them suggested that CBS contact Peter Tytell, who, as you all might remember, did the original work on MJ-12. The experts couldn’t validate the copies. As I have heard many times in the past, all forgeries have some mechanism to explain why the original is not available. Examination of the original often reveals the fraudulent nature of a document.

CBS went back to the man (Bill Burkett) who had given them the package in the first place, and in a tale that might have been written by Bill Moore, Burkett said that he had received a telephone call about this, telling him to call a hotel between certain hours and ask for a specific room. This apparently set up some sort of clandestine meeting. While in Houston at a livestock auction, Burkett was handed a package by some unidentified, “dark-skinned” person. Instructions in that package said to copy the documents and then burn the originals… to remove the possibility of tracing the leak through DNA. The originals no longer exist and to be fair to CBS, it seems that the person who gave them the documents had lied about how he came into possession of them prior to the broadcast and only told this cockamamie story after it, when questioned again about how he had obtained the documents.

As all this unraveled, CBS began an internal investigation. While it seems that there was nothing nefarious about the investigation prior to the story, some red flags were ignored, and it does seem that there were misunderstandings and leads that weren’t followed… or, to my way of thinking, the documents were taking them to a place they wanted to go so they were less than enthusiastic in following the leads that might go somewhere else. For example, from this docudrama, there was no evidence that they FOIAed any of the records from St. Louis which might have provided them with another source and a much better provenance than they had. Nor did they seem to attempt to get copies of the documents from the Texas Air Guard, but by the time of the CBS investigation, those documents might have been destroyed, lost, or in some other way unavailable. Some of the documents that they had copies of might have been found in Texas Air Guard records which would have been a nice verification from an official organization that the documents were pristine.

At the end of the CBS investigation, Mary Mapes, the producer of the story and apparently the only one fired over it (others, such as Dan Rather, resigned), made a statement to the men investigating the fiasco. In words that seem to mirror some of the arguments about MJ-12, she said that the forger would have had to know the lingo of the time, the jargon used by the Texas Air Guard, the names of the various, and often obscure officers (she didn’t use the term obscure, but I believe that is what was meant), would have to know the format of the letters, memos, reports, and other documents so that they would appear authentic. To her, it was just impossible for the forger to have had the access needed, the time to investigate the history of the Air Guard, to get the relationships between the officers correct, and know many other, subtle details…

And she would have been right if not for something we all have learned from the MJ-12 boondoggle. All the forger actually needed was access to documents, which, given the way these things work, might well have been in the hands of a single, retired officer (in this case a man named Jerry Killian). Once those documents were in hand, it was just a matter of retyping them, inserting a line or two that contained the critical information, and he now had a document that seemed to verify the accusations against Bush that contained the jargon, contained the proper names, and contained the relationships among the various officers and organizations mentioned. The only way to break this would be to locate the originals that might have been stuck in some dusty file somewhere, but that more than likely had been thrown out long ago.

It didn’t seem as if they attempted to find originals… they talked to people who were there at the time, and whose stories seemed to change. The retired general, Robert Hodges, who had been read the documents during a telephone conversation, said after the program aired and he had a chance to actually see them, that the documents were faked. And he had talked to the family of the man (Killian) who had supposedly signed them. The family said they were fakes.

But the real red flag should have been the source that handed the documents to them. They could trace them no farther. He was retired Lieutenant Colonel Bill Burkett who claimed the documents had come from Bush’s commanding officer, the late Lieutenant  Colonel Jerry B. Killian. That meant that Killian was not available to attest to the validity of the documents, and as mentioned, Barnes admitted to lying to CBS and burning the original documents. Burkett, who seemed to be bitter about his Guard service and treatment in retirement, had also asked to be put in touch with someone in the Kerry presidential campaign, which should have also raised a red flag. Not to mention that Burkett had been shopping around the story about Bush’s failure to meet his obligations since 2000.

And, in a very telling statement in the docudrama, which I don’t know was made by any of those at CBS for real, one of those involved in the research for CBS said that had Mary Mapes’ mother not died in 2000, when she first began to investigate the story, then Gore might have been president… or in other words, CBS News would have influenced the election with a tale that they could not prove was accurate when push came to shove.

As I say, I don’t want to get into the politics of this thing but I find the parallels between the research into MJ-12 and the investigation of these documents to have the same problems. MJ-12 is traceable only to Bill Moore and the Bush documents only to Burkett. Those who could verify them are all conveniently dead and both sets of documents suffer from the same lack of provenance. I would suggest that anyone interested in MJ-12 and how that whole sorry mess has evolved, watch Truth and see the same sorts of errors being made by those who are supposed to be the best at what they do. In both cases, those wanting the documents to be real should have taken a step back and asked some very basic questions. Both are examples of how not to investigate questioned documents.

