Tuesday, December 01, 2009

UFOs and Full Disclosure

In October there was an announcement that the President would make a full disclosure about UFOs. He would tell the world on November 27, 2009, that we have been visited. Since this was to be full disclosure, I will assume that it would be an admission that these visitors were extraterrestrial in origin, that Roswell was the crash of an alien spacecraft, and abductions of humans by aliens was happening with frightening regularity.

I will note here that there was no such announcement on November 27.

I will remind you all that it was Dave Wilcox who said that Bill Ryan of Project Camelot who said that the announcement would be made on November 27. He also cautioned that if there was too much advance publicity, then the announcement would not be made. Apparently there was too much publicity and there was no hint of any such announcement.

For this, I suppose, I must take some responsibility because I did, after all, write about this. I know the White House, among other high level and extremely important government sources regularly read this blog. I can tell by the breakdown of readers based on the "Analytics" and they show people in Washington, D.C. who have visited these pages... though I wonder why they don’t disguise this by using a server outside of Washington... But I digress.

Well, I suppose I should just say, I told you so and let it go at that. No full disclosure this time, but surely something will be announced prior to December 21, 2012 when the world ends if it is nothing more than where we can catch a ride on a spaceship to save ourselves.


cda said...

December 21, 2012 means we shall at least live to see the Olympic Games. It also means that President Obama does not now need to give a date for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, since we know the war is now certain to end on that date, if not before.

Your remarks about those high-ups in Washington reading your blog reminds me of when the editor of Flying Saucer Review (Gordon Creighton) once told readers that FSR was read, and taken seriously, by some of the very highest people in the UK government.

Bob Koford said...

Awesome article. I laughed Out Loud. And yes, you warned us. ;)

Joseph Capp said...

Come on Keven "you warned us" most of the people in the UFO community didn't buy this.

Joe Capp

KRandle said...

Joseph, Joseph, Joseph...

Have you ever heard of tongue in cheek?


(BTW) It's Kevin, not Keven... if you're going to criticise, at least spell my name right...

cda said...

You may have had tongue in cheek, but I can assure you that the FSR editor was deadly serious when he stated how the highest people among our [UK] national leaders read and absorbed the great truth contained in the magazine. This would be some 20 to 25 years ago.

John W. Ratcliff said...

At what point are you people going to realize that David Wilcock, Project Camelot, and every one of the charlatans involved in this nonsense are fucking idiots?


KRandle said...

John -

For crying out loud... did you read the story... do you think we take this seriously? I was having a little fun but apparently very few understood that.


Ole Goop said...

Hi Kevin. Are you interests in doing a radio interview? Please drop me an email and we can talk about the details: henrik.palmgren@bredband.net

All the best
Thanks for your time.

starman said...


"....I was having a little fun..."

After all the brawling over Socorro, a little humor wasn't a bad idea.

Paul Robinson said...

Ah, yes, what a huge surprise that was :\

I'm not really sure why people going putting these disclosure dates out there with their names behind them. However, I do have few theories...

1. They think it's funny to make this crap up and then watch the UFO community get into a tizzy about it.

2. They believe anything they're told.

3. It is done on purpose to get people's hopes up. When those hopes are dashed perhaps they will become frustrated and give up interest...?

Joseph Capp said...

Dear Kevin,
Thank you for the spelling lesson. But I know tongue and cheek when i see it and that my friend was not what you meant. You warned us... what a joke. Ever since it went out there UfO blogs have been voicing their objections with all of these continuing proclamations We know it is hurting the credulity of the UFO subject and of the honest witnesses who come forth. I want to know if these people will admit their "insiders" stink and not use them anymore. I doubt it.

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
Non-Commercial Blog

KRandle said...

Joe -

Thank you for reading my mind. Of course it was serious. I truly believe that the White House and other high-ranking government officials read this blog. I have been told that it is the first thing they look at in the morning and they always check before they go to bed at night.

Why, I've been to Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson, been shown the frozen bodies at Homestead, and seen the alien spacecraft at Area 51. I've read the top secret reports that give all the details of the various crashes and have served on the MJ-12 committee... I was MJ-007 Alpha...

So, again, thanks for straightening me out. Can you remote view too?


Bob Koford said...

What?!!...You were serious? Well sheeeeeeeet-howdy if that don't just beat all!

Doc Conjure said...

Another false prophet....LOL

Serioulsy, all these *dates* are so similar to doom-and-gloom end-timers that it's laughable.

Let's face it. Disclosure isn't going to happen. Mainly because it's the phenomena itself that has the upper hand.

Tonight I just found out a major setback for anyone in the disclosure camp. The MoD has announced they are out of the UFO business and are no longer investigating UFO reports as they concluded that in the past 50 years no UFO report has given any indication of threat to the nation. (cough, cough...Rendlesham!)


It's the same "end of Bluebook" crap, minus the Condon Report tripe.

Sad, sad day.

Lance said...

There's a YouTube Video (Link) that features Project Camelot interviewing Stephen Greer. It is one of the funniest things on the Interwebs as these sad, deluded, arrogant and supremely silly people argue over which of their imaginary ideas are the best.

So prevalent in UFOology is the failed prediction of "disclosure" that Curtis Peebles called one of the chapters in his history of UFOs, "Before the Year is Out...".


Lance said...

Stephen Bassett, earlier this year, said that he thought that Obama would be the disclosure president. But if Obama did not effect disclosure by the end of May, Bassett promised that the would bring the entire Paradigm Research Group's (apparently a couch or basement room in a friend's house) resources to bear and release documents that would embarrass or force the issue.

It is now well past his deadline. And Bassett's results starkly speak for themselves.

It is quite hard to think of anyone in this field (present company excepted) who is not very very low on the credibility scale.

It is equally hard for me to imagine how stupid one must be to give any of this disclosure stuff weight of any kind.


cda said...

I would agree with Lance over the credulity issue. Look at the percentage who accept the MJ-12 papers as real or deserving of further research, as given on the home page of your blog. Over 45 per cent! That particular 'disclosure' has already taken place, 22 years ago.

doug said...

Hi, Kevin. I got the joke. The White House, however, did not, and sent Joe Capp to be confused in your presence in the hopes that it might throw you off the trail.

Paul Kimball said...

Hi Kevin,

As you and I have discussed before, to our mutual amusement, there is a real lack of a sense of humour in the UFO "field," a point that has been driven home once again by some of the comments here. Yeesh...

Of course, I laugh every time I hear some desperately earnest soul say "disclosure" and "imminent" and "UFO" in the same sentence, so I'm predisposed to enjoy your sense of ha-ha. ;-)