Thursday, April 20, 2017

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Chase Kloetzke

This week I talked with Chase Kloetzke, a MUFON member who was involved with their STAR Team and their Special Assignment Team, which are sort of quick reaction forces designed to get to the scene of a UFO event quickly. Although we talked a little about that, we eventually talked about one of her weird experiences as a field investigator and member of the SAT that took place in Tennessee. You can listen to the interview here:

Although there wasn’t much detail provided for the sighting, a google search did provide some additional interviews and information about the case. You can find that here:

But, as they say, it isn’t all rainbows and kittens. There are some negative comments out there as well. To be an informed person, you should take a look at one or two of them. The nastiest is here:

Given that there isn’t actually a corroborative witness that is named and that one of the investigators who was there said that she saw nothing on the ground, I wondered if what she glimpsed might have been a trick played by a very bright flashlight in a very dark field. This was why I mentioned the Chiles-Whitted case and some of the meteor videos that play on YouTube.

Next weeks' guest: Lance Moody
Topic: UFO Skepticism


TheUFOGuy said...

FYI, Second link is dead, third link requires subscription.

KRandle said...

Ben -

The second link worked for me just now. The third link, when I used it last week it hadn't required a subscription to learn about Chase.

Anonymous said...

The only other identified individual present, Alyson Burgess, did she confirm Chase's story? From what I gather the 'observing of a being' only occurred between Chase and the main witness with the flashlight. Is that correct? What about the other, visual evidence? Anyone else confirmed this part of the story?

Seems like it always the same, no corroboration and no real data. Out of 7(I think it was 7) people present, no one wanted to step up to the plate and solidify Chase's testimony? Equipment failure, too. Yep...
Sorry, all too convenient.

John Steiger said...

After listening to the radio program, did she run out of the cornfield due to fear (see Stephen Crane's THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE)? If so, I cannot hold this against her as running away in fright from an alien presence seems a natural reaction upon the part of anyone suddenly facing similar circumstances.

KRandle said...

John Steiger -

It was my impression that they were fleeing, stopped abruptly, and the flashlight caught something in its beam that she interpreted as a being... and she fled from that. Given what she said, given the extremely short duration of that observation, I am not sure what she might have seen and think it might be something created by the bright flashlight beam rather than something real... no, I haven't explained that well. Sort of an illusion created by the stress of the situation, the bright light in a very dark environment, and an image that wasn't exactly what she thought it was.

John Steiger said...

Dr. Randle - On listening to your radio interview of Ms. Kloetzke a second time (thank you for inspiring me) I note the following (paraphrasing throughout):

In the 19th minute Ms. Klotezke states that the "cornfield offers security."

In the 32nd minute, and from within the cornfield, Ms. Klotezke states that "fear hit her -- physical panic, absolute terror [and] she felt she was being watched."

In the 38th minute: Ms. Klotezke denies it was fear and claims not to know why she ran ...


Robert Goerman said...

Running away is not investigating. It is running away.

I would NEVER go "into the field" with this person. Ever.