Saturday, May 18, 2024

Recent Interviews including a Discussion of Crash/Retrieval

For those interested, I have been hosting my old radio show/podcast recently, as my personal situation changed radically. I have also been interviewed on other shows. Following are links to those shows and if there is some duplication here, well, these things happen.

Of course, the theme in these shows are UFOs, what’s happening with the official investigations, discussions of some of the older cases that provide evidence of something off-world flying around our atmosphere. Those who are paying attention, you’ll find some of my views have changed over time. That simply means that new evidence has been found, witnesses who once seemed credible are found to invented their tales and are no longer credible, and outright hoaxes have been exposed. 

Many of you will probably be interested in the last interview. Ryan Wood and I talked about some of the more famous UFO crashes including that in Aurora, Texas and Shag Harbour. The two are at opposite ends of the UFO crash/retrieval spectrum.

Ryan Wood hosting a crash
conference in Las Vegas.

So, here are the links to the most recent shows. Some are audio only and with others I have provided both the audio and video versions.

From Into the Paranormal, hosted by Jeremy Scott:

Ep. #683: TRUTH UNDER FIRE w/ Kevin Randle

And following are both my shows and interviews with others, and the X-Zone shows where I was the guest. The links do provide a hint about the content of the show and if I was the host or guest.

I talk with Robert Powell on video:

And the audio version:

Robert Powell

And with Steve Bassett, first on video and then audio:

And back being interviewed by Rob McConnell on a variety of UFO related topics:

I interview Paul Hynek about his father’s take on UFOs and on his investigations into them. First is the video version.

Here is the video of that interview with Ryan. As I said, we talked about several UFO crash/retrievals.

The audio version can be heard here.

Each of the programs above will be of interest to those studying UFOs. The discussion with Ryan Wood was of particular interest to me because it dealt with UFO crash/retrievals. But, as I say, there should be something for everyone in the links above. 

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