PS: I haven’t compared this to the Not Roswell Slides, but there certainly is a parallel there as well. For those interested in reading more Burkett and the documents, see:

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X-Zone Broadcast Network - Robert Powell Interview

Since there has been some interest here in this radio program, I’ll keep updating. This week’s program, with Robert Powell can be found following this link:

The program will air on the X-Zone Broadcast Network on Saturday and Sunday at 9 - 10 EDT which translates to 6 - 7 PDT. After September 1, this schedule may change.

Next week's guest: Marc D’Antonio.
Topic: UFO photographic analysis and building a UFO detection network.
Marc D’Antonio is MUFON’s photoanalyst. He also operates FX models, and has made models for Hollywood. I am most familiar with his analysis of UFO films and photographs which are highly detailed and carefully researched.
For those who have questions, you can leave them in the comments section of this blog.

And on September 7, I will interview Don Schmitt about many things including the Roswell Slides.

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The Shaver Fiction = Carrion’s Latest Proof?

(Blogger's Note: Brad Sparks did what I had planned to do which was provide some information suggesting that Carrion's theory was not built on a solid foundation. He has been on this psy-op explanation for the 1947 UFO wave for a long time. This new aspect, published recently has some flaws, as Brad points out. Brad's analysis follows.)

James Carrion's latest blog posting claims he now finally has "proof," "hard evidence," that US deception operations fabricated the flying saucer flap of 1947 and launched the whole modern UFO era in order to perpetrate a strategic deception on the USSR.  We will leave aside for now the basic questions of how major sightings at Muroc Field (future Edwards AFB) Flight Test Center and by White Sands rocket scientists can be explained by such a vast deception operation. 

His "proof" is what is now his central figure in the entire plot, a "Col." Carl Goldbranson, and an FBI memo of July 21, 1947, released decades ago.  But Carrion has so far failed to prove that Goldbranson did anything more than ask the FBI to investigate a notorious character who supposedly knew the origin of flying saucers and whose location and timing supposedly coincided with certain incidents in early July 1947.  That's what's in the FBI memo.  

And it's late in the game, long after the 1947 saucer flap ended on about July 10, with Goldbranson's response very slow and lackadaisical for something supposed to be part of some hush-hush strategic deception operation.  Shouldn't Goldbranson have been doing "this" (whatever "hands dirty" stuff it's supposed to be) before the flap, before, say Kenneth Arnold? 

Carrion apparently missed the fact that it was the infamous Richard Shaver whose name got through the document censors in one place of the FBI memo.  Yes, the Richard Shaver of the lunatic Shaver Mysteries, full of "deros" or "deranged robots" -- the so-called robots who were not actually even robots (how deranged is that?!?) -- and Lemuria tales. 

Carrion has failed even to prove that Goldbranson was continuing his wartime deception duties 2 years after the war, in peacetime, in the face of his FBI memo placing Goldbranson in the wrong agency (Army Intelligence), not on the deception staff (Joint Chiefs). 

But Goldbranson did not even ask the FBI to perpetrate any deception!  How is asking the FBI to investigate someone amount to carrying out a deception??  Does any of this deceive the Soviet intelligence agencies?  And into believing what?  That a marginal character like Richard Shaver of the Shaver Mystery stories and the "truth" about underground worlds and Lemuria, was a credible bearer of intelligence about flying saucers being US secret weapons??  The Kremlin halls would have been shaking with laughter at such "capitalist" insanity. 

Carrion charges that Goldbranson was "getting his hands dirty in the UFO controversy of 1947" and "had no reason to be involved unless he was actively promoting a deception plan."  Again, how is asking the FBI to investigate a crackpot amount to "actively promoting a deception plan" against the USSR??  How is asking for investigation a getting of one's "hands dirty"?  Seems like a fair-minded gathering of information, that's all.  

At best, if Goldbranson was indeed working in some deception activity, then this seems to be a cover-one's-bases effort to make sure Shaver wasn't a Soviet deception against us through Shaver's promotion of cuckoo saucer-like tales -- not a strategic deception but mere harassing disinformation to keep our counterintelligence agencies busy chasing after windmills.  

Carrion evidently has not figured out that Shaver's name and his location at "Lily Lake" are apparently redacted from the FBI memo of July 21, 1947, cited by Carrion as his bombshell "proof" that UFO's in 1947 were a US strategic deception against the USSR.  The "Shaver" name appears in one place Carrion seems to have overlooked, which the FBI reviewers let slip through the censorship.  If Carrion does know it was Shaver, it is odd that he would withhold discussion of that vital and discrediting point.  

But the claim (by anyone), regardless whether Carrion knew it was Shaver (that only makes it worse), of having answers to the saucer mystery, made in a mysterious anonymous telegram to the AAF (from Shaver's cohort Ray Palmer??), certainly sounds like crank material. 

In another place in the redacted FBI memo, the same paragraph naming Shaver (by accidental slipup of the censors), it states that the two saucer (UFO) sightings on July 7, 1947, occurred "in the proximity of [Lily Lake]" (I supplied the 9-space redacted text here).

