Friday, August 16, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Tom Carey

This week I spoke with Tom Carey of Roswell fame. We had agreed that we’d talk, briefly, about the slides that supposedly showed the body of an alien creature. In 
the end, we didn’t make it to any other topics. The show provided some insight how all this shook out and gives a little bit of additional information. You can listen to it here:

This whole slide thing is quite complicated and I have written about it on several different occasions. My book, Roswell in the 21st Century, contains a look at the whole tale. I also explored it on this blog. You can read much of that here:

Well, this is a long list of the articles devoted to the Roswell Slides. There are more articles there which you can access just by typing Roswell Slides into the search engine. It was quite the topic at the time with many people interested in what could have been the ultimate proof of the Roswell case… well, maybe not the ultimate proof, but it would have gone a long way establishing the credibility of the case.

At any rate, we hear Tom tell us that he is now convinced that the slides show an unfortunate child whose body had been excavated decades before the photograph was taken. It is an interesting coincidence that the pictures were taken in 1947. However, given the location, the latest they could have been taken was May 1947, which, of course, removes them from the Roswell case.

At any rate, this tale, which should have become a footnote to the Roswell case took on a long life. In this interview, Tom puts some of the questions to rest. It is clear, at this point what was in the photographs.


TheDimov said...

Any refunds been given for BeWitness yet?

Yvan Defoy said...

The Roswell slides fiasco explained in 100 seconds.

Curt Collins said...

Beautiful adaptation, Claude!
Here's a shortened link to the video that's a bit easier to handle: