Friday, January 27, 2023

A Photographic Conumdrum


Going back to check dates and photographs, I have found something of a conundrum. The following sighting is found in the National UFO Reporting Center data base on December 18, 2022. According to the information, the daughter of the witness was on the outside deck in Stevensville, Montana, when she spotted a set of triangular lights. She called the witness but the lights were gone. Both witnesses watched the area where the triangle had been and after a few seconds saw a bright blue flash just before the lights reappeared. The lights rapidly disappeared into the south. Although the witnesses took a photograph, it was obscured by smoke and lacked detail. The sighting lasted about a minute.

Not a particularly interesting sighting except for one thing. They noted that the object they saw looked like photographs taken in the same area on August 30 of last year in Great Falls, Montana.

According to details, the witness was standing on the porch. An object that was flashing was overhead. The witness thought it was a star or satellite but stepped off the porch to get a better recording. The object moved slowly, flashing red top and bottom every second. While recording the witness heard a loud whirring sound. The triangular object was in sight for four or five minutes. Here is the photograph for that object.

As I was looking for the photograph to post to my blog, I found the following information from August 30, 2022, also from Stevensville, Montana. It just noted that the object or lights were triangular and that the daughter had taken “and underexposed picture and inadvertently caught the image of the lights. The sighting was brief. Here is that photograph.

Now, the question becomes, was this just a simply mistake on the part of the webmaster, thinking that the December picture, which mentioned the August picture, were taken on the same date. Was this an attempted hoax and when the first attempt failed to get attention, a second was attempted?

Anyway, we now have both pictures for comparison, and I’m more than a little concerned about the legitimacy of the sightings. Could be nothing more than a simple mistake, but still, I have to wonder. And yes, when I get the chance, I'll try to straighten this out.

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