So that, plus the unsigned telegram to the AAF on July 5 naming [Shaver] at [Lily Lake, McHenry, Illinois] as someone who knew the origin of flying saucers was sufficient cause for Col. Carl Goldbranson to ask the FBI to "conduct some investigation of Shaver" (reviewer slipped and left Shaver's name in here).  (My thanks to Isaac Koi for supplying the info about Shaver's residence in 1947 at Lily Lake, McHenry, Illinois, and Mary Castner at CUFOS for background info on the area.) 

But Col. Goldbranson is described by the FBI as with ARMY -- "Intelligence Division of the War Department" -- NOT the AAF, and NOT the Joint Security Control of the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff), in charge of deception planning and possibly operations.  

Did the FBI get this wrong?  Did the FBI Liaison Agent S. Wesley Reynolds who knew all the top intelligence generals and officers in the military, CIG and State Dept just not know who Col. Goldbranson was? Did Goldbranson lie to the FBI about who he worked for?  Maybe, but Carrion needs to prove it. 

Right now, Carrion has not even proved that his crucial proof, Goldbranson, even worked on deception operations in 1947.  Maybe he did, but no such proof is given, it's just hinted at, and insinuated, Goldbranson "would" have been perfect to "fill that billet."  But did he?  

Carrion makes a crucial mistake in misreading Goldbranson's rank as of mid-1947 (his source seems to say G was a Lt. Col. and not full Colonel until December 1948).  This means Carrion has the wrong guy on the wrong staff of Joint Security Control even by his own argument.  

FOOTNOTE:  Carrion makes much out of a May 1947 charter for the postwar continuation of the Joint Security Control (JSC) group of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  First off, only the Special Section of the JSC conducts cover and deception planning and coordination according to the charter.  

The JSC charter states that only 2 AAF officers served on the entire staff of 10, and these were an AAF Colonel and a Lt Colonel.  The AAF Colonel served on the Executive Section (admin) but did double-duty on the understaffed deception-op Special Section.  But Goldbranson was a Lt Colonel and evidently not this guy, not this Colonel.  The AAF Lt Colonel served on the Security Section doing security policies and declassifications of documents for historical purposes (almost FOIA-like!).  If Goldbranson was there then he would have been this guy, the Lt Colonel, doing security work not deception ops.  If I am wrong about this Carrion needs to prove it with specific documentation proving that Goldbranson really was on the deception Special Section and that he was even on the JSC at all in July 1947.  

Carrion has some interesting and provocative ideas but unfortunately does not prove his case, in fact does not even make a prima facie (on its face) showing, one that appears to hold together at first glance.  

The FBI memo is a killer by putting Goldbranson in a completely different, wrong agency, right on the face of it, and he didn't catch that or did but doesn't try to explain that (no doubt part of the whole "deception" coverup, of course he might say).  He needs direct evidence, not speculative inference, and needs to make a tighter, more logical case.  I am willing to consider it and give it a fair hearing. 

Brad Sparks

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Great Not Roswell Slides Coding Fiasco

Given our discussion about the date code on the Not Roswell Slides (which I sort of initiated), I did a little extra digging, though I’m not sure it was worth the effort, and discovered a few things. Tony Bragalia was the first to mention to me that the code on one of the slides proved that the film had been manufactured in 1947 (that is, a square and a triangle). Kodak had a list of codes for their film (see These were recycled every twenty years and we could discuss this at length but it is now irrelevant.

Adam Dew had asked Bragalia, or rather Tom Carey asked Bragalia, to find an expert in Kodak film and processing. Bragalia found the right man, who was both an expert in the film but also something of a historian for Kodak. Carey would later say that “we” (those investigating the slides) had made a trip to Kodak though, in fact, it was only Dew. I guess that was sort of the royal we.

The Kodak man said the slide mount was from the right era and it was clear that the film had been made in the late 1940s. One of the slides, according to Dew, had been removed from the mount. Apparently a chemical analysis of the film showed that it had been developed at the end of the 1940s. Or, in other words, the scientific evidence clearly established that the slide was from the late 1940s and at this point I don’t think anyone is disputing that.

I have since learned that neither Carey nor Don Schmitt had been in Rochester when the analysis was accomplished. They knew the results because Adam Dew had told them. I don’t know what he said, but I can make a good guess about it.
Bragalia said that the codes on the film proved it had been manufactured in 1947, which sparked some discussion here about it last year. I wondered where Bragalia got that idea and thought it came from Dew. I have learned in the last week that Carey was the one who said the codes from 1947 were on the edge of the slide that had been removed from the mount.

When Bragalia announced that these codes were from 1947, I did a little checking. Everyone with access to the Internet could have done the same thing. I learned, as did a couple of others, that the film codes some believed proved the slide film had been manufactured in 1947 was only for motion picture film. The codes for other Kodak film products were different (see If there were codes printed on the edge of the film, they wouldn’t be the same as those being discussed.

