Tuesday, August 02, 2016

A Few Personal Notes

Over the last couple of days I have received some inquiries about what has happened to my book Roswell in the 21st Century (well, at least one). I have also been asked to host a weekly radio program and I am now in search of guests for the program. Finally, apropos of nothing, the views to this blog are now more than two million.

First, I had been saying that the book would be available on July 15, which was the date given by the publisher, but that date has slipped. We reviewed what I think of as the page proofs a couple of times which slowed things down. Now, we have a cover designed, have completed all that work and I expect that the book will be available in a matter of days… and yes, I will announce that here.

Second, the radio program will be hosted by Rob McConnell’s X-Zone Broadcast Network which is a worldwide network. It is a weekly, hour-long program devoted to most of the topics discussed on the blog. UFOs will be featured but there will be trips into the Paranormal as well. As soon as I have the first program ready, and have an air date and time, I’ll announce it here. Like all programs, I am in search of guests and those who think they might have something important to say can contact me in the comments section here… since the comments are moderated, I will see them before they are published so these sort of personal notes will not by read by anyone other than me.

Finally, according to the stats at blogger, there have been over two million views to this blog during its decade long existence. That number does not agree with those at Flag Counter because that was something that I added just a couple of years ago. Flag Counter is approaching one million views. So thanks to all of you who have stopped by and especially to those who visit several times a day to see if there are new comments. 


KRandle said...

For those of you who are observant, yes, my name is misspelled on the spine, but we all caught that so that the artwork was updated to get it right. I hope this saves us the comments that mention that.

Steve Sawyer said...

Did you discuss the "Roswell slides" controversy, and Tony Bragalia's and Rich Reynolds' roles in that scandal in your book?

KRandle said...

There is a long chapter about the Not Roswell Slides.

TheDimov said...

Looking forward to it Mr Randall (hehe), I shall read with interest what your current views on the whole saga are, just let us know where to get it, cover certainly looks nice, good job right there.

Mr. Sweepy said...


Put me one your list of buyers of your new book. Are there new cases or new witnesses to older cases in the new book?

Thanks and let us know the link for the radio show and the date/time. I would like to listen in.

RRRGroup said...

Ah, Steve Sawyer, looking for trouble.

I've already addressed the matter in my review of Kevin's book.

But maybe it's time to recount Sawyer's nefarious part in the matter, unknown to everyone but Mr. Bragalia. Nick Redfern, and me.


cda said...

Let's hope that Kevin's '21st century look' at Roswell is of a far higher standard than his numerous 'looks' at Roswell during the last decade of the 20th and the first decade of the 21st, even if some of these were in conjunction with other writers.

Has anyone, I wonder, counted the number of books devoted purely to Roswell since the very first in 1980? The mind boggles.

Does an 'Extraterrestrial Highway' exist in the town yet, and if not, why not?

KRandle said...


I'm sure you'll be disappointed though I attempted to produce a book that is a dispassionate evaluation of all the Roswell material. I realized today that I said nothing about Philip Corso but then, he really didn't have anything to do with the case, just told lies about his involvement which was tangential at best.

Nick Redfern said...

I thought Bragalia went to the FBI about the hacker? Didn't that get it all resolved, a year or more ago?

RRRGroup said...

Kevin's book is encyclopedic.

I have a smattering of knowledge about Roswell, yet I found a plethora of items unknown to me and others.

I touched on a few of those things at my blog and readers also found them interesting and uniquely unknown.

The book won't disappoint, I assure you of that and I'm a bastard when it comes to UFO books.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on this, sir. I greatly look forward to your show. Will you,be doing interviews for the new book and when can we expect those?

Nitram said...

Thanks Kevin

I'm sure this book will be another good read - don't let the negativity of the clowns get you down.

Look forward to reading about the recent attempts to decipher the Ramey Memo :)


Nick Redfern said...

Isn't the "writing" at the top of the book-cover from the Alien Autopsy "debris" footage?

KRandle said...

Nick -

I had the same thought, but thought the way it was presented was interesting. No one is suggesting that it is real alien writing, only that it presented a dramatic presentation. What I'm saying is that I liked the way it looked.

Nick Redfern said...

yeah, i thought it looked familiar, as the AA film debris footage vaguely spells out the word "video" and not dissimilar to the cover page of the book words at the top

Brian B said...


# of Roswell themed books? A quick look at Amazon.com says 2,800+ titles and related media associated with the Roswell incident.

I'm sure not everything there is a book per se, more likely something around 2,500 in print.

I'm sure Kevin's book will be as good a read as this blog has been for discussion and sometimes entertainment!

But Kevin do you really want a graphic from Alien Autopsy on the cover? I suppose since you address it in the book it's related...

Brice said...

I might be interested to read your new book Kevin. I'm wondering what motivated you to write another book on Roswell since a lot has been written on the case? Did you feel some things left aside needed to be gathered in a new book or some things needed to be reassessed in an updated version? And the inevitable question ;-), are you adressing the mogul balloon explanation?

regarding your upcoming redio programm, will it be available to download/podcast?

KRandle said...

All -

The book will be out shortly and I will let you all know. The radio show on the X-Zone Broadcast Network will not air for a couple of weeks yet and I will let everyone know when that happens.

Here's a clue about some of this. Quite a while ago I wrote a book that was a movie tie-in which means they sent me the script and I wrote the novel to go with it. Unfortunately it was a crappy movie and I did my best to fix the problems. Here's the point, a friend showed up at my front door one day with a copy of the book. I had not seen it, I didn't have the publication date and didn't know that it was available. Sometimes the writer is the least important of those who conspire to publish books. So, again, as soon as I know something definite I will let you all know.

Rusty L. said...

Kevin, congrats on the radio program and another entry in the Randle library. Hopefully they have a podcast as I look forward to listening.

Unknown said...


Will you use the theme music from your old radio program out of El Paso?

I liked it.


Sarge said...

I second the above, it would be a nice nod to your old fans.

KRandle said...

All -

In talking with the producer today, he thought this a wonderful idea. I'll send him a good quality tape of the music and see what we can do. I wouldn't mind hearing Shred It as the theme.