Sunday, June 24, 2018

Curse of Oak Island - Season Six Guesses

As I was sitting around, waiting for summer to officially begin in a couple of hours, I realized that the Lagina boys would be back at Oak Island if there was really a plan for Season Six. I had noticed, at the end of Season Five, as they sat around in their war room, that Dan Blankenship didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic for another assault on the island and said that it wasn’t his money to spend. They also had laid out all the treasure they have found over the five seasons that looked somewhat impressive until you realized that most of it had been found on the surface and not buried deep in the ground. Some of it was completely irrelevant. In those five seasons they hadn’t found much of anything to support the idea of a treasure on the island.

I had said that Season Six might not happen because it seems they had exhausted nearly every possibility of a treasure and without some positive results, they might just chuck it in… unless, of course, the ratings suggested something else. High ratings might be producing a bit of a treasure for those involved with the show.Anyway, I queried a friend in Nova Scotia and asked him if History and the Laginas had returned to Oak Island because, if they were going to return, they should be there by now. Remember, last year they showed up in May and here we are in the middle of June. He told me, “I believe they’re gearing up for yet another season, although I haven’t seen any recent funding announcement from the government.”

I also learned that The Curse of Oak Island is History’s Number One program and that it is the top cable program in its Tuesday night time slot. I know that I was there each week, yelling at the TV because I couldn’t believe the conclusions there were drawing on the material they were finding. But even with those negatives, meaning not actually finding anything of value, the ratings would dictate another season and that seems to be a good guess now. There will be a new season.

Excavations at the Money Pit.
But remember the hype from the beginning of Season Five. They “found” the actual “money pit,” which meant they thought they had located the original hole, though it was hinted at something better and more exciting. And, each week we were left with something of a cliff hanger as they teased about important discoveries to be revealed later. For me, when the season ended, I was disappointed because they had not found the pot of gold (or vault full of gold, or whatever) but just some trinkets close to the surface that in and of themselves weren’t really valuable.

So now, maybe they’ll build that great coffer dam to find out what secrets are hidden on the beach that had been created with the coconut husks and that supposedly contained the drains that booby trapped the Money Pit. Maybe they’ll find the rest of the human bones that suggest two people had died on the island in the late 17th century. I don’t know what they really expect to find, other than high ratings and sponsor’s cash.

Yes, I’ll be watching each week and I expect to be disappointed each week, but on the bright side, I think they are solving the mystery of Oak Island. It’s just not the answer they had wanted.


TheDimov said...

They've come so far, they may as well make the 'definitive dig' of the island, so why not if the cash is forthcoming? And for me this is a dream come true, after having only read snippets over the decades of this fabulous, ancient mystery.

What bugs me most is how the original "teenagers" that discovered the pit weren't teenagers at all, and if there is one lie to sprout there are bound to be others. So the treasure is likely gone. But the bones, what the hell are they doing there? So we need another season, if only to unravel that mystery. :)

RedTornado2008 said...

According to IMDB there will be a season six. It is possible for it to be canceled, but the high ratings suggest otherwise.

Gal220 said...

Kevin it was them wasting their time, not us!

I am glad they got the money and resources from the ratings to get the heavy equipment for all those bore holes. Unfortunate they didnt find anything, hopefully they can let it go and move on.

Unknown said...

If you go to the Oak Island from the other side of the causeway. The woman who runs it has been posting photos of all the trucks and equipment being brought to the island. Also she posted pictures of them building a big coffer Dam in Smiths Cove. Its huge

TheDimov said...

I think its the best move if that's the case, Gary, that Smiths Cove is going to get a good looking into. Because there has always been conjecture over whether or not there really was a drainage system at all, so to solve that mystery I think would go a long way to solving the entire Money Pit mystery, so I think it would be a good way to go out, if indeed that's what happens.

I would imagine that the work the Laginas will do on the cove will be the most extensive, because (from what Ive read anyway) it hasn't thoroughly been excavated, or not as thoroughly as past excavation teams would have liked.

Unknown said...

Joe P. said...

I noted that you are originally from Iowa
My wife and I traveled recently to the Midwest- visited Lake Geneva WI, Galena Il and crossed the Mississippi to Dubuque, visited Effigy Mounds State Park and traveled north along the river to the bridge over to La Crosse Wi and...and subsequently to Madison WI.
Iowa Dept of Tourism should consider posting road signs to Effigy Mounds.... which is a hidden treasure.

freespirit59 said...

I just released a funny NEW music video about the Oak Island money pit complete with cheesy costumes, fake mustaches, a sea monster and a singing parrot. It's a bit frustrating that they've been digging up that island since 1795 and there are so many theories about who engineered the pit and what could be there my head is spinning. Time to find some humor in it, I say, and if you want a chuckle check out and even share this You Tube link. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I posted an answer for why they were finding things buried. I'm sorry but this island is what is called karts limestone it's a sinkhole island that has probably been taking things down for centuries what people do when they have a hole is they throw things in it to fill it curse solved. I have done sinkhole drilling and logging for years and have seen trees at. 90feet below the surface these guys and discovery are a bunch of idiots wasting money and really showing how people will believe anything that TV sells to them. Sorry guys please move on and discovery shame on you you have the resources to know better