Here’s what I think happened which doesn’t suggest anyone was attempting to deceive anyone. Since neither Carey nor Schmitt were in Rochester, I believe that Dew, once he had the results, told them that those results were saying that the analysis proved the film from the late 1940s and might even said from 1947. These results, by the way, don’t seem to be in dispute and since we have now found the location that photograph was taken, it is clear that it was prior to May 1947, but that came about after the great reveal in Mexico City.

Carey, hearing what Dew said, assumed that he was talking about the codes on the edge of the film and remembered the codes that were discussed during the great Alien Autopsy boondoggle. He thought since the film had been manufactured in the right time frame that the code would be the square and triangle. He mentioned this to others including Bragalia. Bragalia then made the erroneous statement that the code proved manufacture in 1947 though to be fair Carey might have actually told him that.

There really isn’t a villain in this aspect of the slide fiasco. The scientific evidence proved the slide film had been manufactured in the right era, the mount was from the right era, and apparently the developing process used a combination of chemicals from the right era. The code, the square and the triangle is not on the edge of the film and that apparently was an assumption made by Carey and passed to others. This, I believe, should put this to rest aspect of the discussion, if anyone really cares.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Roswell in the 21st Century - The Index

Given the logistics of getting this book done and published, there was no real opportunity to prepare an index. To me, this was a problem because I know how important an index can be. For those who need one, here it is. With the footnotes, and the names of the chapters, it should be easy for someone to find the specific passage or information that he or she wants. If we get into another edition, it might be possible to incorporate the index into the book.

Index for Roswell in the 21st Century:

Above Top Secret 270
Adair, Robin 56, 162
Air Force Attempt to Read Ramey Memo 373
Air Intelligence Report No. 100-203-79  241 – 243
Air Force Office of Special Investigation 250, 269, 272
Air Materiel Command 108
Ake, Marvin 324
Alamogordo Army Air Field 104
Albuquerque High School 340
Albuquerque Journal 24
Aldrich, Jan 298 – 299
Alexander, Colonel John 272
Alien Autopsy 166, 203
American Radio Network 332
AMC Opinion Concerning Flying Discs 237
Ames Research Center 172
Anaya, Pete 95 – 98
Anaya, Ruben 95 – 98
Anderson Diary 337
Anderson, Gerald 267, 325 – 350
Telephone Call to Randle 343 – 346
Anderson, Ted 337 – 338, 349
Anderson, Victor 337
Andrews Army Air Field 2
Angleton, James Jesus 303 - 304
Antoine, Dr. Daniel 200
Aquarius Telex 249 – 256, 268, 310 – 311, 314, 315
Area 51  296 – 297
Armstrong, Captain 43
Army Security Agency 291
Arnold, Kenneth 107, 109
Aztec UFO Crash 314

Baca, Harold 323 - 324
Bailey, Martin 270
Ballard’s Funeral Home 227
Balthaser, Dennis 215 – 218, 223
Barnett, Barney 105, 266 – 267, 319 – 321, 324, 329, 331, 335, 349, 353
Barnett, Ruth 105
Barrowclough, Lieutenant Colonel Robert 8, 234
Barton, Chester 73, 118, 245
Bat Cave 350, 353
Bean, Beverley (Brown) 60 – 62, 231
Beason, Joe 174, 179
Belyea Rob 379 – 380
Benitez, Jose de Jesus Zalce 188
Benjamin, Elias 99, 178
Benavidez, PFC Eleazar 99 – 100, 178, 230, 245
Bennewitz, Paul 250 – 252, 268
Berliner, Don 294, 299
Berliner/Friedman Statement on Anderson 347 – 348
          Friedman Repudiates Statement 348 – 349, 350 - 351  
Berlitz, Charles 130, 147, 163
Blanchard, Colonel William H 1, 2, 5, 8, 24 – 26, 34, 60, 86 – 87, 118, 133, 161 – 162, 206, 222, 227, 234, 245
          Blanchard’s Leave 117 – 118, 236
Bland, Dr. Larry 305,317
Bloecher, Ted 126 – 128
Blue Burry Lines 199, 394
Blum, Howard 264
Bodies 38, 58, 61, 88 – 87, 90 – 91, 96 – 98, 101 – 103, 230, 261
Boldra, Major Ellis 71
Bourdais, Gildas 216
Brainerd, Mayor Bill 87
Bragalia, Tony 64, 168, 172, 176 – 177, 179, 180 – 185, 190 – 191, 195, 197, 394
Brazel, Bessie (See Also Schreiber, Bessie) 45
Brazel, Bill 28 – 30, 41 – 44, 45, 55, 58, 68 – 69, 233
Brazel, Shirley 41
Brazel, William W. (Mack) 2, 23, 24 – 26, 35 – 39, 45, 49 – 51, 54 – 55, 67 – 68, 119, 126, 157, 161, 223, 227, 230, 233, 234, 235, 287, 371
          Little Green Men 38, 58
          Mentions Bodies 36
Brazel, Vernon 45, 68
Briefing for the President of the United States on the Subject of Unidentified Flying Vehicles 260
Briley, Lieutenant Colonel Joe 8, 117 – 118, 234, 245
Brown, Ada 62
Brown, Melvin 60 – 62
Brown, Rosemary 213
Brunelle, Richard L. 338
Burleson, Don 102, 186, 378 – 379, 393
Burn Memo 303, 304
Burrola, Moses 95
Buskirk, Dr. Winfred 331, 338 – 341
          Anderson in Buskirk’s Class 341 – 342
          Friedman on Buskirk 341 – 342

