Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Roswell Rock

So now we have the Roswell Rock. What is it? Just a rock found in New Mexico with some sort of crop circle design on it that some think is beyond our capability to make. There seem to be no tool marks found under microscopic examination, it seems to have some strange magnetic properties and it was found within twenty-five miles of the site that is alleged to have contained the alien bodies.

It now takes it place with all those other things that have been identified with Roswell such as the Mexican Roswell, the British Roswell, the Chinese Roswell, the Russian Ros… well, you get the point. Stick Roswell in the name somehow and you have a built in audience, even if the event or thing you are describing has nothing to do with Roswell or aliens or a crashed spacecraft.

Stick this rock up there with all the other failed artifacts that have been presented from the bit of debris announced with such fanfare in 1997 as material with a known chain of custody was announced… only that the chain of custody was not presented and never has been. And let’s not forget the scientist who was claiming the isotopic ratios of the metal were not found on Earth (except, of course, they were not naturally occurring but were found on Earth) and the scientist changing the story when independently interviewed.

And let’s not forget the other bit of metal that was taken under police escort for scientific testing only to learn that it was jewelers’ scrap. Nothing extraordinary about it, except for the story that it was part of the spacecraft.

 Or the button found on the debris field that proved an Air Force connection of some kind. But it was clear that the button had been planted there for discovery by the researchers in Chasing UFOs. The Air Force didn’t exist (it would have been the Army) when the UFO allegedly crashed and the button was much too pristine. I had Air Force buttons that had not been outside in thirty years that were in worse shape because of simple neglect than this button that had been out in the weather for more than sixty years.

And now we have this rock with a strange carving on it that resembles the sort of symbols found in crop circles. In fact, Colin Andrews, one of the leading expects on crop circles said that it was an almost exact copy of a crop circle. Please note the qualifier here… almost an exact copy.

I suppose what we’re supposed to deduce here is that this rock had been in the spacecraft before the crash and that somehow it was ejected with no sign of the destruction of the craft, to be found, literally miles and miles from the crash site by a bow hunter. And while I have no doubt that the man is telling his story accurately, meaning he found the rock while bow hunting, the fact he was in New Mexico doesn’t mean that this rock had anything to do with the events of July 1947 and there is absolutely no way to connect it to 1947, just as they had been no way to connect any of these other items to the crash.

Here is where we slide off the rails completely. Colin Andrews was able to identify the crop circle and said that it was nearly a match for one created by Julian Richardson, which means it wasn’t alien in the beginning. It was a manmade crop circle and if the design on the rock was almost exactly like that of a manmade crop circle you have to ask, “What are the odds?”

We also saw, in a documentary about the Roswell Rock, an artist who creates designs by sandblasting the surface of rocks, duplicate, to a great degree the design on another rock. But he took only thirty minutes to do it and didn’t bother to polish it much at all. Had he taken more time, then he might have been able to match it to an even closer degree.

But the endgame seems to be the Roswell Alien Encounter Festival 98. According to some who were there, a company known as MLennuim Productions was selling rocks with crop circle designs on them, some looking quite a bit like the design on the Roswell Rock. This should be the last gasp of the alien nature of the Roswell Rock. Humans were making them and selling them in Roswell… so, I guess, it is legitimate to call it a Roswell Rock but it has nothing to do with alien visitation.

We can close another chapter on the Roswell UFO crash. Clearly the rock had nothing to do with it and had it not been found in central New Mexico, no one would have taken a second look at it. For those interested, a quick search of the Internet will provide other examples of these rocks. With all of this arrayed against the Roswell Rock, we have the answers we need… and it wasn’t necessary to devote an hour of TV time to the discussion. It should have taken five minutes, but then, what do you do with the other fifty-five minutes (minus the commercials)? 


Steve Sawyer said...

And, just to use this opportunity to paraphrase an apocryphal Freudian statement, "Sometimes a rock is just a rock."

No cigar.

Chuck Zukowski Alien Highway said...

And sometimes a rock is not just a rock. My sister Debbie and I were introduced to the Rock back in 2007 and spent the next year trying to debunk it and figure out what it was. In 2008 I released a Youtube video on the Roswell Rock Circle. What we orignially called it. In 2011 the following link talks about Colin Andrews work on it which I asked for. We contacted vendors and went through catalogs looking for a replica. I paid $100 to have one made which did not resemble the original. Check out the link and decide for yourself.
Chuck Zukowski

Ron said...

