Saturday, November 05, 2022

Kathleen Marden - No Longer a Ufologist?


Just yesterday, a colleague wrote that Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty Hill and an abduction researcher, had announced that she was no longer a Ufologist. I didn’t know what that meant but I do know Kathleen, so I reached out to her asking for clarification. I made it clear that I wanted to publish the information but it could by a private communication between the two of us. I was seeking information and had no desire to make editorial comment about it. She responded and granted permission to publish the letter. She wrote:

Hello Kevin,

 I did not intend to write, "I am no longer a Ufologist." To be clear, I am no longer a Scientific Ufologist because I have moved beyond the type of UFO research that I was immersed in for thirty-two years. My research and investigation continues to grow and flourish but I have stepped onto a different path. My new focus is on assisting Contact Experiencers and humankind in general, to move beyond fear and the chains that bind us, to a deeper understanding of consciousness.

 I am on a spiritual journey in service to humanity. It is personal but can be shared with others through direct contact. It involves divine light and healing. It began when I was struck by a blinding light in May 2020, while in my home office. There was no thunderstorm activity in my area, nor was there a power surge. I can find no prosaic explanation for what occurred. I can only describe it as a powerfully loving energy that swept me off my feet and dropped me to my knees.

 If you have read of Rey Hernandez's miraculous event on March 4, 2012, and how it altered everything in his life, my story is similar. Prior to this date, he had a material science orientation but this experience transformed him and radically altered his worldview. His experiences have continued, as have mine.

I will share additional information in the future but I do not feel comfortable unveiling this knowledge at the present time. Nor do I wish to invite skepticism. I am not delusional, misinterpreting sensory information, engaging in wishful thinking, or undergoing an emotional crisis. My new path is personal but is not in service to self. I have lived my life in service to others and will continue on this journey. My greatest desire is to bring hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved, and to do my part, as each of us can, in transforming darkness into light. 

Very best wishes, 

Kathleen Marden 

I grant you permission to publish this letter.

 This, then, is a clarification of her statement, which is to suggest that she was no longer a Scientific Ufologist, which is a change in the direction of her research. I was going to say that we now understand more about this, but it would be more accurate to say that I understand more about it.

Kathleen Marden with the late Stan Friedman at a MUFON symposium in Denver.

About the only editorial comment I will make is that I understand the desire to avoid skepticism, which can take a nasty turn. I have never understood why we can’t debate a point without it becoming acrimonious. I am not required to accept your point of view nor are you required to accept mine. We can both look at the evidence and interpret it in different ways. When dealing with something like UFO research, sometimes there isn’t a clear answer and two interpretations, or three interpretations of that evidence can be supported by the available evidence. Something more is needed to arrive at the proper answer.

Anyway, this is the direction her research is taking her and I wish her well in that endeavor.


RRRGroup said...

Nicely put Kevin.

Kathleen is a lovely person, and I, too, wish her the best in her new "adventure."


John Steiger said...

To paraphrase Col. Nathan R. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) in A Few Good Men, virtually all debunkers and even most skeptics - "They Can't Handle the Truth." So they seek to destroy it.

Nitram said...

Hi Kevin

I have never understood why we can’t "investigate" (not debate) a point without it becoming acrimonious.


Terry the Censor said...

I have not been following ufology much the last few years, having been distracted by the rise of right-wing fascism south of the Canadian border and abroad, but I can tell you Kathleen Marden's move to spiritualism is not new (it well predates her 2020 event). Not unlike her famous aunt, in old age, Marden has started telling stories about her lifetime of unexplained/paranormal events (e.g. *my family became aware of paranormal activity in our home"). Fantastic events that had gone unmentioned by her for decades! There is a page of this stuff on her website titled, "The UFO-PSI Connection in my Own Life." No date is given now, but I saved an early version in 2015; back then, the piece had a copyright date of 2014.

Googling around, I see that early this year Marden published FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation.

It would seem the transformation from "scientific ufologist" to contactee wannabe is complete.