Thursday, November 11, 2021

'X' Zone Broadcast Network - Stan Gordon and the Kecksburg UFO Crash


This week, I spoke with Stan Gordon about his investigation into the Kecksburg UFO crash/retrieval. Gordon began his investigation while still a teenager who lived in the area. Since the crash on December 5, 1965, Gordon has worked to learn what happened that night. You can listen the interview here:

Stan Gordon

This interview was an outgrowth of that I had with Robert Young several weeks ago. Gordon and Young are at opposite ends of the spectrum with Young sure that it involved no alien spacecraft and Gordon saying that such a crash is a possibility. You can listen to Young’s interview here:

Although I had asked for a quick synopsis of the events, Gordon started in a slightly different direction. He spoke about some of the things that Young had said before delving into the sighting itself. Frankly, his description, using the term fireball, seemed to reinforce Young’s opinion. I was surprised that he didn’t use a different term.

We discussed who had seen what, but it became clear that the information was gathered years after the event, which, given Gordon’s age in 1965, isn’t all that surprising. What I wanted to know more about was the military presence in Kecksburg on December 5, and if he had talked to any of the soldiers who would have been part of that.

I also was surprised to hear that there were many reporters in the area, but their stories the next day didn’t seem to reflect the scenarios that have been developed since. Gordon mentioned that they had been on the wrong side of the woods to see what the military was doing. I thought that the reporters would have been circulating through the area attempting to learn as much as they could, rather than standing around on the wrong side of the woods.

Mock up of the Kecksburg UFO.

I wondered how the military had gotten the flatbed trucks into the woods to remove the object. Gordon suggested that the object had crashed (landed?) near the edge of the woods and that they had used a small crane to lift if out.

We did discuss some of the witnesses who had seen the acorn-shaped object that was pulled from the woods. I had thought, but didn’t say, that there were no reports of an alien crew. Gordon had mentioned that one man had described the object looking as if it had been made by pouring the metal into a mold so that there were no lines, seams or rivets. As if it was a solid object.

Next week, we head back to Roswell and talk about the possibility that Albert Einstein had been called into the investigation. The guest will be Dr. Peter Strassberg, whose book, When Einstein Visited Roswell will be the topic, though as Dr. Strassberg said, the book also examines a number of topics that would be consistent with interstellar travel.


William Strathmann said...


Hello Kevin,

Re: Shirley Wright

Would you ever consider doing a blog post on “low-lights” of ufology. Thorough, but not exhaustive, certainly not vindictive. For the sake of so many poor people who struggle to enter the subject of UFOs.

You’ve covered so many different people who’ve knowingly “embellished” personal accomplishments or testimony about UFOs, but they are strung out over the years. For example, Imbrogno, Corso, Willingham, Bill Moore, Glenn Dennis, Kaufmann, Marcel Sr., Korff, Clifford Stone, Robert Dean, Bob Lazar, Billy Meier-Michael Horn, and such like people. And didn’t Don Schmidt fallaciously claim a PhD way back when? Tony Bragalia vociferously attacked anyone who questioned the then yet-unpublished Not Roswell Slides, but then “saved the day” after the placard was deblurred, telling everyone that he’d found the location of the mummified child’s display.

There’s so much mind-numbing peripheral clutter about Roswell. Plains of San Augustin. Aztec NM crash. Del Rio. MJ 12. Alien autopsy. Not Roswell Slides. And so much more.

My thinking is that the Shirley Wright episode must also be weighed in the light of so many people who’ve wanted to be heroes in the UFO saga. I think Wright might very well have been a bright student who got the opportunity to meet Einstein, perhaps during a several month summer program with other students. The rest of her Roswell story seems impossible to me.

But if Dr. Wright literally was mugged a half-dozen times, and if any were violent enough for a head injury, much less psychological trauma, then, who knows, after recovery she might have been telling the truth the best she knew. If I’m not mistaken, The X-Files had just begun to be broadcast not long before Wright’s taped interview that was posted by TB, and Robert Stack’s Unsolved Mysteries had been on since 1987 – with a show on the Roswell crash that evidently aired Sept. 20th, 1989.

Best wishes.

John Steiger said...

This interview with Stan Gordon re: the Kecksburg PA UFO event of December 1965 counters the earlier interview with Mr. Young to a degree. At least a number of the important witnesses are referenced.

But this interview also serves to reinforce my ongoing belief that the Kecksburg UFO crash event truly deserves its own full-length book. Kevin, your analyses in CRASH: When UFOS Fell From the Sky and A History of UFO Crashes are wonderful as far as they go.
But Stan Gordon (or if not Stan, someone ... ?) needs to write a definitive book on Kecksburg, because as Stan says there is so much evidentiary material to consider and reflect upon in order to give this extraordinary UFO event its due.

Capt Steve said...

Hi Kevin (and maybe Stan if he's reading this),

That was some good radio.