Thursday, November 24, 2022

UAPs and National UFO Historical Records Center


As most people know, I’m more than a little skeptical of the new government interest in UFOs. We seem to be traveling a path that has been worn out in the past. A claim of interest and investigation that devolves into a propaganda campaign to debunk the idea of alien visitation with half-truths and a suggestion of National Security.

However, there is good news from the civilian side of the house. David Marler, the executive director of the newly created National UFO Historical Records Center, announced the establishment of the largest historical archives that is dedicated to the preservation and centralization of UFO material in the United States.

Marler said that multiple official agencies have begun programs to study the phenomenon and that there have been civilian researchers entering the field as well. They don’t have access to the vast array of historical material in the hands of private UFO researchers. The National UFO Historical Records Center has been created to gather that material. While, at present the physical holdings are in Albuquerque, New Mexico, there are efforts to digitize the materials for, as Marler says, “global accessibility.”

David Marler and his pals and lots of file cabinets.

Marler said that there is a vast array of UFO files and collections already destined to be added to the growing inventory. He added:

Currently, the collection consists of materials from over 25 countries derived from 70+ U.S. and foreign individuals. Some of the largest U.S. collections served as the cornerstone for this center. This included diverse materials from the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). We are also interested in anyone wanting to donate historical UFO/UAP materials to us. Efforts are underway to acquire a building to house this national treasure and make it readily accessible to researchers, academics, and the general public. Funding and donations will be vital to making this vision a reality. Thus, the creation of the non-profit organization to facilitate achieving that goal. We look forward to working collaboratively with similar free-standing worldwide UFO/UAP archives and those within the university setting. Together, we can preserve the history and, perhaps, gain insights into the mystery.

Marler did provide contact information: National UFO Historical Records Center, which can be found at P.O> Box 15541 Rio Rancho, NM 87174. On the Internet you can find them at and you can email David Marler, the Executive Director at

This lines up with the work of Clas Svahn, the Swedish researcher who has been collecting materials for the Archives for the Unexplained or the AFU since 1973. The Archives contains information about paranormal activity as well as UFOs. You can listen to my interview with Clas here:

read more about the AFU here (along with links to the radio interviews:

And civilians continue to report interesting UFO sightings. On October 1 of this year, the witness in Newville, Pennsylvania, said that while walking home he noticed a series of lights on what seemed to be a triangular-shaped object. The sky was a pale gray with light rain. The object was moving swiftly and according to the witness “sort of slid through the sky with no noise.” There were rows of lights on the object that blinked from red to white to green and seemed to be similar to LED lights. They filled the triangular shape of the UFO. The object was below the clouds and had a sharply defined triangular shape.

In Westminster, Colorado, on October 2 of this year, the witness was outside when four faint lights approached. There was a light at each corner of the triangular-shaped UFO and one in the center. The witness said that the object seemed to be translucent and made no noise. It disappeared traveling to the south.

And finally, on November 19 of this year, four people in Joplin, Missouri, said that they were outside about dusk, looking for Jupiter when they spotted a group of blue and yellow lights moving slowly toward them. They thought, at first, it was a formation but as it approached, they saw the dark, triangular shape and that the lights were at each corner of the triangle with one in the center which is an interesting coincidence with the Westminster sighting.

They thought the UFO was about five thousand feet above them, but said there was no way to judge the altitude or the size. They believed it to be large. It moved with no sound and eventually turned to the north, disappearing in the distance. Although they tried to photograph the UFO, it was too dark to be seen and the lights were just bright pin points in the video.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

The "Lost" UAP Report of October


Tennessee Republican Congressional Representative Tim Burchett, who won reelection on Tuesday, November 8, said recently that the UAP report that had been scheduled for release on October 31 but was delayed, will be a whitewash. He said that those in charge believe that we’re too stupid to handle the truth about alien visitors.

He said leaks suggested that 366 cases of UFO, I mean UAP, sightings would be explained. He also said that the report makes it clear that these sightings are of terrestrial objects rather than alien visitation. The sightings are the result of foreign drones and weather balloons. While drones are a new wrinkle, the weather balloon explanation has served the government well, used to explain everything from the Roswell crash to Gorman dog fight with a UFO. Of course, the balloon explanation fails for Roswell but that’s another story that will come soon.

Burchett said it was all about power. This is a reason for the continued cover up that I explored in depth in UFOs and the Deep State. Those in power feared their power would be diminished if the truth came out. In Washington, it’s all about the power and the financial rewards of that power.

History has provided us with examples of how that works and while overt conquest in not necessarily the problem, it is the introduction of a superior technology that can result in a shift of power. A rifle is a superior weapon to a bow and arrow, but it takes a manufacturing base to create and a supply system to produce the ammunition. Once the rifle is adopted as the weapon of choice, those who had relied on bows and arrows, which could be made by the individual, were now at the mercy of those who had the ability to manufacture the rifle. Their society was radically altered by that superior technology and the desire to have the latest and the best.

