Thursday, February 09, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Ledger

This week I reached out to Don Ledger, a Canadian UFO researcher. My thought was to talk about the Shag Harbour UFO crash and his book Dark Object written with Chris Styles. He mentioned another book about Maritime UFO sightings cleverly called Maritime UFO Files. However, other than a brief mention here and there, the discussion centered around the Shag Harbour case. You can listen to it here:

There were a couple of things that surprised me. First was the suggestion that there had been two objects and according to what Ledger called “anecdotal testimony” they had crossed into Canada from the west, at one point hovered for four minutes (or rather one of them did) and that intercepts by jet fighters had been attempted. In all the paperwork and documentation that he and Chris Styles had reviewed, there seemed to be no corroboration for this aspect of the case.

He also told a couple of stories about reluctant witnesses, found only some forty or fifty years after the event, who had been engaged in romantic escapades but who had been in a position to see the object in the air and fall to the water. While interesting and somewhat titillating, they added little to the case.

Alleged picture of object in the air. Photo
copyright by Wilford Isnor.
I did ask about a picture taken of the object in the air but Ledger didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. Chris Styles, twenty years ago had supplied a copy of the picture to me. Looking at it now, it appears to be a time exposure with numerous star trails visible but nothing that actually looks like a UFO. Maybe they learned that there was nothing extraordinary about the picture so they have ignored it.

During the discussion, it seemed to me that Ledger didn’t answer the direct questions and spent too much time describing the landscape. I had a hard time drawing the description of the object out and that there were many documents both official and those from the media that showed something had happened. It just didn’t take us to the extraterrestrial, or rather directly to it.

Next week: Paul Kimball

Topic: The best UFO cases, as he saw them a couple of years ago, and the fiasco that is known as the Curse of Oak Island.


Jim Robinson said...

Regarding this photograph, If those 3 conspicuous objects in the upper left quadrant have not been identified,then they are UFOs. Admittedly, the extended object at the lower right corner of the triangle appears very much like a bolide, but what are the other two?

The large bright object cannot possibly be the moon, since the photo was presumably taken on Oct.4 and New Moon was just one day before that.
As for the smaller, less bright circular object, it is something hovering; any astronomical object would have to be trailed out parallel to the star trails by the same amount. Incidentally, the camera was obviously pointed in a westerly direction 9proven by the intersection angle of the trails with the horizon).

Anonymous said...

In regards to the photo shown, here is a link to the fellow that took the photo, including a color version and his description of what he saw that night.

Unknown said...

In an interview in a documentary on Shag Harbour Don Ledger said that the picture shows a rocket launch from Wallops Island. I don't know what evidence there is to show that to be true. If anyone is interested I'll try to post a link.

Unfortunately what we have here is a solid story of something coming down and then apparently submerging at Shag Harbour. Then we have a lot of questions, what was it, did it actually move to another location and was joined by another similar object? The location it is said to have moved to was near a part of a highly sensitive and at the time Top Secret Project. It would seem that the U.S. Navy would have more than just a passing interest.