Didn't resemble it Chuck? If I did such a bad job of it I think you should send it back to me - I'll give you a refund.

Read "Replicating the Roswell Rock"

Lance said...

please see Ron's link above for an excellent exposure of the pure silliness and complete disingenuousness of Chuck Zukowski.

The best thing one can say about Chuck is that his site name offers a fair assessment of tits owner.


Lance said...

That's "its owner" above!

KRandle said...

All -

Without much effort you can find other examples of these sorts of artifacts. There is nothing extraordinary about them. This really is a "mystery" that has been solved.

albert said...

I believe it's 43 minutes for program material, so that leaves only 38 minutes of filler:)

I watched the show. It suffers from the same problems ALL of these shows have: half-vast analysis. The constituents of the rock were never determined (or, at least, not revealed). The magnetic 'analysis' was hardly rigorous (i.e. a joke), and the reproduction attempt really was a joke.

I long for the days when the Antiques Roadshow expert finally tells the owner: "This is a fake, and you wasted $1000 on something not worth $10".

Finally, it seems unlikely that an ET would carry around a stone talisman, unless it had magick powers. On the other hand, the Roswell Rock really does have some magic; it makes money for the 'reality' show producers, the network, and the participants.

Surely Robert Ridge got paid something for his efforts.

I gotta go...

Ron said...

My only issue is Chuck saying here that my rock didn't resemble the original. To his credit, I consider that he HAS actually conducted an investigation... I think that's great. I just disagree with several of his conclusions.

No two stone carvings are going to be identical, ANY sandblasted rock is going to possess characteristics unique only to itself. Regarding precision though, my replica had some better precision, and some worse precision, than the original Roswell Rock - it just depends on which parts you look at. Also, in regard to "spinning under a magnet", the video embedded toward the end of my article, clearly shows the rock I sent him rotating far better than the original, but this was dismissed also, on the premiss that mine was not a "loadstone".

OK. When I find and sandblast a loadstone, I'm sorry, I won't be sending it to anyone, I'll be keeping it.

albert said...

I don't understand this:

"..clearly shows the rock I sent him rotating far better than the original, but this was dismissed also, on the premiss that mine was not a "loadstone"..."

A loadstone should be more magnetic than an ordinary rock. Are they implying that your rock was a loadstone, and the original wasn't?

I gotta go...

Ron said...

The Roswell Rock is allegedly a loadstone with polarity etc.

Mine was not - just very attractable, I would guess with a high iron content, so no polarity, and no measurable magnetism of it's own.

Steve Sawyer said...
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Steve Sawyer said...

It's also much more commonly spelled "lodestone" rather than loadstone, although the latter is an acceptable spelling, also.


But, as an "artifact," I doubt very much it really has anything at all to do with the Roswell incident itself, and has no acceptable chain of custody or other provenance, which I suppose was Kevin's point in mentioning it in the first place. A kind of physical example of "caveat emptor."

It's just another alleged Roswell "artifact" that cannot really be connected empirically to any such supposed "UFO crash," even if that incident itself is or was as has been portrayed, i.e., ET-related. Which I also have my doubts about.

As for "tits owner," well... that's what she said?

D3F1ANT said...

I just don't get the hype. There's nothing to prove the rock was even found in New Mexico...let alone that it's connected with Roswell. Plus I saw some schlock-fest show with Giorgio Souvlaki and his troll hair "proving" that this stone couldn't be made by modern means (one of my all time favorite UFO hunter gambits).

Some jackass found a rock...carved a replica of a crop circle onto it...and now it's LORE!


albert said...


Magnets are manufactured by exposing magnetizable materials to a very strong magnetic field for a relatively short time (a 'pulse').

I wonder if your 'rock' could be magnetized in a similar manner. If I wanted a magnetic rock, that's what I would do :)

Then you'd have a 'Ron Rock', with a known provenance, and available on Amazon......Then, after your rock is 'analyzed', you can claim that YOU planted the Roswell Rock, and that there are many more out there, waiting to be found!

Shades of James Moseley :)

I gotta go...

Unknown said...

