Sunday, August 28, 2016

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Robert Powell Interview

Since there has been some interest here in this radio program, I’ll keep updating. This week’s program, with Robert Powell can be found following this link:

The program will air on the X-Zone Broadcast Network on Saturday and Sunday at 9 - 10 EDT which translates to 6 - 7 PDT. After September 1, this schedule may change.

Next week's guest: Marc D’Antonio.
Topic: UFO photographic analysis and building a UFO detection network.
Marc D’Antonio is MUFON’s photoanalyst. He also operates FX models, and has made models for Hollywood. I am most familiar with his analysis of UFO films and photographs which are highly detailed and carefully researched.
For those who have questions, you can leave them in the comments section of this blog.

And on September 7, I will interview Don Schmitt about many things including the Roswell Slides.


Curt Collins said...

Congratulations on the new show, Kevin. If the conversation allows, please ask Marc about the recent MUFON Symposium and his impressions of it. Also, see if Marc can comment on the UFO video by Homeland Security, the "2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP Case."

Nitram said...

Hi Kevin

Good luck with the show - I am really looking forward to what the "Don" has to say!


Paul Young said...

Thanks Kevin,
Enjoyed the show... especially the segment toward the end describing the dumb bell shaped object in Canada. This is a report that I hadn't heard of previously.