Of course, government officials have said that there are national security implications which are the umbrella used to bury the truth. Some times that is the truth, but more often than not it is a simple excuse for refusing to answer questions.

Republican Marco Rubio, has also called for the release of the information. He said that one of the explanations offered was “airborne clutter” and that investigators found no evidence of extraterrestrial life or, and I stress this, a technological advancement by a foreign foe, meaning Russia or China. Yet, hints in the new report suggest China and others are using drones to surveil our military exercises are a solution, which negates the denial of technological advancement.

But Congressional interest doesn’t translate into governmental action. After a series of sightings in Michigan in 1966, then Congressman Gerald Ford called for a Congressional investigation. The hearings, that lasted for a day, resulted in no known action on the part of the government or the Air Force. In the end, the official conclusion about the sightings by the officers of Project Blue Book was, yes, you remember, “Swamp Gas.”

While swamp gas might have explained a sighting or two, it did not cover the range of sightings by multiple witnesses in multiple locations. The Air Force conclusion of swamp gas remains as the explanation for the sightings. The Congressional influence did nothing to advance the investigation into UFOs, only suggested that there was nothing of importance to be learned and that only the uneducated and the unsophisticated reported UFOs.

What most people are missing here, in this latest round of Congressional interest, is that we had men running for federal office who were advocating research into UFO sightings and suggesting the government has been less than candid without journalist questions about the overall situation. There were no consequences for their opinions about UFOs or for the government lack of candor in answering those questions.

Remember Democrat Dennis Kucinich. He was making a run for the presidential nomination some fifteen years ago. Fox News reported, “Dennis Kucinich’s UFO Comments Prove He’s Nuts.” At least in today’s environment, those suggesting there is something to UFO reports aren’t dismissed as nuts. The news media seems to have softened their view but I fear the outcome will be the same. In other words, there will be some sympathetic press and then everyone will forget about the UFOs, or as they are now called UAPs.

One of the real problems it that they make no plans to review the history of UFOs. There have been many good cases with independent witnesses and multiple chains of evidence. Too often these sightings have been rejected because we all know there is no such thing as alien visitation. The Lubbock Lights from 1951 are rejected as birds, even with witness statements that suggest a craft and four photographs of them. The debunkers are now saying that the pictures are faked, but I talked to the photographer more forty years after the fact. He told me then that he still doesn’t know what he photographed. In so many cases of faked photos, the photographers have eventually come clean and admitted the hoax.

The Lubbock Lights photographs taken by Carl Hart, Jr.

There are the Washington National sightings of July 1952 with multiple pilots, both civilian and military reporting the objects. Radar sightings on multiple radars. And the official conclusion is temperature inversion.

Of course, the Levelland sightings of 1957 that was ball lightning. The Socorro landing of 1964 that some believe was a lunar lander suspended under a helicopter but no record of such a test at nearby White Sands at the proper time. The Michigan sightings, mentioned above that were labeled as swamp gas.

And since the end of “official” investigations, there have been good sightings that were belittled and categorized so that we don’t have to deal with them. Rendlesham Forest and the Cash-Landrum personal injury cases from December 1980 spring to mind here.

And, good reports being made today with calls for investigation but with no one wanting to review UFO history. These new investigators will be condemned to making the same mistakes because they won’t know what happened in the past. And in some cases, are refusing to even consider past sightings for reasons that are not viable.

The only upside for all this is that those calling for renewed investigations in the world today are not ridiculed as “nuts.” We do have some serious people who want serious investigation, but given the history, some of it briefly outlined here, I have little hope that we’ll have either an unbiased or scientific investigation. I believe that we are doomed to more of the same given the missed deadlines and the leaked information that we have seen recently.

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Kathleen Marden - No Longer a Ufologist?


Just yesterday, a colleague wrote that Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty Hill and an abduction researcher, had announced that she was no longer a Ufologist. I didn’t know what that meant but I do know Kathleen, so I reached out to her asking for clarification. I made it clear that I wanted to publish the information but it could by a private communication between the two of us. I was seeking information and had no desire to make editorial comment about it. She responded and granted permission to publish the letter. She wrote:

Hello Kevin,

 I did not intend to write, "I am no longer a Ufologist." To be clear, I am no longer a Scientific Ufologist because I have moved beyond the type of UFO research that I was immersed in for thirty-two years. My research and investigation continues to grow and flourish but I have stepped onto a different path. My new focus is on assisting Contact Experiencers and humankind in general, to move beyond fear and the chains that bind us, to a deeper understanding of consciousness.

 I am on a spiritual journey in service to humanity. It is personal but can be shared with others through direct contact. It involves divine light and healing. It began when I was struck by a blinding light in May 2020, while in my home office. There was no thunderstorm activity in my area, nor was there a power surge. I can find no prosaic explanation for what occurred. I can only describe it as a powerfully loving energy that swept me off my feet and dropped me to my knees.

