Wednesday, November 19, 2014

One Million Page Views

For those interested in such things, this blog had its 1,000,000th page view this morning. No, I don’t know exactly when or who it was, only that last night, I was some five hundred views short and this morning, I’m over the top.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that there has been one million different visitors because, as with most blogs, there are some regulars who read the postings, and add their own comments. It just means that there have been one million page views.

For those who wonder about this after looking at the “Flag Counter,” that was added a couple of years ago and therefore didn’t register all those who had been here before I installed it. The blogger stats are different than the Flag Counter stats for that reason.

Now, if we can reach two million a little faster… not that it matters. Just another mile stone… and thanks to all of you who have visited here. I hope that you have enjoyed the discussions. 


Unknown said...

Congrats. I'm a couple or three of those million.

cda said...


I did read somewhere that these 'hit' figures are a bit dodgy. No matter - you have reached a milestone and deserve it. Keep it up.

KRandle said...


Well, if I was looking for advertizing based on the number of readers, then the figures would be important. And, you've done your part to get the numbers up... still, it is interesting.

Jack Brewer said...

Congratulations! A milestone to be proud of.

Wade said...

Congratulations! Wishing you the best.

John's Space said...


A big milestone.

Tim Hebert said...


A hardy congrats! This merely demonstrates that your blog has staying power.

Wish you 1 million more!


Steve Sawyer said...

For some odd reason, I'm reminded of a lyric from a great old rock song by Cracker, "Low," where there's this line sung that says:

"A million miles below their feet, a million miles, a million miles..."


A million page views. Impressive number.

My congratulations, and kudos, also.

Your blog provides a valuable, rational service to whatever it is ufology... is.

John Steiger said...

Quite simply one of the best websites on the Internet.


Gene Steinberg said...

It's a good number, Kevin. And you have one of the best UFO-oriented blogs on the planet.


albert said...

Kudos, Kevin!

As you indicated, probably over a million views. I think this is exceptional for a blog, with no advertising, no fbook or twits links, no new age gimcracky, readable, and most of the time, reasonably intelligent discussions :)

@Gene: At least, in our Solar System!

I gotta go...

Nitram said...

Well at least everyone seems to be in agreement with your latest blog posting (that's probably a milestone also)!

Congrats from everyone here in New Zealand too.


starman said...

Congratulations! It's not surprising given the quality of this blog--great posts and commentary.

Erez Robinson said...

One of the best blogs around!