CAA (FAA) 358, 364 – 365, 370
Cahill, Helen 64, 113, 231
Cahn, J. P. 130
Campbell, Art 350
Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN) 252
Cantwheel, Thomas Cy 302, 306
Carey, Tom 35, 79, 99, 140 – 141, 155, 168, 173 – 178, 191 – 195, 202, 339 – 340, 342, 378 – 379, 385  
Carpenter, John 336 – 337, 343 – 346, 351
Carter Briefing 259, 263, 311, 314
Cashon, Major Charles 232
Cavitt, Sheridan 4, 30 – 31, 50, 59, 72, 74 – 76, 122, 132 – 135, 162
Chesney, Mark 209
Child of the Earth 64
CIA 131, 270, 304
Circleville, Ohio 128
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) 252
Civil Air Patrol 292, 293 – 294
Clark, Colonel Al 1, 2, 21, 111
Clark, Deputy Sheriff B. A. 29
Clear Intent 268
Clingerman, Colonel William 108
Collins, Curt 199, 202, 394
Colvin, Terry 39
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) 284
Connors, Wendy 108, 215 – 218
Cooper, Tim 302 - 306
Corley, Linda 31, 146, 154 – 155, 157, 158
Corona, New Mexico 28, 287, 319
Crary, Dr. Albert 354 – 356, 362
Crary’s Diary 354 – 356, 358, 365 – 368,
Crash at Corona 130, 143, 295
Cseh, Major Thomas 250
Curtan, Major Edwin see Kirton, Major Edwin
Cutler, Robert 273, 274
Cutler – Twining Memo 249, 271, 272, 273 – 280, 314, 318

Daily Illini 9, 13, 235
Dallas Morning News 16, 21
Danley, J. F. “Fleck” 267, 321 - 322
Davis, Ronald L. 262
Debris Description 33, 42 – 43, 46, 47, 48, 52, 56 – 57, 67 – 80, 103, 132, 162, 233
Debris Field 53, 71 – 72, 159, 237
Dennis, Glenn 140 – 141, 172, 210 – 214, 227, 228, 245
Department of Defense 296
Department of Energy 131
Deuley, Tom 299
Dew, Adam 177 – 179, 189 – 190, 195, 203, 394
Dick, Hebert 350, 352 – 353
Directorate of Intelligence of the Air Force Headquarters 241
Dittert, Albert 352 - 353
Doble, Richard 187 – 188, 196 - 197
Dolan, Richard 99, 188, 190, 195
Doty, Richard 250, 252, 255, 260, 262, 311, 314
Downing, Ray 186, 393
Doxey, Denise 202
Drake, Robert J. 352
Dubose, Colonel Thomas J. 1- 4, 14, 21 – 22, 41, 111, 235, 373
Dugger, Barbara 92 – 93
Dwyer, Dan 65, 73, 113, 231

Easley, Major Edwin 41, 56, 73, 90, 112, 118, 234, 235, 245
Edwards, Frank 128, 129
Eighth Air Force Headquarters, 7, 17, 57
Einstein/Oppenheimer Memo 302 - 303
Eisenhower Briefing Document (EBD) 249, 255, 263 – 272, 281, 286 – 287, 289, 294, 307, 313, 314, 318
Eisenhower, Dwight David 259
El Indio -  Guerrero 289, 292
Erl, George 73
Escape Pod 229
Estes, Russ 375, 378 – 381
Exon, BG Arthur 80 – 82, 90 – 91, 105, 230

509th Bomb Group 29, 83, 127, 236
Falcon 253, 262
Fair Witness Project 270
Farr, Dave 352
Fat Man 156
Fawcett, Larry 268
FBI 16, 123, 131
Fernandez, Gilles 183
Fischer, John F. 284 – 285
Flying Saucers – Serious Business 128
Focus 270, 307
FOIA 250, 253
Foo Fighters 107
Foard, John 351 – 352
Foreign Technology Division 240
Forrestal, James 281
Fort Worth Army Air Field 13, 40
Fort Worth Star-Telegram 12, 23, 149, 158, 160, 235, 384
Foster Ranch 45
Friedman, Stanton 129, 143 – 144, 147, 163, 270 – 271, 274 – 275, 280, 305 – 307, 311, 313, 315, 317, 319 – 320, 322, 324, 329, 337 – 339, 350, 379
          Repudiates Statement 348 – 349, 350 - 351    
Fulford, Staff Sergeant Earl 79 – 80, 112
Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) 78, 245, 255, 295
Further Deception: Moore and Shandera’s MJ – 12 Report 284