 If you have read of Rey Hernandez's miraculous event on March 4, 2012, and how it altered everything in his life, my story is similar. Prior to this date, he had a material science orientation but this experience transformed him and radically altered his worldview. His experiences have continued, as have mine.

I will share additional information in the future but I do not feel comfortable unveiling this knowledge at the present time. Nor do I wish to invite skepticism. I am not delusional, misinterpreting sensory information, engaging in wishful thinking, or undergoing an emotional crisis. My new path is personal but is not in service to self. I have lived my life in service to others and will continue on this journey. My greatest desire is to bring hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved, and to do my part, as each of us can, in transforming darkness into light. 

Very best wishes, 

Kathleen Marden 

I grant you permission to publish this letter.

 This, then, is a clarification of her statement, which is to suggest that she was no longer a Scientific Ufologist, which is a change in the direction of her research. I was going to say that we now understand more about this, but it would be more accurate to say that I understand more about it.

Kathleen Marden with the late Stan Friedman at a MUFON symposium in Denver.

About the only editorial comment I will make is that I understand the desire to avoid skepticism, which can take a nasty turn. I have never understood why we can’t debate a point without it becoming acrimonious. I am not required to accept your point of view nor are you required to accept mine. We can both look at the evidence and interpret it in different ways. When dealing with something like UFO research, sometimes there isn’t a clear answer and two interpretations, or three interpretations of that evidence can be supported by the available evidence. Something more is needed to arrive at the proper answer.

Anyway, this is the direction her research is taking her and I wish her well in that endeavor.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

The latest on the Government UAP Report


Many of my colleagues in the UFO field believe we have moved into Condon 2.0, meaning, that we are presented with a scientific study of UFOs with the conclusions already drawn. The quotes were published in the January 26, 1967, edition of the Elmira Star-Gazette, newspaper which said:

Condon even expressed his belief about UFOs and what the ultimate conclusions would be at a meeting in Corning, New York, on January 25, 1967, where he told the audience that UFO’s “are not the business of the Air Force… It is my inclination right now to recommend that the government get out of this business. My attitude is that there’s nothing to it… but I’m not supposed to reach a conclusion for another year.”

As more evidence of this, there is the Hippler letter which was a letter from Lieutenant Colonel Robert Hippler to Dr. Robert Low of the Condon Committee. It laid out exactly what the Air Force wanted the “scientific study” of UFOs to conclude. You can read about that here:

It is also reminiscent of the 1953 CIA sponsored Robertson Panel that suggested the military release information about mysterious UFO sightings and then explain them. It didn’t matter then, and doesn’t matter now, if the explanation fits the facts, as long as the media and the public accepted the answers as legitimate. Their final report said, in part:

 4. In order most effectively to strengthen the national facilities for the timely recognition and the appropriate handling of true indications of hostile action, and to minimize the concomitant dangers alluded to above, the Panel recommends:

          a. That the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired;

          b. That the national security agencies institute policies on intelligence, training, and public education designed to prepare the material defenses and the morale of the country to recognize most promptly and to react most effectively to true indications of hostile intent or action.

We suggest that these aims may be achieved by an integrated program designed to reassure the public of the total lack of evidence of Inimical forces behind the phenomenon, to train personnel to recognize and reject false indications quickly and effectively, and to strengthen regular channels for the evaluation of and prompt reaction to true indications of hostile measures.

You can, as always, read more about the Robertson Panel and its conclusions here:

A wonderful example of this demystifying is the Levelland sightings of November 2, 1957. Multiple witnesses, at multiple locations, independently reported their cars stalled at the close approach of a UFO. The witnesses were able to watch the UFO for several minutes and when it disappeared, the stalled cars could be restarted. The official explanation, one that still stands today, was ball lightning, a phenomenon that was more theory than fact in 1957 and is still controversial today. There is no way that ball lightning, even if it does exist, explains the sightings. I have published an in depth look at the sightings in the book I cleverly named Levelland.

You can read about the Condon Committee and its reasons for ignoring the Levelland sightings here:

There is more information here about Levelland. One of the most informative articles can be found here:

And now we learn, through sources that have yet to be identified, that many of those 144 sightings mentioned in DoD’s first report to Congress about UAPs, is the result of Chinese drones. We are told that DoD was reluctant to mention this earlier because they didn’t want the Chinese, or the intelligence officers in other countries, to know that we had detected their drones… as if that wouldn’t be obvious to anybody when the New Yorks Times reported the story and the videos were released.  They would have read about the confusion and the investigation into what had approached our ships. They would have known it was their drones that had been detected, which means there was no real reason not to release the information that we suspected drones.

Drones have become the weather balloons of the 21st century.

According to the official spokesman, “…of the cases that have been resolved, most have proved to be either errant junk in the sky, like balloons, or surveillance activity… Incidents recorded in the past year… have turned out to have ordinary, earthbound explanations.”