TV is for entertainment purposes, Im entertaining the idea that the rock was sandblasted and polished, the so called "experts" are paid actors because once again TV IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD!!! FFS who really believes this phoney bullsh!t anyway?

Unknown said...

Chuck, your logic is about as fake as the rock.

Unknown said...

What if the roswell rock is much more than just a rock...what if its a key to something? i thot of a key because of the intricate design to fit like a key and tumbler and the magnetic properties as another safety measure like a electronic bmw key. This would also explain the importance of the giant crop circle replica to try and find it.

Fred Dunneman said...

Yes I believe the same. That its a key. It makes sense.

Saggispeak said...

Everyone says here, "I gotta go!!" in the end..where, you gotta poop your brains out or something??
Debunking something doesnt get anyone anywhere.
No one here has debunked conclusively that the incident at Roswell was a fake..did it happen? Did it not??
No one knows..No one. The ones who do..will not speak nor tell..some strange kind of Code of Silence they all signed up for.
Rocks, artifacts, symbols, lodestones, sandblasting..all of this- and nothing that started it all.
There will be Conspiracy theorists and then then there will be naysayers and the actual scientific truth will be lost in this crap of nonsense. Everyone wants their 15 mins of fame - either defaming something or going for it.
Does ET exist? Do Aliens exist? There is no smoke without fire.
There IS something afoot which we have no clue about. Beating about the bush will yield Nothing..Nothing.
To those who seem satisfied debunking everything as a personal quest - know this - Even Galileo was hanged for blasphemy suggesting that the Sun was in the centre of the Solar System and not Earth. He was Debunked by the Church no less. And now, almost 500 years later- we know his discovery as the real truth.
So dont go on telling its all lies when the people who discover something perhaps cant explain in coherent logical manner what they have discovered - for the thing may be too great to be explained in just words, especially when its not supposedly from this world.
The Ancients were far better in accepting such things - and welcomed them in their lives.

We, the modern man, have evolved to be become so skeptical about everything that its a miracle we even sometimes disbelieve that we are alive.

I'd rather be a Mulder than Scully in this life..for I know the Truth is out there. Just need some faith to believe that..I think I would have it for sure.


Unknown said...

Why not just see the rock for what it is? If it's real that's fantastic. If it's not real then who cares

usual suspect said...

Hey saggi, I enjoyed reading your passionate retort, mainly because I sometimes ask myself how it must feel to be a "believer"? Thinking that all those sceptics are closed minded and ignorant while I myself have the ability and insight into the true goings on in the world! Yep, I'd love to feel like that!!
Unfortunately being open minded doesn't equate with being correct. And having the faith to believe actually leaves you open to being wrong more times than being right.
Let's not forget, having 'faith' is nothing more than believing something without 'proof'. Proof being the operative word!
I'm absolutely certain that many if not all of us skeptics would happily accept each and every far out claim if only there was a shred of actual proof or evidence. Without that, then the belief in fairies for example should be just as accepted as the belief in E.T.
Oh... you don't believe in fairies do you?
One more thing, the Ancients that were more open to believing stories like this is not a very good point. Ancients who thought lightening came from the Gods would have acceptedDavid Blaine was also a God.... They came from a place of ignorance.

Saggispeak said...

Dear Usual Suspect,(interesting you have chosen such a Pseudonym for yourself, are you that usual?).
I read your comment with interest, as I might of a person who is seeking the truth, makes it more of an idle enjoyable read.
Yes, the skeptics and the believers make this world, some have more going for them then others and then, some hit bad luck with facts and 'proof'. I often wonder when people talk of their family and father and mother and grandparents and perhaps a few more up the family tree. After a few branches and leaves, many cant identify or name their ancestors though some can speak of the origins where their name or title first appeared, but not the names of the people from whence they came.
Now, we all had ancestors,(that's for sure or else you & I wouldn't be here, alive) but we cant identify or name them. Would that mean that they never existed? Do we need proof/evidence that they did? Where they exactly lived, got married (or not) what they ate, drank, when they fell ill, died, etc. I'll be happy if they could, but if they didn't!! Well, that's so much about proof eh! Count me as a skeptic on that one. You a believer we had them ancestors? - awesome, great.
And I used to believe in fairies, as a kid. Many kids do, you didn't? Tooth Fairies, perhaps? Pretty UnUsual, if you gave a go-by to that phase..and Suspect.

