Friday, October 23, 2009

Mac Tonnies is Gone

Sad news today. Mac Tonnies, known to many in the UFO field, has died. Details are few, other than he was found in his Kansas City apartment, dead from natural causes. Foul play is not suspected.
I knew Mac only from emails, book reviews and his blog, Posthuman which is to say that I didn't know him all that well. He seemed to be a fine young man, had a quick mind, was interested in many things, and was a reasonable sort. In the world of the UFO, it is rare to find someone who is reasonable.
I enjoyed my correspondence with him, liked his blog and respected his ideas. A fitting tribute might be to take a look at his blog.
Mac was only 34 and is gone much too soon.


Paolo Martinuz said...

It is impossible to find the right words.
Deep sadness.

starman said...

Dead from natural causes, at the age of 34? Very unfortunate, or suspicious.

Bob Koford said...

Yikes! He just posted a comment on the Marcel article, as well.

34 is much too young, but too many people on this planet didn't get enough time.

I believe we will be back for a better round.

Nick Redfern said...

Why is it that when a UFO researcher dies, the issue of the death possibly being "suspicious" is brought up?

Mac was a good friend, and I have spoken with his mom since his death.

Mac went to bed on the night of Sunday 18 Oct and did not wake up. It was his heart. He told me ages ago he was having tests for fainting/faintness.

The reality is that UFO researchers are no different to anyone else. We are all human beings first and UFO researchers second.

And, sometimes, human beings die at a young age, as Mac tragically did. It's very sad indeed.

But that is one of the things about human bodies - they can malfunction, sometimes fatally, before they reach 75, 80 or 85 etc.

We don't need to bring in any suspicions. We just need to realize that Mac was one of the very unfortunate ones who went way before his time.

Lance said...

Thanks Nick for your moving and insightful tribute (posted elsewhere).


Unknown said...

Dead at 34 years old seems odd enough at face value. Did the family not agree to an autopsy? I'm not a speaking of a nefarious end under suspicious circumstances but it warrants an investigation. It is obvious to anyone Mac was getting to the root of the UFO phenomenon. His ideas were new to the this field of study. I agree with most of his work and have more to add to his cryptoterrestrials theory. We must continue were he left off.