The video, known as the Gimbal, was a problem related to the classified image sensor, that made it look as if the object was moving in a strange way.

In May, the Pentagon said that the images released showing green triangles were actually drones photographed through night-vision lenses. I had reported on that months ago. You can read about my analysis here:

I predicted that we would see this sort of thing as they began their investigation. We all know, and we all agree, that 95% of all UFO sightings are of mundane things. We know that a single witness sighting doesn’t contribute much to our knowledge, but that there are many good sightings that have multiple witnesses and multiple chains of evidence. I have said, and others have said, “It only takes one.”

One such sighting was reported in the latest issue of The MUFON Journal. MUFON Utah assistant state director Brian Lindley provided the information. A man and a woman were hiking and while taking a break, he saw a bright, shiny object in the deep blue sky. He determined that it was hovering and said there was a very strong wind that didn’t seem to affect it.

They watched the object for several minutes and were unable to identify it. As it began to descend, again against the wind, he grabbed her cell phone and began recording. He followed it until it dropped down to the same level as the mountains and he lost sight of it.

Lindley wrote in his analysis, “I believe I can rule out a mylar balloon. It’s possible it could have been a drone, but it would have to be a high-end one that could fly in severe conditions… I am closing this case with the disposition “Unknown – UAV.”

Interestingly, Lindley mentioned both a mylar balloon and a drone, which seems to be the go-to answer for those desiring a terrestrial explanation. In this case those answers were rejected but we’ll see more of them in the near future.

And, I suppose I really shouldn’t end this discussion without pointing to many good multiple witness sightings that do involve multiple chains of evidence. The Washington National sightings of July 1952 that involved multiple radars at separate locations, both military and civilian pilots, and dozens of people on the ground. The Air Force said it was temperature inversions but that explanation simply does not cover all the reported sightings and other observations. I have updated my book on the Washington Nationals and it will be available soon.

There are the Rendleshaw Forest sightings made by Air Force personnel that have defied explanation. There are hundreds of cases of the UFOs stalling cars and affecting other electric equipment such as the sightings in France in 1954, and the series of sightings here, in the United States in 1957, and thousands of landing trace cases that provide another chain of evidence.

Although some of the recent articles have been more or less benign, others seem to have suggested hostile content, that is anti-UFO content. They usually include the phrase that there is no evidence of alien visitation but that is not accurate. There is some very interesting evidence, but given the tone of the DoD statements, NASA statements, and what newspapers report, I fear we are going down the same path we have followed for three-quarters of a century. The “final” answer will be that there is no evidence of alien visitation because they’ll ignore the past and obscure the future. In two years or ten years, we’ll be right back where we started.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Clas Svahn (And Swedish Abductions)


This week I reached out to Clas Svahn. I was curious about Sweden’s UFO scene and if it matched that of the United States. The first case we talked about was an abduction case. I wondered if the abduction situation in Sweden mirrored ours and learned that abduction in Sweden is somewhat rare and it is often a combination of contact and abduction, rather than just abduction. The case was interesting because there was another, independent witness to it, who called the police. There is much more to the tale than this first, single abduction. Unfortunately, the police arrived after the UFO was gone, and the mysterious telephone caller has not been identified. You can listen to the show here:

And Clas mentioned what he called an interrupted abduction. This was something I have never heard of and found it interesting. Not sure what to make of it, but there are some implications that might provide an answer or two about alien abduction.

Clas Svahn

We did talk about crashes of strange craft or phenomena, in Sweden as well. It seems that witnesses see strange craft that dive into lakes. No wreckage of any kind has ever been recovered and apparently, these objects don’t hit dry land. It is another phenomenon that seems to be unique to Sweden, or maybe unique to all of Scandinavia.

I also asked about the reaction of Sweden to the current UFO sightings here. Clas said that the Swedish Air Force hasn’t been bothered in the way our Navy has been and that they have not chased UFOs for a long time.

One of the take-aways here is that the UFO phenomena in Sweden is different than what we have here. I found it interesting simply because you would think there would be an overlap in the types of reports. Of course, that might be explained by the cultural differences or the difference in emphasis in the UFO reports.

And, of course, we did talk about the Archives for the Unexplained (AFU), which covers more than just UFOs. This is an effort to create a repository files, documents and other material covering the paranormal with an emphasis on UFOs. You can learn more about the AFU here:

The show is, I believe quite provocative given the wide range of the discussion. For those interested in the UFO phenomenon in the rest of the world, this will provide some insight.