There were Ancients and then there were Ancients. Some still believed in fairies till they began rotting in their graves. Some went on to search for greater truths and what made them happen. ]The reason, the logic, the belief, that they tread on -that made them quest for knowledge - That belief, the search - gave us Galileo (who btw was executed by none less than the Vatican, for heresy!!), Copernicus, Huygens, Kepler - who all propounded theories on what this world and Universe were like or what made it. Tjey believed in what they thought was right. And today, we study them, name space-probes after them.
So those who would claim Blaine as God, to just them, he might be. For all we know, Blaine may consider himself a God. Ask him.
Ignorance and its meaning and interpretation - has been ever-changing and subject of much introspection throughout the ages. What was waylaid as rubbish and ignored in the middle ages came true in the industrial age. What was ignored in the Industrial Age was brought to light in the Electronic Age.
Ask anyone in their 70's today if someone told them about Mobile phones & selfie sticks and Bluetooth and WiFi in the 1930's or 1940's - they would have probably laughed and thought you were stoned. Today, its a different story. Ignorance!!?? Hmm..I thought so.
As for me, I would still believe in Fairies, and Demons and Space vortexes and Aliens and UFO's - we very well may be the Galileo's of our age - its acceptable.
For those who still hanker and cry and tantrum after proof and evidence, please do. But then, tell me to the last name and all of them - your ancestors, from whence time began or have some belief that they did exist. I'd rather die with belief in something, then to die searching for proof that was right in front of your eyes - but never saw it.
There have been cases - where the people never saw the forest for the trees. It has happened.
People throw the baby with the bathwater- that has happened too.
Dont let that happen with your brains. Just a suggestion.
Live Long and Prosper.

usual suspect said...

Hello again Saggi. This is usual suspect but it might list me in with a different name as I'm on my partner's device.

I read you reply with some interest. I'm grateful for the response, although I did find some of it slightly confusing. Mainly your hypothetical comparison between the 'proof' of E.T and the lack of provable evidence for ones ancestors. It's a good try I suppose but imho it is just a straw man argument that bears no relation or furthers your point.

There is a whole plethora of evidence that shows unequivocally that we are descended from our ancestors. There's a whole scientific branch and systematic study regarding our knowledge and "proof " of the fact. Mainly evolution but many others too. DNA!?
That's why using the argument you did is not actually adding to the belief in ETs being anymore believable. Also, where's there is a scientific study one does not 'hanker' for proof. You let the evidence lead you and you put together the best theory you can using the knowledge you have at the time. Theories change and adapt over time as more evidence is found. As Galileo and the other scientists you named did.
There still isn't ANY evidence for aliens or Roswell rocks being factual. If you have any please allow me to see it.
A quick point regarding your words about asking any 70yr old about mobile phones, Bluetooth or wi-if etc. That is just simply advancement and our evolution. If someone was to tell me that in the future there will be teleport machines or robot far more intelligent than humans for example, I would happily believe the possibility but as I would be coming from a place of ignorance I wouldn't take it as fact until there was an actual teleport machine or advanced robot.
Finally you asked that ppl name their ancestors by name??? I don't understand the point you were making but on the a similar vein, can you give ANY details about other alien races or ANY facts about the Roswell rock's origin? Just because you can't that doesn't mean aliens don't exist it just means you are ignorant to the facts atm. This might change one day so until then, let's all agree that we'd all live aliens to be true but so far we have no proof or the slightest bit of testable evidence. Which is a shame I must say.
Nanno nanno!!

KRandle said...

All -

We have drifted far afield from the original topic. Let's see if we can get back to the original post here.

usual suspect said...

@KRandle… I don't agree we have drifted that far away from the original topic. Mainly the issue here is whether one believes in the RR as being of E.T origins or is a man made object. This requires discussion about ones opinion to which side of the fence you stand on. And more importantly, imho 'why' one believes what one does.

Of course, if you disagree, I urge you to post a reply which is closer to the OT, or whatever you perceive the OT to be.

Apologies if my post has had a detrimental effect on your enjoyment of the discussion.
Actually... I think we're NOW starting to drift slightly far afield from the OT. Oops!!

Unknown said...

If someone is reading this msg of mine the rock is a ilustration of two world similar but adjacent to one another if you will look at it in a different perspective.