Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Library Fairy: Coyne Edition

There is something that writers know about called the “Library Fairy.” We believe in it but know that it is not a real entity. It is just a serendipitous discovery of information that makes a story more real, provides insight into an event or answers a question that needed explanation. For me it happens frequently.

Sure, here is an example that does not relate to UFOs or the Coyne helicopter sighting. I was working on an action/adventure novel that had several scenes set at Khe Sanh but I didn’t know what it looked like. I could guess based on my experiences in Vietnam and figured that one such base would look pretty much like another. However, while I was looking at video tapes in a record store, I saw one about the Battle of Khe Sanh. It had all the visuals I would need so that I could describe the base accurately. The thing is, I rarely entered that now long-gone store and the tape was not prominently displayed but I did find it. The Library Fairy did her job.

How does this relate to UFOs in general and the Coyne helicopter case in particular? About ten days ago I was on 21st Century Radio’s Hieronimus & Co. show. You can listen to the show here:

They always send a nice gift box of books and magazines as a way of thanking the guests. One of the books was Paul Hill’s Unconventional
Another UFO with rad and green lights.
Flying Objects
. As I was thumbing through it, just taking a general look at it, I found an illustration that I thought interesting. On page 134, there was an illustration of a UFO seen by Anton Kukla and Audrey Lawrence in western Australia in November 1965. The details of the sighting weren’t all that important and not many were given anyway. It was the illustration that was important because of the red and green lights that were seen and their placement on the object.

You all can decide if this sighting and illustration are important to the discussion. I just thought I would mention it because of everything that has been said in the last couple weeks, especially about the color of lights on UFOs.


Larry said...

Amazing! Those C-130 refueling aircraft are everywhere!

purrlgurrl said...

You know, every time I come across a UFO account where the object in question had red and green lights (especially as depicted in the illustration), I can't help but think the object was a poorly seen or misidentified terrestrial aircraft. It's really hard not to be dismissive of such accounts. Just sayin . . .

Larry said...


Here is a pointer to a more complete description of the sighting:

Boy, those C-130 refueling aircraft sure get around!

Adam S. said...

Seems like the details are rather important though. For instance, if these lights are/were the common configuration on aircraft and were seen at night...then that suggests the couple just misidentifed an aircraft.

Unknown said...

Kevin, it is interesting how that diagram is a quite decent match to Larry Coyne’s more detailed sketch of the object he saw.

If I was on a covert operation in a flying craft of some sort, I might suggest that the craft should be configured to match the flying crafts driven by the locals. Putting red lights on the thing would be easy and simple. The lights would draw the attention of any “targeted witnesses”, ostensibly, while the same lights would probably be enough of a red herring to “prove” to the non-witnessing locals that it must have just been an airplane. Especially with green light added to the mix.

A covertly operated craft wouldn’t even have any reason to be illuminated. Possibly the “lights” commonly seen on some of these crafts are actually artifacts of their propulsion system (i.e. thermal or exhaust ports/ gravitational field ports/ etc). Other than that, the only other reason to even have lights while in the air would be for getting noticed while still maintaining a level of subterfuge, as mentioned above, or for scanning the scene, as was reported in the Coyne case with the green light. A bright light in a darkened sky is also a good way to blind witnesses from gleaning too many details of what they are seeing behind the light.

At any rate, lights always seem to muddy the situation for nighttime sightings, perhaps by design.

Good find Kevin!

Kevin G