Next week, I’ll talk with Curt Collins about his The Saucers Time Forget series as well as his blog,

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Coast to Coast AM - Levelland and Sightings

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It provides us with the totality of human knowledge. Such is the case in and around Levelland, Texas, from November 1957. My pal, Rich Reynolds, at his UFO Conjectures blog, reported on October 6 of this year that a video of Sheriff Weir Clem, the Hockley County sheriff, meaning, of course, Levelland, as well as other witnesses, had been interviewed by a reporter in 1957. All this before the Air Force investigated. You can watch those interviews here:

Levelland was the scene of several UFO sightings in which the craft stalled car engines and dimmed headlights. As but a single example, Newel Wright, a nineteen-year-old college student at Texas Tech in Lubbock, was nearing Levelland when he glanced at his dashboard ammeter. Wright told the Air Force investigator, "I was driving home from Lubbock on state highway 116 at approximately 12:00 a.m. when the ammeter on my car jumped to complete discharge, then it returned to normal and my motor started cutting out like it was out of gas. After it had quit running, my lights went out. I got out of my car and tried in vain to find the trouble.

“It was at this time that I saw this object, I got back into my car and tried to start it, but to no avail. After that I did nothing but stare at this object until it disappeared about 5 minutes later. I then resumed trying to start my car and succeeded with no more trouble than under normal circumstances."

Sheriff Weir Clem and his deputies.

There were others who independently reported similar experiences. The UFO remained in the area for about two hours and witnesses reported watching the UFO for several minutes before it would lift off and leave the immediate vicinity. Once the UFO disappeared, the witnesses reported their cars could then be started. I have reported on all these sightings in depth in the book, Levelland.

And, in conflict with the Air Force report, the sheriff said that he saw an oval-shaped, brightly glowing object as he searched the area. He was accompanied by other law enforcement officers and there are indications that Air Force officers were there with him as well.

The sightings in the area didn’t end on November 3. Sightings of the UFO continued in New Mexico, stalling more cars. Military Police at Whites Sands also had encounters. The series of sightings are an important part of UFO history and have never been adequately explained, though the Air Force claimed ball lightning was responsible.

The White Sands MPs. Photo courtesy Glen Toy.

Moving into the modern world, on July 9, of this year, the witness and his family were water skiing in the Spencerville, Indiana, area. The main witness had stopped the boat to pick up his son who had fallen and looked toward a tree line on shore. He saw a white, round object travelling east to west at a high rate of speed. He said that it was moving faster than anything he had ever seen and was in sight for a minute or two. Both his son and wife saw the UFO as well.

The witness also operates MADAR Node 81 in Spencerville. Although there was no alert, a review of the recorded data showed a spike in the magnetometer, that is an electromagnet effect, at the time of the sighting. This also relates to the Levelland sightings in which there were reported EM Effects.

The investigation showed that object the witness reported was too slow for a meteor and too fast for an aircraft. He heard no sound associated with it and believed that it had been flying at about 10,000 feet. The witnesses saw no wings, or vertical stabilizer.

On October 6 of this year, the witness in Palm City, Florida, said that he saw a straight, long, white object that was not moving. He said, “The object appeared… to be bigger than a plane I’m flying… it did not move like a plane.” The UFO was in sight for about a minute. The witness said that he looked down to check his airspeed and when he looked back, the object was gone.

From Lynwood, California, on October 5 of this year, the witnesses saw what looked like fireballs. Five of them were close together and the sixth some distance off. The one farthest away was moving rapidly and changed color from orange to green. The witness reported that it had a cylindrical shape and was moving super-fast. The sighting lasted for a total of fifteen minutes.

The witness did take the following photograph of the UFOs. I have cropped the photographs to fit better on this space. 

Photographs are courtesy of the National UFO Reporting Center and the photographers.The upper photograph has the cylinder in the upper left and the bottom photo is the street scene with the formation of lights.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Expedition Unknown in Socorro


The other day I stumbled into an episode of Expedition Unknown that was investigating the Socorro UFO landing of April 1964. I would have ignored it, except it seemed to suggest that the UFO was, in fact, terrestrially based, meaning it was a misidentification of something made on Earth. The investigators were impressed with the idea that the UFO was a lunar landing being tested at the White Sands Missile Ranch at the time and they produced a document showing those tests.

The problem was that the times didn’t match. The sighting, by Police Officer Lonnie Zamora, was about 6 p.m. on a Friday night. The document suggested the testing much earlier in the day. You can see that for yourself here:


On Friday, April 24, the date of the sighting, the testing of the surveyor was between 7:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m., which means the testing was finished about six hours before Zamora saw a craft. I will also point out that the testing was over the White Sands Missile Range which is south of Socorro. There is no evidence that the testing was delayed or that the surveyor strayed off the range. To suggest a delay or the off-range trouble is pure speculation.

For the tests on April 27, these are irrelevant. All it demonstrates is that there were scheduled tests on the range and there were no corresponding UFO sightings.

There were mentions of the landing gear impressions that Zamora found. These were documented by the military that night. Captain Richard Holder requested assistance from the military police to first guard the site and later to make measurements about the landing traces. That documentation appears in the Project Blue Book file. The illustration shows an asymmetrical landing gear, which, I believe is the result of the terrain, meaning that the uneven surface gives the impression of asymmetry. If it had been a flat surface, then the landing gear would have been symmetrical.

