Friday, September 20, 2019

Assault on Area 51

We’ve hit the big day and the hundreds of thousands of people have arrived at Area 51 to learn the truth. Aliens and alien technology are hidden there and these brave people have been able to penetrate the secrecy. The world as we know it has been altered for all time.

Wait? What?

A hundred people showed up. Local law enforcement was able to handle the “crowd.” Two arrests were made. One guy wasn’t smart enough to “go” before he reached the fence and was arrested for indecent exposure. One woman was arrested, or maybe just detained… or whatever, for “investigation.”

For those who would rather watch a video about this, then you can sort of witness what happened here:

I’m really not sure what the Air Force would have done if ten thousand, or even a thousand, had showed up. They wouldn’t have been allowed on the base, and
Area 51... From the air and not the
front gate.
deadly force is authorized. Air Force officers did make mention of that fact. I can’t really see the Air Force shooting the people but the military would have stopped them in some way… rubber bullets, pepper spray, and tear gas… non-lethal weapons would have been deployed and there would have been arrests.

But that didn’t happen. The joke, I guess, was on the hundred who did show up. And, if I lived in Las Vegas, or one even Kingman, Arizona, I would have shown up just for the pictures and blog post. But, at least, I would have had a real purpose and not a dream of invading… dare I say it, “Dreamland.”

Anyway, September 20 has come and nearly gone. No aliens were found and by aliens, I mean creatures from outer space. There was no announcement by the Air Force that why, yes, we do have aliens on the base. Nothing came of it… and now the media can go back to telling us why it wasn’t shameful for the Prime Minister of Canada to wear dark make up, but it was wrong for Megan Kelly, who never dressed up in a culturally inappropriate costume, to be fired for asking a question about it. (Okay, her ratings sucked and it was a good excuse).

But I digress…


Erez Robinson said...

Good times..

RedTornado2008 said...

I was in the Air Force a while back and remember wearing flight badges on the flightline for a reason. The security personnel do not play around when it comes to security. You will eat the pavement (or dirt) if you are caught in a secure area.

The young men and women are trained to take down people who trespass on secure areas. They are itching to put all that training and practice to use.

There are signs which read the following:

Use of Deadly Force Authorized

That is one sign not written in jest.

Unknown said...

Anyone who thinks we have "come a long way in UFOlogy" needs to watch some of the coverage this embarrassing event had. For a few seconds i honestly thought it was 1985 all over again.

Byron Weber said...

From personal experience at the perimeter of Area 51 in Feb. 1995, contrary to popular belief, I found the contracted security to be decent folks, more concerned with the safety of visitors in a harsh environment than intent on exercising their authority. I met not only the security commander, but also several cammo dudes and the local Sheriff from Alamo after having gotten stupidly lost in the desert at night, the next morning. But, as a warning, when the Sheriff interviewed me it was apparent he knew exactly who I was, my name, dob, SSN, probably my military record and where I lived, no doubt from having run my vehicle license plate. Assured I wasn't a spy, he wished me a safe trip home with a smile, and a snicker.

Mike said...

Billy Cox posted this as part of his report on this:
"For now, what looks to be the biggest rally EVER for transparency on the UFO front (and let’s face it, the record can’t be that hard to beat – De Void can only think of one demonstration, back in 1993, when a couple of dozen folks showed up to picket for “disclosure” outside the White House) is set for today and Saturday amid a perfectly unremitting wasteland...."

I am the person who obtained the permit for the july 1993 demonstration. And we had more than a mere couple of dozen. Just checked the video and we had a little over a hundred. John Holliman cnn correspondent on scene said "some 100 people" as did cnn anchor lou waters.
We got positive coverage spread widely thru the ap and cnn.
In the last couple of years, media from the ny times to cnn have frequently used a still photo of 1 of our later demonstrations.

The public really doesnt seem now, as in the 90s, to be motivated to express a desire for "disclosure".

Btw Gallup released a poll on sept 6: 33% say et visits real, 60% no...
In 2015 ipsos poll, 45% said et here

james tankersley said...

Kevin if enough people would have shown up by the thousands as predicted, i STRONGLY believe that the air force would have once again come out explaining the Roswell UFO crash with another different explanation, but 100 people just will not do that!

Nitram said...

Hi Kevin

Well I guess the number of people present wasn't going to match the numbers who had signed up.

Nevertheless I thought there would have been more than 100 in attendance.

Mike wrote:

"The public really doesnt seem now, as in the 90s, to be motivated to express a desire for "disclosure"."

I think the public have just given up...


Brian B said...

The security for Area 51 is actually supplied by the former Wackenhut Corporation, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Group 4 Falck A/S, a Danish security firm. The US division of Group4S patrols Area 51. Guards and security personnel are typically former US special forces retired personnel. I have also heard they won’t gun you down unless you are a positive threat. Mostly they attempt to intimidate people to get them to turn around and leave. For this dumb event they were more concerned about safety of any person crossing the line — specifically heat stroke and dehydration. I think it’s close to some 75 miles and two mountains to actually reach the runway facility typically photographed.