Sunday, December 15, 2019

Gosia Duszak and Billy Meier

Looks like Billy Meier has some competition. Seems that a woman, Gosia Duszak, who will be speaking at an upcoming UFO conference, says that she has been in communication with the Pleiadeans.

The Pleiades
It seems, according to the information published about her, she is an owner of a YouTube channel “through which the Taygetean Pleidain communication is shared… Since 2017 in almost daily direct live written contact with Swaruu (the Leader) and the Taygetean Pleidian crew in orbit of the Earth, assisting humans with the planetary liberation, liberation from the ‘Matrix’ and removal of artificially imposed 3d frequencies into our natural 5D state…”

There is some support out there for Duszak. I found this: “Dale Harder, a former NASA engineer and specialist in several fields of science, has recently contacted me to support the work of Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleiades). As he indicates, he himself claims to be a Taygetean starseed and in this video we talk about his experiences, what he knows and remembers, and also how Swaruu’s information fits with his personal knowledge and his cosmological, metaphysical and scientific vision.”

Harder has been interviewed by Kerry Cassidy at the Project Camelot, which, I’m not convinced, is the most credible of websites. Previously I had looked at her interview with Lt. Col. Robert French which didn’t seem to be a critical evaluation of his tales. She just bought everything he said. Anyway, you can listen to that interview here:

And you can learn more about Harder and his beliefs here:

Anyway, I just thought I would mention that Billy Meier’s Pleiadeans have another Earth contact, though I’m not sure it is the same group of Pleiadeans. After all the Pleiades is what is known as an open star cluster and what we see from Earth is the seven brightest of the stars. The real point is that the Pleiades is not a solar system like ours, but a loose grouping of stars that are separated by light years. We can travel to the edges of our solar system over several years, but without faster than light travel, the distances between the stars of the Pleiades would take, well, decades, at best. The point being it is not a single star system but a group of star systems, which, BTW, aren’t all that old, astronomically speaking.

Anyway, I just wonder if the two groups of Pleiadeans are in communication with one another. And I wonder, of course, if Billy Meier is in communication with Gosia Duszak. It would seem that if this is true, why, we’d get some real proof.


Daniel said...

Merry Christmas, to you Kevin.......

Ovnipolitics said...

They are the same extraterrestrial people, with Asket of Temmer who had already met billy Meier, Semjase who was injured and now Rashell, Aneeka, P'taar, Dor kahlel, Eridania, Muna etc etc etc.. The difference is that B.Meier invented a lot of things in order to give content to his fans all the time, while Gosia didn't invent anything.