The surveyor landing gear is asymmetrical. On its longest dimension, it is just over 31 feet. The landing impressions, on the longest dimension is just under 15 feet. The overall pattern does not match that of the surveyor.

Site survey conducted on the night of the sighting. From the Blue Book files.

Here is the problem. There are various models of the surveyor and there is no indication which was being tested in New Mexico. There might be a surveyor that has landing gear that more closely matches that of the markings found by Zamora.

In a point that isn’t all that important, they suggest they might have found a corporate logo that matches that seen symbol by Zamora. They said, during the program, that Zamora had drawn the symbol from memory, implying a passage of time. But, according to Zamora, he made the drawing within minutes of the UFO taking off and that drawing is available in the Blue Book file. It does not resemble the corporate logo very closely, though the investigators in the show were impressed by it.

In the Blue Book file, there is another corporate logo that more closely matches that which Zamora saw. It is not an exact match and it does stretch credulity to claim it does, but it is closer than the one shown on the program.

Finally, they displayed an illustration, drawn by Dave Thomas, that shows an OH-13 helicopter used to suspend the surveyor under it. This contraption might be what Zamora saw, except that he never mentioned a hovering helicopter.

On the show the two investigators pointed out that there was a two-man crew in the helicopter and Zamora had reported seeing two beings on the ground. I can think of no scenario in which both pilots would leave the helicopter with the blades turning and the engine running. One would remain behind, which is another reason to reject this theory.

At the end of the segment, it seemed that all agreed, that is the two investigators and Dave Thomas, that the Socorro sighting have been solved. The surveyor straying off the Missile Range, held aloft by a helicopter, was what Zamora saw. Well, of course, I wasn’t convinced, which set off this investigation.

As noted, the landing gear impressions don’t match, the range times for testing the surveyor don’t match, the theory that the object was a surveyor carried by a helicopter doesn’t come close to the description offered by Zamora, and the corporate logo isn’t a match. In other words, there were too many unanswered questions.

My first step was to look all this up on Dave Thomas’ website which can be found here:

It’s clear from that website that the solution for the case isn’t quite as solid as presented. According to Thomas:

Of course, this new evidence is far from conclusive (emphasis added). A lot has happened since 1964, and it's difficult to reconstruct events from that long ago, especially events with strong implications. Was it a college prank? A hoax? A balloon? An alien craft from another world? Perhaps we'll never really know. Gildenberg is confident that William of Occam, of Occam's Razor fame, would think kindly of the Surveyor explanation, especially over some of the other contenders.

I reached out to Dave Thomas for his impressions, rather than just relying on that had been broadcast and what was found on his website. He responded, telling me:

I would describe the WSMR Surveyor log Duke Gildenberg found as at least tantalizing evidence.

It's my understanding that there might have been more than two people involved, two to stand in for astronauts controlling Surveyor rocket jets, and one or maybe two pilots for the helicopter itself, which was required because of Earth's 6x gravity.

It would have been a strange looking device, indeed. Of course, it's not 100 percent Surveyor or the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM). There are former Tech students swearing by the playing with dynamite explanation, and then there are locals like Ron and Dorothy Landoll, who heard a fresh description of the craft from a police colleague of Zamora's, and later realized its similarity to the LEM when it was publicized in 1965. When I interviewed Stirling Colgate about his report of a student-led hoax, he unfortunately couldn't recall anything about that incident, and has passed away since.

While we don't know for sure what Zamora saw, I think he honestly did see something strange that day. I don't think it was extraterrestrials, however, that would require much stronger evidence to get me onboard.

Please note the language used here. There are qualifications in it, and in a discussion such as this, we all use qualifications. Nothing is written in the absolute, rather there is a suggestion that an extraterrestrial explanation is not the likely solution and given that we have only witness observation and landing traces, that is understandable. To be fair, to reach the extraterrestrial should require more concrete evidence. However, none of the other solutions offered, and over the years there have been several, have been proven.

I will note here, that Thomas interviewed Stirling Colgate, who, in other communications, didn’t seem to support the idea of a student hoax, which had also been offered as the solution. I draw attention to that here, only because Thomas mentioned it without any prompting from me.

In the end, we’re left with a sighting that is unexplained. I have covered parts of this in the past, and it is reported in great detail in Encounter in the Desert, which is about the Zamora sighting.

For those who wish more information, just type Socorro into the search engine for a listing of articles. For those who wish a little help, see:

This contains a list of other relevant articles as well as being a good synopsis of the investigation.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: More MADAR and Other Sightings


I continue to beat the drum for multiple chains of evidence in UFO sightings. This means that there is more than just a single witness reporting what he or she had seen. The MADAR system is an attempt to create those multiple chains of evidence by adding a note of instrumentality to the sighting. I had suggested to Fran Ridge that they set up a way for photographs be taken from multiple locations during an alert but he had already thought about that and was attempting to set it up. To this point they haven’t had any success, but, as they say, it only takes one.

