Sunday, April 29, 2018

MUFON's Inner Circle

Last year I wrote about the MUFON Inner Circle and offered some criticism about a couple of the members. There was something of a debate about what exactly the Inner Circle was and what sort of influence it might have over the MUFON leadership and the directions the organization was taking. I published the list of the members which was no big deal because they could be found at the MUFON website. Periodically I had been looking to see if the membership of the Inner Circle changed.

And what I found was that it had. I do not know the reasons for the change but suspect it might have to do with the hefty price tag for membership. As of April 29, 2018, these are the members of the Inner Circle:

Ed L’Heureux, David MacDonald, Clifford Clift, Efroymson Family Fund, Jennifer Stein, Jan C. Harzan, John Schuessler, Debbie Ziegelmeyer, John Grace, Michael Limotte, Cindy Dupont and Holly Baker.
About the only comment I have here is that I wonder if Jan Harzan is
Jan Harzan
a member because he is the Executive Director or if he kicked in the five grand. None of my business really, and if he is in because he is the Executive Director, that makes sense. One of the benefits are consultations with the Executive Director… besides, membership might be a perk of holding the title. As I say, not really any of my business and I mention it only out of idle curiosity.

At the moment, these are the members. Twelve of them, as there were last year, but I think of that as more of a coincidence than a design. Anyone willing to fork over the fee can probably join the Inner Circle and I say, if I had the money laying around, I might give it a shot, just to see what it was like.


cda said...

With such an esteemed "executive" board of twelve, all of whom have forked out five grand for this privilege, surely it is time for MUFON's Inner Circle to bring in a firm of business consultants to find ways of re-organising MUFON.

Never mind the cost of this, it will be far better for the future of MUFON and of ufology as a whole. Assuming it has a future, of course.

purrlgurrl said...

Whatever MUFON's actual primary mission is (forget whatever its mission statement says because that's pure fiction), civilian investigation and research into the UFO phenomenon sure don't seem to be it anymore, if they ever really were.

MUFON has lost all credibility for many of us that maintain at least a passing interest in UFOs (but not breakaway civilizations, secret US space fleets, channeling ETs, hybrids, orbs, etc.).

Whether MUFON is an intelligence community front, as many are beginning to believe, or merely a big con game meant to fleece whomever it can lure into its tent, who knows? But, I equate MUFON with the DeLonge carnival. Both are selling 21st century snake oil to the faithful and the easily swayed.

Whatever the answer to the UFO enigma might be, there's one thing I'm sure of. Neither MUFON nor DeLonge's group ever will be instrumental in bringing it to light.

albert said...

Y'all may be interested in such informational websites as:
and others.

Since MUFON is classified as a non-profit with 501c3 status, its tax returns are available for public viewing. Note that there are for-profit websites that publish these returns, so look for one that's free:

In the '2016' section, click on the green '990' button to download the latest MUFON return.


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Adam S. said...


Agreed. It is also well documented, the history of how the intelligence agencies utilize non profits for cash-flow and illicit funding. Not sure if that is the case with Mufon or if there is more nefarious "handling" going on, but the precident is there.

Joseph Jordan said...

I joined the Inner Circle right after you wrote the article. I do believe that there are 14 now.

Tomogg said...

I am seriously considering joining the inner circle. I will at the least be a benefactor and attend the conference in Las Vegas. Jan was the investigator for my Man in Black segment.