Friday, November 11, 2011

Tony Bragalia Joins Roswell Dream Team

The response to the announcement of the creation of a “Dream Team” has been met with nearly unanimous approval. There have been the detractors, but there will always be detractors... Nothing can be done about that, other than to say, we haven’t completed the team, and why not wait for the results before you condemn the research.

Tony Bragalia, who is known to many of us as a tireless researcher and who has an interest in a wide range of topics inside Ufology, has agreed to come on board as a consulting researcher. He’ll be working with us as we begin our new research into the Roswell case.

We all have worked with Tony on a variety of investigations. He and I collaborated on a review of the Mac Magruder story that was given to researchers by Magruder’s sons. We tried to find out when Magruder would have reported for duty at the Air War College and if he would have been available to travel to Wright Field for some sort of involvement in the research about the Roswell crash.

The reason I remember this well was because I was in Des Moines after the Iowa National Guard had been activated for duty during the devastating floods in 2008 (yes, we’re still recovering from that but you’d never know by all the news coverage of it). We shared information over the Internet, backing up each other’s findings.

The thing here is that we all don’t agree on some aspects of the case. Tony and I learned that Magruder wouldn’t have made it to Ohio until April 1948 as part of his training, which seemed to suggest Magruder wouldn’t have been deeply involved. He and I agreed, but Don and Tom do not... though it is a relatively small point and one we will revisit during the investigation.

Tom, Don and I don’t agree with Tony’s conclusion that students from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology were responsible for the hoax in Socorro. Tony believes, based on some documentation and an interview with some that the landing was a trick played on Lonnie Zamora, though he might not have been the target. We, Tom, Don, and I think the evidence of a hoax is weak.

I mention these things just to show that we all are not in agreement on everything. It is a team of researchers who have their own opinions and read the evidence as individuals rather than by committee. This divergence of opinion should allow us to consider many different aspects and solutions as we attempt to put all this together.

I will note here that this is not the whole team. Other invitations have been issued and we plan to build a team of people that is diverse in opinion and complete in scope. There will be more announcements later.


Sharon Day said...

I am eager and interested. I believe a research group is only as good as the members are diverse. Of course, like a jury deliberating, you won't all come to the same conclusions, but hopefully all the different theories coming from the members can give you a wide range of possible serendipitous finds. Honestly, I toss out lots of ideas in any one given day and they don't all pan out, but sometimes, one idea begets another one that leads in the right direction, so brainstorming of a group of smart folks will always lead down paths one never expected. I can't wait to see you share those paths.

cda said...

If your team is being serious about Roswell, as I assume it is, why use such a name as 'dream team'?

Or is the whole idea, literally, just a dream?

cda said...

By the way, Kevin, what is your answer to the official White House response to the recent petition on knowledge of ET visits?

I presume you would never suggest the White House could be guilty of what Winston Churchill once called a 'terminological inexactitude'.

Lance said...

Flashing forward a few years- Yeah, Kevin--what we ended up seeing from the "Dream Team" is just about exactly what I expected when it was announced!

An Adamski-level fiasco!

Bravo! And never let those pesky detractors with all their fact-checking and evidence-demanding get you down!