Thursday, April 11, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Dr. Michael Masters and Time Traveling UFOs

This week I interviewed Dr. Michael Masters, who has published a book suggesting that UFOs are the result of time traveling humans, at least in part. He has
Dr. Michael Masters
purposed, based on the evidence gathered by UFO researchers and the US military, that the descriptions of the “aliens” is more in line with human evolution than with alien creatures. While he does concede that evolution on another world, in environments similar to Earth, might generate similar forms, the more likely explanation is that the beings that have been reported are evolved humans. That leads us to time travel. You can listen to the discussion here:

We do explore some of the anthropological evidence of earlier visitation and do examine the “Butterfly Effect.” This is, of course, the theory that Ray Bradbury purposed in a short story. Even the slightest change in the past could radically alter the future as the effects spread out like the waves formed when a rock is tossed into a pond. Time travel is a topic that presents all sorts of opportunity for wild thought. With Robert Charles Cornett, I wrote three science fiction novels that dealt with time travel beginning with Remember the Alamo!.

We also talked about his introduction into the world of UFOs, and how he began to develop his theory. Naturally, an hour seemed to be too short for us to get into the depth of his research and his theory. His book is Identified Flying Objects and can be found on all the normal platforms.

Next week, I’ll talk with Terry Lovelace, a retired attorney who will tell us about his lifetime of UFO experiences and abduction. In an interesting contrast, Lovelace will talk about the stigma he and his family faced because of his claims while Masters and his family weren’t ridiculed for their (his father’s actually) sighting. Two different experiences that tell us something about the history of UFOs.


Woody said...

Hay folks. I don't remember if I have expressed this here before, so a quick, succinct summary may be all that is needed: I see a danger in the process of reaching a rational conclusion whenever someone explains an unknown (UFOs) in terms of another unknown (time travel). What building blocks or evidence-based points can be reached ?
I'm keen to know what you think, Mr Randle.
All the best,


Moonman said...

Does anyone buy this "blocktime" business? Sort of like a "no need to worry about messing up the future" card. But then he goes on about needed to police time travel. This was very confusing. I think he was over his head in this domain.

I love Dr. Who but its for the characters and the story, not because it makes any sense physics or engineering wise.

We can now see why he has some information about space travel and physics, because he took some classes in it in college. Still, he did not get a degree in that area.

But he was contradictory in places. He said that the appearance of non-humanoid "aliens" indicates the time travelers have AI/robotic devices travelling with them to do stuff. But it does not seem to occur to him that the "time travelers" could ALL be AI/robotic devices appearing as they deem best for whatever inscrutable reason. Thus you don't need them to be "time travelers" to match some notion that they represent evolved humans doing anthropology. They can likely more easily be "space travelers". Occum's razor is applied oddly by him.

Also, he seems to use old school notions of space travel (you need to much energy, the distance is too far) to prohibit that possibility, but is quite open to the extreme far out technology of time travel.

Does he ignore that you need space travel to do time travel? I don't know, I will need to look at his book. But it is inconvenient to go 1 million years in the past and find that where you wanted to land had moved significantly based on Universe expansion, galaxy movement, solar system movement, planetary orbit and rotation.

He said that he thought there was a possibility that the time travelers were collecting DNA samples to reinvigorate the evolved human stock. The rationale was that there was not enough genetic diversity in humans in the future to have a healthy species. So, he is telling us that a society that somehow has developed the high "Time Lord" art of temporal translation hasn't quite mastered the medium art of genetic engineering? Heck, we are having problem controlling that today and, given recent developments, it seems unlikely to be controlled. So, these future humans will most likely have the ability to be as diverse as you can imagine. People worry about species dying off, but our ability to create new species will far outpace this loss in the near future.

Byron Weber said...

Interesting interview. It occurred to me that aliens visitors might actually be both time, as well as space travelers. Given that there have been 5 major extinction events, and many more minor extinction events on earth, the likelihood of another such event seems fairly certain. Suppose humans, with forewarning of such an event, seek refuge on another planet. Then, the only option to study humanity on earth in the future may require using both space and time travel. Regardless, I don't see Dr. Master's hypothesis any less likely than space travel. Both have mathematically proven solutions in our current understanding of standard physics.

Brian B said...

It’s no surprise that I was disappointed in this interview.

Masters seems like a smart guy who doesn’t use common sense (or modern physics) to explain his theory of “inter-temporal interaction”.

Despite claiming a “multi-disciplinary approach” in solving UFOs, he doesn’t use any references to known (and current) scientific information. He relies only on his anthropological education (and belief in scientific naturalism) to explain his theory. This he often supplements with out-dated and cherry-picked data points well outside current scientific thought.

Masters demonstrates little to zero knowledge of quantum physics and modern time travel theories by current scientific notables.

He also jumps all over the map when trying to rationalize his approach. He uses a myriad of conflicting responses and opposing viewpoints to weave together his conclusions.

For example, he states that “human craniums are getting bigger” — as in bigger brains like those of supposed aliens — when all of modern science tells us human brains are actually shrinking. This is referenced everywhere and is quite easy to find.

He goes on to state his theory is based on having observed the physical similarities between chimpanzees and the alien gray, yet even evolutionary science clearly points out that we did not “evolve” from the chimpanzee.

It’s as if someone without much knowledge on horticulture concluded that because an apple is red and somewhat round with a stem on the top then clearly it must be a direct descendant of the tomato!

He also concludes that UFO occupants “must come from earth” because of their “language mastery, nuclear war warnings, and concern over our environment”.


As Kevin pointed out, even contactees from decades ago claimed such nonsense, and that’s nothing new.

Masters also says he’s a “skeptic” and doesn’t rely on abduction data to make his conclusions, but then goes on to reference abductions that point toward his conclusions.


Masters points out that “UFOs operate covertly” when in truth they aren’t really covert at all. If they were, there would be no UFO phenomenon to observe!

As we know, UFO’s typically have flashing lights, lighted domes, and highly polished metallic surfaces — basically possessing all manner of things that make them deliberately visible to observers . It’s as if the occupants wanted to convey a specific message — “Hey look at us, were here!”. This is in direct conflict with Masters’ statements.

Logically, if you were to return to a time period in earth’s history to gather information you would likely return as just an observer — a silent and unseen observer —much in the way that zoologists study various species in their own environment. And yet UFOs don’t really do this.

He also claims that abductions are an expected form of biomedical research to gather paleontological or linguistic information on past human species. But this doesn’t jive well with the typical alien message about “coming from Zeta Reticula” or other planetary systems. Perhaps Masters has concluded these future humans are simply “lying” to cover their true nature.

From our own cultural research, we know that sociological information isn’t complied by abducting a person from their home in the middle of night and stripping them naked to probe their genitalia. That’s not how it’s done.

If seeking this information, why wouldn’t these time travelers simply go to a library, hack government servers, steal medical records, or obtain medical, scientific, and cultural artifacts to study us?

If they really wanted reproductive material to supplement a genetically weak human species, they could easily steal ova and sperm from clinical banks instead of abducting people in the middle of the night. And yet they don’t.

No, it seems to me that Dr. Masters’ has posited conclusions that are not only far fetched but poorly researched, lacking in both scientific fact and a common sense approach.

Moonman said...

@Brian B


Plus you raise some good points I had not considered.

Shouldn't there be a law or board or something about doctors/PhDs that become "erroneous"? Or do we just hope the public is smart enough to figure it out themselves? Or as most of the fringe TV shows state: "You decide", as if it is a beauty contest.