Sunday, May 15, 2016

Where is Frank Warren?

Bob Koford made a statement not long ago that troubled me. He said that the March 25, 1948, date for the Aztec crash had been fixed by nearly everyone involved in the investigation. I seemed to remember that there was some question as to the real date and began to track this. I scanned Scully’s book but found no date. The same happened with J.P. Cahn’s article and in one written by Mike McClellan, I found February 13, 1948. But all this is not the point here.

Frank Warren, photograph by Frank
I thought that one of the best sources for this would be Frank Warren. He had an interest in the Aztec case and he and I had discussed it in a couple of email exchanges. Frank had been mentioned as one of the authors of Scott Ramey’s original book on Aztec, so I sent Frank an email. And have yet to hear back, which is strange because he rarely if ever let more than twenty-four hours pass before a response. This worried me slightly but not overly.

In the last few days I have noticed that his website, which was updated daily, has not been updated since April 19 of this year. I have had no communication with him in weeks, and he usually asks to reprint an article or two from this blog every month.

So, the question is, “Where is Frank Warren?”

Surely someone out there knows something about this. Is Frank ill? Taking a vacation from UFOs? Has other, more pressing matters that demand his attention?

If anyone has information, how about letting us know? If Frank is ill, I certainly wish him a speedy recovery. If it is something less dramatic, then I hope that he is able to resolve it quickly. If it is something more serious, I send whatever support that I can. But we need to know (and yes, I realize that we have no real “need to know” but it is my concern for him that inspired this).


Bob Koford said...


Although I don't have any information on Mr. Warren, I hope things are ok, and trust that it is not because something is wrong.

I also wanted you to know that it has become a high priority of mine to trace the true inception of the date of 25 March 1948 in relation to the Aztec story. As I mentioned previously, my own data originally pointed to 1949 as the proper time period -namely 4 April 1949. This also seems to match the early time period offered by Mr. Scully, himself (Spring of 1949).

Somewhere along the lines (published, seemingly since Steinman's book?) the date became the March 25, 1948 date. When I came across the information regarding the GSC's, and ADC's involvement with "Unconventional Aircraft", and how it seemed to coincide with the world-wide Air Defense alert, I was understandably excited.

Though this possible connection with the date March 1948 still seems significant to me, I am willing to do what it takes to clear this date up, more succinctly.


Tim Hebert said...

I asked the same on Rich Reynold's site. I sent an email to Frank, but no reply back. I'm a little concerned.

MrAnonymous said...

Might you know Mr. Warren's middle initial?

For what it's worth, his obituary's not listed with the Sacramento Bee.

Unknown said...

Frank Warren has not posted on his Facebook page since 19 April.

(I posted there a few days ago noting that he had been very quiet recently and commenting that I hoped he was well. I have not had any response from him).

TheDimov said...

I think somebody ought to get to his house or something.. he was posting almost every day until suddenly stopping on the 19th.

John Steiger said...

Hello. I myself have been wondering at the lack of updates on The UFO Chronicles website for some time. To that end I have just sent an email to Scott Ramsey -- Frank Warren was co-author of Mr. Ramsey's first Aztec book -- as to whether he has any news.
I will of course keep you apprised of any findings.

Unknown said...


Frank Warren had some health issues but will be back in a few weeks. He thanks everyone for their concern.

Many thanks,

Scott Ramsey

KRandle said...

Suzanne and Scott -

Thank you for the information. I hope his health issues are not too serious.

KRandle said...

All -

I now have heard from Frank myself, and he says he'll be up and running (well, maybe
walking) soon. That was good news and I look forward to Frank's return.

Steve Sawyer said...

It's been more than two weeks since the last comment here, by Kevin.

But, "The UFO Chronicles" website still has not been updated since April 19th.

Kevin, do you, or anybody else reading this, know what Frank Warren's current health status actually is?

KRandle said...

Steve -

Frank is at home and taking it easy. He'll return to the computer soon.

Randy said...

What was the final answer on Frank Warren? Is he still with us?