One of the latest sightings came from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, on June 19, 2022, when the witness, who had been laying on a lounge chair watching airplanes saw a silver object come from the north and fly overhead. The UFO was moving at a speed like that of an airplane approaching an airport, or around one hundred miles an hour depending on the type of aircraft.

The witness said the UFO was smaller than a passenger plane, was a silver-colored oval and made no noise. The witness didn’t know if it might be some sort of balloon but said that it was moving at a steady pace and didn’t seem to be floating. The UFO eventually disappeared behind the trees in the distance.

There is a MADAR Node about 28 miles from the sighting location and there was a compass deviation reported at about the time of the sighting providing a second chain of evidence.

Fran Ridge reported that his thoughts were of a balloon but the direction was problematic. The MUFON Field Investigation concluded this was unknown UAV. This is just another case where the MADAR UFO Officer, Jeremy Haslam, selected an incident that looked like a potential sighting of interest and the data from a nearby node suggests an anomaly at the time. Since the MADAR was not in alert mode, the data are 60-sec lines rather than 01-sec lines.

I am always a little hesitant to report on possible abduction cases but there was an interesting sighting reported on July 2 of this year in Midvale, Utah. The witness said that he saw a large, disk-shaped object that had circular-shaped white lights flying silently over the apartment parking lot and courtyard areas where he lived. The lights on the disk were rotating and the UFO was hovering low. It traveled to the south and disappeared over the trees at the end of the property. The witness said that the moment he saw the disk, he felt frozen and there was a time when he couldn’t do anything other than stare at the UFO. Seconds after the sighting, the witness felt faint, as if he was about to pass out. There were many similar in France in 1954, which are reported in the book, Levelland.

As but a single example, on October 16, 1954, Dr. Henri Robert, while driving through Baillotet, France, saw four objects in an echelon formation flying over. Once of them dropped out, descending in what was described as a falling leaf pattern, landing about 300 feet away. Robert felt an electric shock as the car’s engine died and the headlights dimmed. He was unable to move as he watched a figure moving in the light of the craft and then, according to Robert, all went dark. Later the headlights came on and the craft took off to the north.

The sighting lasted about ten minutes, but the witness seemed to have experienced a period of missing time. This is, of course, one of the symptoms of an abduction experience.

I confess that I sometimes select sightings with interesting pictures with foreground detail. Such is one from Burr Ridge, Illinois, from July 31 of this year. The witness was taking pictures of the backyard and didn’t see anything unusual. When looking at the pictures, the witness saw a strange red, black and white craft that had a strange green light below it.

As I say, I liked the detail of the environment of the but the UFO isn’t very clear and looks like random lights in the sky that do not match those of aircraft. I don’t know what they are.

Saturday, October 08, 2022

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - William Puckett


This week I spoke with William Puckett who runs the website where he posts the latest UFO reports. I thought we’d talk about current trends in UFO sightings, but we did stray from the topic periodically. You can listen to the show here:

Or, if you prefer seeing the show as well as listening to it, you can view it here:

As I say, we did slip off topic simply because Bill’s background in meteorology provided him with an interesting insight to the operation of radar and how that affects UFO reporting. He pointed out there are many sightings but the vast majority of them are what we think of as IFOs. People are fooled by the natural phenomena around them and terrestrially based events that look strange to us all. He was thinking, as was I, that we’re talking about SpaceX rocket launches that provide spectacular photographs the rockets and the Starlink satellites.

Spectacular SpaceX rocket over Memphis.

But, of course, not everything is manmade or natural. The O’Hare sightings of about a decade ago is one example. Bill did investigate, searched for radar records and found one that might have shown the UFO. His take on the sighting is interesting.

But, according to Bill, radars are designed in the world today to screen out objects that are not within certain parameters. In other words, if something is moving too fact to be a conventional aircraft, then there might not be an object displayed on the radar screen. In other cases, objects that are too small or move too slow, might not show up on the radar.

Of course, we talked about the stealth technology and the design of aircraft that absorb radar signals, or deflect them, so that there is no return on the screen. Composite materials and the removal of shape angles tend to defeat radar, and descriptions of UFOs often contain a suggestion that the object wasn’t a good radar target.

For those interested in some of the technical aspects of UFO investigation, this is a show to listen to or watch. The program will help to understand that strange world in which we live today.

Next up is Curt Collins and his Flying Saucers that Time Forget series. We’ll talk about all the current topics in UFOs including the possibility of the coming of Disclosure.

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: An Interstellar Visitor and UFO SIghtings


It was a couple of years ago that Avi Loeb announced that an object created outside the Solar System had flown through it. His controversial claim was that it was artificial and that it had been flying around the galaxy for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. Some wondered why a civilization on another world would do something like that, though we had launched a Voyager probe decades ago and it had just left the outer reaches of the Solar System and into interstellar space. It is believed that it might fly by another solar system in some 80,000 or more years. In other words, launching something that would travel so long was not beyond our comprehension since we had done it already.

