Saturday, March 20, 2021

Coast to Coast - Did the Pentagon Reveal Crashed Saucer Debris


The big news in the last few days is the announcement by Tony Bragalia, that the Pentagon had confirmed to him that they had recovered UFO crash debris. Tony told me that he has been chasing the “memory metal” that was described by Bill Brazel. When I interviewed Brazel, he described three types of debris he had found in 1947. Brazel’s father, Mack, said it looked like the stuff from the contraption he had found on his ranch north of Roswell in 1947. One of those scraps was something that looked like aluminum foil but when folded or wadded up and released, would return to its original shape.

Bill Brazel

What that somewhat complicated paragraph is telling us is that material from the 1947 crash had properties that suggested metal with a memory, and Tony has been chasing that lead for several years. More than three years ago he submitted a Freedom of Information request to various government agencies. He asked for, “Associated with the Department of Defense Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program of the US Pentagon are warehouses in the Las Vegas, NV area scheduled to soon hold metal-like alloy material recovered from Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This could include physical debris recovered by personnel of the Department of Defense as residue, flotsam, shot-off material or crashed material from UAPs or unidentified flying objects.”

All fairly specific. He received nearly 150 pages of material in response. The trouble was that there was no mention of alien spacecraft, UFOs, UAPs or anything like that in those documents. At one point, there was a mention of extraterrestrial material, but that referred using material found on other planets in construction of bases on those planets. Tony did tell me that there was nothing in the documents about anything alien.

According to him, the important connection is made in the letter that accompanied the documents. The FOIA officer, used the term, UAP in that response, and that, according to Tony is the connection. You can listen to that interview here:

It didn’t seem all that solid to me but I wanted more information. I contacted the expert in FOIA, John Greenewald, who had read the documents that Tony had recovered and issued his opinion on all this. John, like me, noticed no reference to anything alien in the documents. He found that worrisome. You can listen to that interview here:

More importantly, when I asked about the connection in the FOIA letter of response, John pointed out that it seemed to be a cut and paste job. What he meant was that as the FOIA officer wrote his response, he cut and pasted phrases from Tony’s original request into that response. That tended to mitigate the importance of the use of the term UAP in that response.

John Greenewald

Tony had suggested that the material that was to be sent to Las Vegas would be sent to Bob Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace for reverse engineering. Bigelow when asked about this said that he had received nothing like that. He denied that he had any material created by aliens or on another planet.

It boils down to what the FOIA officer meant, and if the use of UAP meant that the Pentagon had recovered debris that was going to be provided into American industry for exploitation. Since many of the documents Tony received had already been released, and given that the classification on them was For Official Use Only, the lowest level of classification which doesn’t even require a locked drawer for storage, it seems to me, that the revelation wasn’t as exciting as Tony thought it was and didn’t actually confirm Pentagon possession of alien debris. Turns out that this was a near miss.

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CommanderCronus said...

Harry Drew writes about the Kingman AZ UFO legend, and is the scheduled guest on Coast to Coast AM tonight. Many believe the story to be a hoax, but it should be a fun episode nonetheless.