Friday, December 30, 2022

Disclosure and Current Sightings

Back in 2017, the New York Times printed a story about Navy fighters and their encounters with what was then called UFOs, which have now been relabeled as UAPs. This story, and the confirmation that the video was from the Navy, led to the conclusion that we were moving toward Disclosure of the UFO secrets. There hadn’t been the immediate ridicule of the witnesses and the tongue in cheek nature of the reporting. I was one of those who saw this in a positive light, though I was somewhat skeptical of this new wave of transparency.

Congress then mandated that the government, in this case the DoD and the DNI, had 180 days to prepare a report about UFOs which would have been due in June 2021. I believe that all parties tasked in some aspect of this report believed that the pressure for information would dissipate and that no one would be paying attention to the requirement by the time June rolled around. But in the weeks just prior to end of those180 days, the UFO community with what was probably unintentional support from the news media, began to anticipate that report. There was speculation about what it might say and there were those who were able to quote unidentified sources who allegedly had inside knowledge. When the report arrived on June 25, it was a poor-quality high school project that contained little real information. There was, however, a suggestion that there would be more information in a required update due in 90 days. That didn’t happen.

I believe that the government did not anticipate the interest in that mandated requirement and threw something together at the last minute because there were too many people asking too many questions for them to ignore the issue. Of course, had they been thinking at all, they could have requested assistance from the UFO community or the journalists such as Leslie Kean, to provide a framework. I can think of a couple of dozen UFO researchers who could have assisted, some of whom could have just pulled up information they had published in the past about UFOs, and there are even a couple of us who held, or had held, top secret clearances. We could have provided a more substantial framework than was presented in June 2021.

In 2021, I published a book, UFOs and the Deep State. I explained the process by which they, those required to produce the report, would be able to dodge the question. It’s simply a matter of appearing to respond to the request but doing nothing. Delay by explaining the difficulties in gathering the data, the requirements of national security, then offering an explanation that almost fits the facts. In one case, President-elect Jimmy Carter had asked the Director of Central Intelligence about UFOs, and was denied the information. That information is in the book and explains how this game is played.

You can read some of my earlier thoughts on all this here:

We’re now told that one of the original videos that launched this interest, was the result of technological glitches. There’s nothing to see here and before the outrage can spread, an election will take care of the problem.

There was another video released that showed a pyramid-shaped object that seemed to be inexplicable. However, one man, in an experiment published on YouTube, used his cell phone camera and night vision goggles, and produced an image that matched the Navy video. It seemed that another case was explained by that technological glitch.

Navy video that might be explained by a technological glitch.

In the latest report, we learn that more of the sightings have been identified with the suggestion of other technological glitches. We have been told of the mystery, we have been shown the evidence and heard the testimony of the witnesses and we are primed for the next step. That is the solution to the mystery. While it seemed that we were heading to Disclosure, we have now retreated from that point. Everything we have seen, heard and read seems to suggest nothing more than mundane misidentifications. Even the news media, in large part, have returned to their skeptical ways.

But that doesn’t stop the sightings that are being reported, some of them with data that is difficult to sweep under the rug. While we are told on one hand that there is nothing to see here, we find that simply is untrue.

On July 10, 2022, the witness in Alexandria, Indiana, was working in the garden when an object flew across the sky. It had no wings and was described as a cylinder-shaped object, which, given the environment today might also be called tic-tac shaped. There was a structure like thin pipes at both ends.

According to the witness, it was flying faster than an airplane but then came to a sudden stop for a second or two, changed direction and disappeared rapidly.

The MADAR Node at Swayzee, about nineteen miles from the sighting location, recorded several increases in readings, including a compass deviation, providing a second independent chain of evidence. Unfortunately, the witness did not provide contact information for additional investigation. Fran Ridge did report that an investigator is reaching out to the witness for additional information, but the case is currently closed.

Finally, the witness in Orlando, Florida, photographed two objects described as cylinder shaped on December 19 of this year. There were two sightings, about thirty minutes apart. The first sighting was of two objects and the second, was of three. There was an aura round the objects which changed color and made a sound. The objects in one sighting flew to the north and the objects in the other to the south.

Blow up of the UFO over Orlando.

The picture doesn’t look like those of the Starlink satellites. It does seem to some sort of anomalous object. If nothing else, it is an interesting picture. 


William Pullin said...

Your position, which I agree with wholeheartedly, that the situation is basically "Condon Part 2" is supported by the information we have been, or not been given. Despite the blanket attempts to show all this is mundane in nature, there are still interesting cases coming to light. The U.S. government is not exactly a great source of information on the UFO topic, being that they have their own agenda. Thanks Kevin.

jlmet said...

Those photos from Florida are conventional aircraft lights from a 1 or two second exposure. Since the aircraft was moving, what looks like a solid object, is nothing more than a blurred light trail.

RWE said...

Most people do not realize that while there is something called the "Freedom of Information Act" in reality no such thing exists. There is no freedom of information from the Federal Government but there is a Freedom of Existing Documents, within severe limitations. Aside from classification issues, you have to know exactly which documents you want and which organization has them. There is no obligation for the Federal Government to produce a documents specifically designed to meet a FOIA request, other than the actual response to the request itself. I have seen officers at the Pentagon tear up newly generated documents, since if they did not exist they do not have to provide them in response to a FOIA request. Attempts to counter this fact by asking for "everything relevant" on a particular subject are doomed to failure. There are no people whose job it is perform research and ferret out all the related documents. Everybody has real jobs that demand their time and a 12 hour day in the office was normal, with 12 hours and 5 minutes utterly unacceptable except possibly when answering a task issued by a General Officer.

While I was at the Pentagon we got a request for "all of the information on the Space Shuttle, including drawings." In the first place you should not be so uninformed as to ask the USAF for info on a NASA program, but I'll bet that if that request was delivered to NASA they would not respond to anything that absurdly broad, either. Also when I was at the Pentagon I recall responding to direction from Congress for documents on a certain subject by spinning around once in my office chair in my cubicle and saying, "I did not see it, so it must not be here." Of course, in that case there was no reason to think such documents even existed and absolutely no reason to think they would be in my office even if they did.

KRandle said...

jlmet -

I wondered about that myself but noticed that there is nothing blurred in the picture. I would have expected some motion in the tree leaves or bushes for a time exposure...

But I have to admit, I like the picture which is not to say that it's a flying saucer or UFO, just that it is an interesting picture.

TheUFOGuy said...

That looks exactly like many pictures I have seen that show a time lapse picture of an airplane, thus the white and red streaks. Nothing anomolous about it.