I mention this only to note that another body, from outside the Solar System, has been detected recently. This one seems to be natural and not artificial. It just suggests that, in one aspect, we are not alone.

In keeping with that idea, on September 6 of this year, the witness saw a low, slow moving object with lights. There were no visible wings and the object made a humming sound. It had a rounded, lighted nose and a slight greenish flair near the tail. The witness said that he couldn’t really see the object because of the darkness but could see the shape against the somewhat cloudy sky. He said that it was not an airplane because it had no wings.

On September 3, the witness was driving in Framingham, MA, when he looked up and saw a tear-drop shaped orb that had a bluish-green tail. The UFO moved in a steady but slow speed until it suddenly accelerated to a high rate, in an upwards slant through the clouds. The witness could tell the shape because of the bluish-green hue was providing enough light to make out the shape.

I have talked about electromagnetic effects in the past. These EM Effects can stall cars and dim headlights and can manifest themselves in other ways. On September 3, in Greenville, Florida, the witness saw circular objects that had lights that changed color. The objects were about a hundred yards away, above a tree line and viewed through a thermal imaging scope which showed definite craft. He said that the objects were flying next to each other and then stopped in midflight. There were blinking white lights that disappeared. He watched the UFOs through a telescope and with night vision.

For me the interesting aspect of the sighting was a mention of animal reaction to the UFOs. Although somewhat rare, it has been reported over the years that animals react to the close approach of a UFO. There are a number of such cases reported in the book Levelland. This adds another dimension to the UFO report and suggests something real rather than imaginary.

Finally, I keep running into sighting reports that are clearly SpaceX launches that have interesting photos but are, of course, of terrestrial origin. There are also more pictures and sightings of Starlink satellites. To show you what I mean, you can see a story about the Starlink satellites here:

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Coast-to-Coast AM: MADAR and EM Effects


To bring the realm of science into the world of the UFO, we need to embrace the scientific method and establish multiple chains of evidence. As I have mentioned before, we need more than just witness testimony, which is why I search for pictures and radar cases, and, of course, MADAR reports. Only recently have there been several MADAR cases in which there were independent observations of the UFO.

On October 7 of 2020, in Spencerville, Indiana, one of the witnesses saw something and pointed it out to his father. They watched it for two to three minutes and said that the UFO was somewhere between five and ten thousand feet high. It was cigar shaped, clearly outlined, and had a silver or chrome reflective surface.

The man operates one of the Node centers but there was no alarm at the time. However, a review of the MADAR data showed minor deviations including the compass heading, but these deviations fell beneath the numbers needed to trigger an alert. The theory is that if the UFO is “idling” then the sensor numbers remain below the threshold for detection.

I have mentioned, in the past, a sighting at Lee’s Summit, Missouri on January 17 of last year. The witness said the UFO was about the length of a football field or about 300 feet long. She said that it looked like a tall building on its side and that it was about 300 feet above the ground. The object descended to about 100 feet looking as if it was going to land. The witness, who had been in the Air Force and now worked as a scientist, can be considered a competent observer. She said that the UFO was traveling at about 47 miles an hour. Although the witness attempted to take video, the camera failed to work properly.

MADAR Node 45, situated at Independence, Missouri, recorded anomalies about twenty-one minutes after the Lee’s Summit sighting.

Larry Tyree investigated and reported that the witness said that the time was approximate. He wrote, “The report mentions that node 45 at Independence was triggered 21 minutes later. It just so happens that the trajectory taken by the craft goes within 1,650 feet of this MADAR site. At a rate of 47 mph, if it did not slow down, it would have arrived close to node 45, 13 minutes later… So, I think that is pretty close. Not only the direction is virtually precise from the witness’s last sighting, but the speed of travel allows for it to arrive at nearly the time the Independence node was triggered.”

Of course, another form of evidence is a photograph. On August 31 of this year, the witness, in Great Falls, Montana, reported a diamond-shaped object that was in sight for four to five minutes. The witness said that he was watching a flashing star and stepped off the porch for a better view. He spotted something hovering overhead that was higher and faster than a drone, with a top and a bottom that was flashing red. The other lights were in a triangle formation that were yellow. There was an aura or haze around the object and he reported trouble with his camera, and suggested there were electromagnetic effects associated with the sighting.

I will note that these EM Effects have been associated with UFOs for more than a century. In 1909, a motorcycle headlight was dimmed as a glowing light hovered in a nearby field. From that time there have been hundreds of reports of UFOs stalling car engines, interfering with electrical grids and even upsetting animals. A comprehensive examination of this subset of UFO sightings can be found in Levelland, a book that feature the sightings in November 1957 as well as cases from around the world.