Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Alien Autopsy is a HOAX

Over at UFO UpDates, Errol Bruce Knapp has just ended another in the long and useless conversations about the Alien Autopsy film. I believe his thinking was that nothing new was being added to the already tedious discussion.

He was right... because it is clear to anyone who has paid attention during the last couple of years, that the autopsy film was a hoax. Although some of those involved in the hoax suggest it wasn’t for money or fame but just something interesting to do, the real point is that it was a HOAX.

Yes, there are those who still insist the film is real and all you have to do, according to them, is study the film frame by frame, pay attention to the cameraman’s directions so that you can travel to the actual crash site, and review the analysis of some of the minerals picked up there. If you do, you will know that the alien autopsy is something real, at least in their fevered brains.

I’m going to mention something here that the believers of the autopsy might not realize. There is no cameraman. Never was. The interview offered with him, or rather the transcript of that interview, was filled with British terminology. Had the man been an American soldier as alleged, then the words used to described his military service would have been different. When all that was pointed out, the transcript was changed. That should have raised a red flag.

Second, when some markings suggesting a high classification were seen on the film canisters, many realized they were not real. When that was pointed out, the classification markings disappeared and that should have raised a red flag.

Third, the man who presented the film to the world, Ray Santilli, said in an interview that the tent footage, which was dark and nearly impossible to see, had been "recreated" from the real thing. In other, more precise words, it had been faked and that should have sent up sky rockets trailing red flags.

Finally, those who participated in many of the other autopsy footage segments have been identified and confirmed their role in the hoax. Philip Mantle, a British UFO researcher who had been studying the film from almost the moment that the film became known, wrote an article for the CUFOS International UFO Reporter that detailed the whole story.

Mantle interview Spyros Melaris, who said that he was one of the principals in the creation of the film. A transcript of that interview was published, online at

In short, what it is, is the confession of Melaris on how he became involved, how the segments were created, and who was responsible for what. In other words, those who participated in the hoax have "confessed" their roles in it. Of course, for the true believers, this is just a scam to discredit the film.

In the interview published in IUR is a short segment called, "The Wreckage and I-Beams." I found it interesting because I had spotted an English word on one of those beams. Mantle explained:

Melaris created the "alien writing" from Greek lettering, ancient Egyptian stylizing, and his own artistic license. (Humpreys then manufactured the wreckage.) The writing on the main large beam, if translated correctly, reads "Freedom." He thought this a fitting name for an alien spacecraft. While designing the letters that spell Freedom, Melaris noticed that if the word is turned upside down, the word "Video" could be discerned. He adjusted some of the letters to better facilitate this reading, so the piece would throw a little red herring into the mix.

It would seem to me that the appearance of an English word, one referring to the medium that would tell the world of the find, is too big a coincidence. Would anything in an alien language and writing show an English word, especially one that suggested video?

So, the cameraman didn’t exist (and if he had, his identity would have been immediately known to any authorities who wished to arrest him for unauthorized release of classified material) and Santilli never produced him for interviews as promised. The number of reels of film changed frequently and when markings or part of the story were found wanting, they were changed as well. There was no real provenance for the film which screamed fake from the very beginning. And if that wasn’t enough, Santilli, said that the tent footage was faked and now we have another participant telling us that the other scenes were faked. Isn’t that enough to end the discussion?

I sincerely hope that this is the last time we need to address the alien autopsy nonsense. It is a hoax, an admitted hoax and there is not a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise. I am astonished that there are still some who believe it to be real, and that explains why we just never get anywhere. No matter what the evidence, no matter what is known, there are some who refuse to acknowledge it.


Rob Mitchell said...

The alleged interview wit the cameraman was filmed but never shown on US or British TV (to my knowledge) because it was so poorly done. It was shown on Japanese TV and I saw it when I lived there in the 90’s. Rather unconvincing and the dialog differed from the transcript Santilli published.

mantle1958 said...

Well said Kevin. The whole alien autopsy film is a hoax. END OF STORY. I'll have a new book out later this year giving more details and an article in our new magazine UFO MATRIX in its second issue. More details at:


Philip Mantle.

starman said...

You didn't need to tell people here the "autopsy" was a hoax. I assume we've all known or assumed that for over a dozen years. Even Friedman agrees.

SpiritChanneller said...

This is not to comment on the Alien Hoax but to ask how many of you believe in the possibility of Aliens and their ability to communicate with earth?
Do you believe the Spirits of the dead can visit us back here on Earth?
I am in personal communication of my relatives and Guides in the Spirit World every day yet few people believe this and I can not prove any of this although it is truth.
I have been visited by what were presented to me as alien doctors who came into my home and took samples from my brain and goin or at least made me believe this who they were and they presented themselves as shapless doctors who resembled something comparable to the pillsbury doughboy and they made it feel like they had plunged a need le into my brain and groin and said they were harvesting samples to take back to their planet and intended to create a speciment using my dna and eggs to mate with their kind to produce a living speciman and of course I have no proof but am only telling about my experiences in dealing with what we call the unknown.

Terry the Censor said...

> took samples from my brain

I believe you.

cda said...

Yes I well remember the alien autopsy film. It gave me the one and only opportunity to appear on TV (in the audience front row), for a full 3 minutes or so. Stan Friedman was on the stage and whilst very pro-ET was equally anti-autopsy film.

Unknown said...

The coiled telephone cord depicted in the video did not exist in the late 1940's. They didn't appear until late 1960's.

RealCloudy said...

I have read enough on your site, that I can tell that you are paid by the government to be a debunker.
If not that then you are ignorant to what is going on and trying to
get people to believe like you.
There are people like me, who know
when someone is trying to fool us.
We can feel it in our soul.
So, you will not fool everyone, the
spirit leads us in what is right
and what is wrong.
If you are not working for the government then you don't have the
spirit living in you.

Terry the Censor said...

Perfect parody of an delusional paranoid! Have you written more of these somewhere? Please link.