Galindo, Luis Antonio de Alba 188
Garret, Lieutenant Colonel George 108
Gaudard, Francois 200
General Accounting Office (Government Accounting Office) 120 – 121, 131 – 132, 295
Gerald Anderson: Disturbing Revelations 351
Gerald Anderson: Fact vs Fiction 342 – 343, 351
Gersten, Peter 252, 260
Ghost Rockets 108, 236
Godbee, Bill 367
Golubic, Victor 213 – 214
Gonzales, Thomas 98 – 99
Good, Timothy 60, 270
Graham, Lee 248, 268
Granik, Dr. Harold 90
Green, Carlene 91 – 92, 231
Greene, Cullen 20
Greenwood, Barry 268, 269, 271, 287, 372, 382 - 384
Grice, Herschel 156
Groom Lake 297
Ground Saucer Watch 291

Haines, Dr. Richard 372
Hall, Richard 255, 299, 311
Harris, Richard C. 224 - 226
Harrison, Colonel William H. 84
Harrison, Dr. Peter 352
Harston 123
Hastings, Robert 86
Haught, Warren 382
Haut, Walter 6, 10, 24 – 25, 34, 85, 127, 157 – 159, 205 – 228, 235, 245
          Affidavit 218 - 222
Headline Edition 24, 41
Henderson, Oliver W. (Pappy) 70 – 71, 82, 234, 245
Henderson, Sappho 82
Henn, Walter 172
Hieronimus and Company 332
Hillenkoetter Memo 305
Holmes, Sherlock 246 – 247
Hoover, J. Edgar 123 – 124
Houran, Dr. James 385 – 388
Howe, Linda Moulton 259 – 263, 312, 343
Hubble, Will 350
Humelsine, Carl 305
Huneeus, Antonio 267
Hurt, Wesley 352
Huyghe, Patrick 260  
Hynek, Dr. J. Allen 256

Idenikit Sketch 339, 341, 342
Ikram, Salima 202
Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank xx
International UFO Museum and Research Center 99, 102, 228

J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) 130, 245, 293
Jeffrey, Kent 234
Jennings, Lieutenant Colonel Payne 8, 83
Jerusalem Cricket 64, 231
JFK 304
Johnson, J. Bond 12 – 15, 18 – 21, 40, 235, 374 – 376, 381 – 382, 384 – 385  
Johnson, Shepard 197
Jorgensen, Martin 102 – 104
Joyce, Frank 6, 34 – 38, 49 – 50, 58, 231, 235
Journal of Scientific Exploration 386 – 387
Just Cause 248, 268

Kalberer, Colonel Alfred 22
Kaufmann, Frank 207 – 209, 227
Kellahin, Jason 13, 24, 56, 162
Kercher, Harriet 62 - 63
KGFL (Roswell Radio Station) 34, 49, 58
Kirby, John 377
Kirtland Air Force Base 250, 260, 268
Kirton, Major Edwin 16 – 17, 22, 235
Klass, Philip 140, 283, 306
KOB (Albuquerque Television Station) 35
Kodachrome 100, 177
Kodak 168
Kromschroeder, Dr. John 70 – 71

Larry (NASA Aerospace Professional) 169 – 172
Leed, William 323
Leprohon, Dr. Ronald 201
Littell, Max 228
Los Alamos National Laboratory 261
Lowry Air Force Base 91, 230
Love, Thaddeus 245
Lytle, Chester A. 86 – 87

Mabry, Thomas 118
Maccabee, Dr. Bruce 292
Macho Draw 74
Magruder, Colonel Marion M. 88 – 89
Maltais, Jean 319 – 320, 324
Maltais, Vern 105, 319 – 321, 324
Majestic 309
MAJIK – 12  256 – 258, 212, 316
Majority 262
Mann, Johnny 22, 151, 232
Mantle, Philip 200
Marcel, Hayes 155
Marcel, Major Jesse A. 2, 3, 7 – 8, 9, 11, 14, 22 – 23, 25 – 26, 29 – 33, 40, 51, 58 – 60, 71, 127 , 129, 132, 143 -164, 227, 231, 233, 234, 235
          Army Commendation Ribbon 152 – 153
          Marcel and the Alien Bodies 154 - 157
 Marcel College Degree 153 - 154
 Marcel Air Medals 146 – 147, 152, 163
 Marcel Flight Time 153 - 154
          Marcel Shot Down 145
 Performs an Appendectomy 152, 164
 Photos in Ramey’s Office 147 – 149, 150, 160, 232
Marcel, Jesse A. Jr. 33, 156 - 157
Marcel, Nelson 155
Marshall Foundation 305
Marshall, General George 305
Martin, Frances 352
Maussan, Jaime 190, 195 - 198
McAndrew, Captain James 111, 121, 135 – 142
McBoyle, Johnny 223, 230
McCoy, Colonel Howard 107 – 109, 243 – 245
McDonald, Dr. James A. 363
McGuire, Phyllis 29
McKnight, Daniel 352 – 353
McLaughlin, Commander Robert B. 363
McMullen, Major General Clements 1, 4, 21 – 22, 112
McQuiddy, Art 7, 87
Merlin, Peter 297
Mesa Verde Notes 190, 394 – 395
Midwest Conference on UFO Research 344
MJ – 12 Bogus 273
MJ-12 Documents: An Analytical Report 284
MJ – 12 (Majestic Twelve) 130, 249 – 318,
MJ – 12 Operations Manual 295 – 302
Mogul Flight No. 4 357 – 358, 364 – 368, 370 – 371
Montezuma Castle 199
Montoya, Joseph 95 – 98
Moore, Charles 119, 134, 236, 354 – 367, 369 – 371
Moore, William 12, 29, 31 – 32, 43, 45, 50, 53, 130, 147 – 149, 163, 250, 252, 253, 255 – 259, 262 – 267, 271 – 272, 280, 286, 291 – 292, 306, 307, 310 – 312, 315 – 318, 320
Morris, Neal 375 – 376  
Moseley, Jim 362  
MUFON 129, 144, 311, 314
MUFON UFO Journal 244, 286, 348, 350, 351

