Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Chasing Footnotes - The Coyne Edition

In an abbreviated version of chasing footnotes, I found some information that is relevant to the discussion about the Coyne helicopter case. I took a look at Richard Dolan’s UFOs and the National Seurity State. He wrote, on page 384 “When he [Coyne] tried
UH-1H helicopters in flight. Photo
copyright by Kevin Randle.
to confirm the existence of a craft out of Mansfield, his UHF and VHF frequencies went dead (Mansfield later confirmed there were no aircraft in the area).”

Dolan’s endnote, which included a couple of sources, mentioned Jennie Randles (no relation, please note the “S” at the end of her name), and her The UFO Conspiracy. On page 103, she wrote, “Mansfield later confirmed that they did not have any aircraft in the area.”

She didn’t use endnotes, but the whole, short chapter was devoted to the Coyne and she noted her information came from Flying Saucer Review, Volume 22, No. 4 (1976). I don’t have a copy of that magazine so that I couldn’t chase this any farther.

Jerry Clark covers the case in his UFO Encyclopedia but mentions nothing about Mansfield saying they had no traffic in the area.
Zeidman, in her MUFON Symposium presentation in 1989, mentioned nothing about there being no other traffic in the area.

What all this means here, simply, is that I’m currently at a dead end, but not at the end of the discussion. If someone has a copy of the Flying Saucer Review article, I’d appreciate knowing what it said. A copy would be better.

So, at the moment, I have Dolan quoting Randles who was quoting Zeidman. I have not found the Zeidman quote at this time, which means only, that I haven’t found the quote. The search goes on.


Lee Dines said...

In the Ufo Enigma (Sturrock,1999) Zeidman states on page 357 "In addition when Captain Coyne checked with the FAA, he could find no record of any aircraft in the area-and the last known F100 of the Mansfield Air National Guard landed at 10:47pm. Pages 358-359 discuss the possibility of a high performance aircraft, which is not considered a viable explanation.

William J. Grabowski said...

Hi Kevin. Here's a link to the FSR issue you're looking for. I was in high school in Solon, Ohio, when this event took place. Hope this helps!


Luis R. González said...

Hi, Kevin

If you reimnd me of your email address, I can sent you JPG of the FSR article, by Zeidman,

In any case, I quote verbatim:

Radio contact was established with the Mansfield tower, with the following conversation taking place:
"Mansfield tower, this is Army helicopter 15444..."
"Go ahead, one-five-triple-four..." the tower acknowledged
"Mansfield toer, do you have any high-performance aircraft in this area at 2500 feet?"
There was no response from the tower. The transmission was attempted several times, but to no avail. Then other nearby stations were tried, on both VHF and UHF channels, also without response. The radio equipment seemed to be functioning normally.


... Cruising altitude of 2500 feet m.s.l. was re-established. Radio contact was easily achieved with the Canton-Akron tower, a few miles to the east, and the flight continued uneventfully to Cleveland.


There is no mention of any later checkings with the FAA or similar.

KRandle said...

Reinaldo Manso -


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