Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Different Perspective - The Return

I spent yesterday in my bunker just in case... Oh, okay, we had a blizzard and we had to dig out. So, I didn't go anywhere, was at home, but once midnight passed, I felt safe. Of course, the question was, midnight where?
Midnight in Japan?
Well, then I felt safe much earlier.
Or midnight in New Zealand?
Same thing.
But since the Mayan civilization was basically in the Central Time Zone, as determined by the United States (though they were in Central America) I suppose we were safe at midnight there.
And since this is now December 22, well, we're now safe...
Except for that damn asteroid that is supposed to hit sometime in the next, what, fifteen or twenty years unless we do something.
But all this is irrelevant now because we have dodged another doomsday bullet, just as we did not all that long ago when we entered the 21st century, or avoided Y2K (remember that?) or the big war predicted for 1999 and everything else.
Next up here... I believe I know what UFO crash Robert Willingham was talking about, but he wasn't there and it wasn't really a UFO.


starman said...

Back in '99 a correspondent took Y2K very seriously. He bought tons of canned food and survival gear including a shotgun. I never took it seriously, nor Noone's "ICE THE ULTIMATE DISASTER' (May 5, 2000 passed like any other day). I never even paid attention to this latest mayan bs.

Steve Sawyer said...

Makes me wonder what all those gullible people who _did_ buy into this latest "doomsday" prediction are thinking and feeling right about now.^^

"Damn it! I'm not dead! Now what am I going to do?!?"

Not to worry: the newest "doomsday" prediction is for Jan. 1, 2017, an alleged "Jubilee year," from the "Sword of God Brotherhood" cult, whoever the hell they are, who claim the "Prophet Gabriel" told them so.**

Huh! Imagine that. Must be good to have such angelic friends in "high places." Naturally, only members of the cult will survive. All others will "perish in hellfire." Which, as a cynical agnostic heathen, I'm personally really looking forward to -- I'll bring the hot dogs for flame grilling. 8^}

See: [Caution: British tabloid source]

**[Sort of contradicts the Biblical passage in Matthew 24:36 -- "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only," for whatever that's worth to the faithful.]

^^[As for those you may know deeply disappointed yesterday wasn't Armageddon, I suggest the sardonic among you buy them for Christmas a copy of Leon Festinger's classic social psychological study, "When Prophecy Fails," about the consequences of a 1950's UFO cult's failed prophecy. Talk about your cognitive dissonance!]

Anyway, as I noted in comments in the just prior blog post here, everyone knows (or should!) that the cosmic shit doesn't really start hitting the planetary fan until around December of 2017. So, we have, gosh, another five years left!

Whew! What a relief, eh? <*giggle*>

Kurt Peters said...

Perhaps, Kevin, you might post to your blog another doomsday-related failure?

(To jog your memory, your CUFOS BFFs only existed because of a similar failed prophecy....)

..let me walk you through it:

a bloke called Sherm Larson was heading up a Chicago non-profit called PIRG in the 1970s... he went to Josef A. Hynek after Blue Book was terminated, and convinced him to basically merge with PIRG, which was renamed for public consumption to: ...CUFOS!

....What's the Doomsday connection??

...a REAL PhD thesis, published as: "When Prophecy Failed", featured a younger Sherm as a true-doomsday-believer who has to reboot his worldview after it fizzled......

Don said...

Larsen. PEG.



Lance said...

@Kurt or Don or anyone:

I'm a huge fan of When Prophecy Fails and reread it maybe once every couple of years.

By what name is Sherm Larsen called in the book (which changed everyone's real name?)



Steve Sawyer said...

I meant to mention it before, but I guess prior speculation here in months past that "Kurt Peters" and/or "TheNurse" pseudonyms might belong to one "K.K." was unfounded, since she passed in August of this year.

Kurt, why not use your real name?

Too much "trollish" fun to do so?

Kurt Peters said...

Yo "Steve Sawyer": dear boy... the REAL question is now, and always shall be -

'Who put the Tribbles in the Quadrotriticale ???

Steve Sawyer said...

Simple, "Kurt." No one.

The tribbles themselves infiltrated the food storage systems of the Enterprise, out of ravenous hunger, and consumed the quadro-triticale grain, which also turned out to be... poisoned, and which killed almost all of the tribbles, neatly resolving the problem of both their voracious appetite, and resultant wildly-rapid (rabid? hyper-rabbity?) over reproduction. Alliterative enough for you?

That episode of the original Star Trek TV series was written by David Gerrold, btw, who also wrote, oddly, with co-author
Larry Niven, the amusingly tangential "The Flying Sorcerers."

Cute story, though, "Mr. Peters."

But, I have to ask, is that really the "REAL" question?

And... what about Naomi? 8^}