National Park Service 197
Navaho Lodge 352
NBC Nightly News 97
Newton, Irving 15, 17 – 18, 21 – 23, 25, 41, 127, 134, 151, 232, 235
New York University 119, 236, 362
Nickell, Joe 284 – 285
NOTAMs 359, 360, 365, 369

O’Brien, Mike 335
O’Connor, Richard 198 – 199
Oeschler, Bob 332 – 335
Office of Naval Intelligence 241  
Onstine, Dr. Suzanne 201
Operation Crossroads 152
Operation Majestic Twelve 281

Palmer, S. L. 190, 395
Pankratz, Herbert L. 297 - 298
Park Museum 190
Pflock, Karl 51, 53, 62, 64 – 65, 97, 145, 359 – 360, 362
Photo Interpretation Department (Pentagon) 186
Plains of San Agustin 266 – 267, 288, 316 – 353
Podzorski, Dr. Patricia 201
Porter, Robert 83, 234, 245
Pratt, Bob 32, 133, 145 – 147, 152, 256 – 258, 311 – 312, 315  
Printy, Tim 200
Proctor, Dee 59 – 60, 231
Proctor, Floyd 47 – 48, 55
Proctor, Loretta 47 – 49, 83
Proctor, Norris 49
Proctor, Tim 46 – 47
Project Aquarius 255, 256, 258, 263, 312
Project Aquarius – The Presidential Briefing 258 – 263
Project Aquarius – The Novel 256 – 258, 261, 315
Project Blue Book 122, 124, 262
Project Eviro 303
Project Excelsior 137
Project Garnet 261
Project High Dive 137
Project Mogul 111, 119, 133 – 135, 393
Flight No. 4 354 – 371
Project Parhelion 304
Project Parasite 303
Project Sigma 261
Project Sign 243
Project Skyhook 144
Project Snowbird 261
ProLab 379
Pyles, E. L. 245

Ragsdale, Jim 136 – 140, 245
Randle, Kevin 35, 135, 306, 307, 348 – 349, 350 – 351, 360, 362, 386 – 388    
Ramey, BG Roger 2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 19, 24 – 25, 40, 57, 66, 111 – 112, 127, 148, 235, 372 – 373, 384
Ramey Memo 186, 236, 372 – 395
Interpretations 374 – 383
Negative Condition 390 – 391
Priming 385 – 388  
Rasmussen, Colonel Darwin E. 91
Rawin Radar Targets 18
Ray, Bernerd 167, 169, 174, 179, 203
Ray, Hilda 167, 169, 174 – 175, 179, 203
Records Group 341  274 – 275
Recovery Operations SOM 1-01  296
Redfern, Nick 165 – 167
Reference Report on MJ – 12 (Revised) 276 – 279
Reese, Ed 276
Reeves, Lee 65
Report by the Joint Logistic Plans Committee the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Joint Logistics Plan for ‘Majestic’ 308 - 310
Report on the UFO Wave of 1947 126 – 128
Reynolds, Rich 165, 168
Rickett, Lewis (Bill) 72 – 74, 115, 132, 245
Roberts, George “Jud” 54, 94
Rodeghier, Mark 209, 299
Roswell Army Air Field 4, 9, 227, 235, 288, 360
Roswell Army Air Field Yearbook 60, 84 – 85, 228
Roswell Daily Record 56, 357, 378
Roswell Fire Department 63
Roswell Incident, The 22, 104, 105. 130, 151, 223, 291, 319, 324
Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe 62, 145
Roswell Morning Dispatch 7, 13, 87
Roswell Report – Case Closed 136
Roswell Slides 165 – 204
Roswell Slides Research Group 189 - 191
Rowe, Frankie 63 – 65, 113 – 114, 231, 233 – 234
Rowlette, Sergeant Homer G. 91 – 92, 231
Rudiak, Dr. David 186, 377, 393

Saler, Benson 371
Saunders, Colonel Patrick 114 – 117, 234, 245
Sarbacher, Robert 172 – 173
Schiff, Congressman Steven 120, 142
Schmitt, Donald 28, 35, 67, 79, 130, 136, 140 – 141, 155, 168, 175, 177, 195, 202, 205, 208, 209, 372, 378 – 379, 393
Schreiber, Bessie Brazel 54
Schulgen, BG George 123, 240
Scientific Advisory Board 243
Secrecy Oaths 112 – 113
Self (Selff), Naomi 140 – 141, 212 - 213
Shandera, Jaime 13, 255, 263 – 266, 274, 280, 286, 306, 307, 322
Shanebrook, Robert 168
Showalter, Captain Roy 135
Shreveport UFO Crash 122 – 124
Shuster, Julie 99
Skeptics UFO Newsletter (SUN) 306
Skylook 291 – 292
Slemmons, Rod 178, 186, 393
Sleppy, Lydia 223 – 224, 245
Slusher, Robert 234, 245
Smart DeBlur 189
Smith, J. L. 65, 73
Smith, Sergeant Robert 76 – 79, 233
Sparks, Brad 286 – 287, 306, 359, 372, 384 – 385
Sparks, L. D. 55
Special Collections, University of Texas – Arlington 149, 375, 380
Spilhaus, Athelstan F. 134
Spitsbergen UFO Crash 124 – 126
Springfield Missouri News – Leader 335
Sprouse, Milton 83 – 85
SOM 1-01 Majestic-Twelve Group Special Operations Manual 296, 304
SOM 1-01 (Problems) 299 – 301
Southwestern Bell 343
Stacy, Dennis 244, 348
Steinman, William 175
Storaas, Frode 210
Strickland, Lyman 46, 67
Strickland, Marian 46, 55, 67
Strieber, Whitley 336 – 337
Stringfield, Len 129 – 130, 144 – 145, 147
Studio McBeth 186

Tadolini, Sallye 67 – 69, 233
Taylor Major Ralph 8
Technical Report No. 1, Balloon Group, Constant Level Balloon Project 358
Thau, Colonel Jeffrey 186 – 187, 393 – 394
Thomas, Dave 362
Todd, Robert 256, 257, 276, 362
Tom, Steve 144
Top Secret/ Majic Eyes Only 296
Torme, Tracy 252
Torres, Noe 294
Trakowski, Albert C. 134
Transformation – The Breakthrough 336
Truelove, Trudy 136
Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell 114, 130
Truman, Harry 281
Truman Memo 249, 255, 281 – 286
Truman Signature 282, 285
Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell 306
Tungate, Rick 209 – 210
Twining, Lieutenant General Nathan 108, 273
Twining Letter 237
Tyree, Tommy 47, 69 – 70
Tytell, Peter 283 – 285

UFOs Are Real 22, 152, 232
UFO Cover-up – Live 130
UFO Crash at Roswell 115 – 116, 130
UFO Crash at Roswell: Genesis of a Modern Myth 371
UFO Expo West 266, 322
UFO Iconoclast/UFO Conjectures 165
UFO Report – 1990, The 270
University of Pennsylvania 338
University of Texas – Arlington Library 378
Unsolved Mysteries 325, 329
Uriarte, Ruben 294
U.S. Weather Bureau at Richmond 242

Van Allen, Dr. James A. 363
Very Large Array Radio Telescope 327

Wagnon, David 213
Walker Air Force Base 288
Walker Field 288
Walsh, George 6, 7, 235
Watson Lab 363
Weaver, Colonel Richard 50, 75 – 76, 111, 132 – 135
Western Apache, The 342
West, Sid 367
White Sands Missile Range (White Sands Proving Ground) 104, 369
Whitmore, Walt Sr. 51, 94
Whitmore, Walt Jr. 51 – 53,
Wilcox, George 2, 24, 35, 49, 92 – 93, 112, 234
Wilcox, Inez 92 – 94, 105, 112 – 113
Williams, Brian 97
Williamson, Jo Ann 276
Willingham, Robert 289 – 295, 316 - 317
Willmon, Anna 101 – 102, 230, 231
Witcamp, W. I. 101
Witness to Roswell 99, 178
Wood, Dr. K.D. 243
Wolfe, S. L. 201
Wood, Dr. Robert 298, 301 – 304
Wood, Ryan 298, 301 – 304
Woody, William 74
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Wright Field) 8, 11, 16, 25, 82, 87, 89, 105, 108, 134, 230, 234, 240, 363
Yates, BG Donald M. 23

Zechel, W. Todd 289, 291, 292 – 294, 317
Zeta Reticuli 313
Zieler, Charles A. 371

Zingers 303