Wednesday, April 03, 2019

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Bryan Sentes

In this Special Edition of A Different Perspective, I spoke with Bryan Sentes, who is known for his poetry, but who has a great grasp of the world of the UFO. It was a free-wheeling discussion that began with us talking about Project Blue Book on History and moving on to the Great Airship of 1897, to some of the modern topics. You can listen to it here:

Bryan Sentes
We did touch on one problem that has worried me for years and which Bryan had also thought about, which is that Airship stories mirror the modern ear of UFO sightings. All aspect of the various facets of Ufology show up in the Airship tales of 1897. These include cattle mutilations, crash retrievals, alien abduction and generic sightings of craft flying overhead, seen by dozens.
You can find his website here:

One sad thing, however. The by-play between us between segments was lost. We delved into some other topics including the best of Game of Thrones. He thought that early episodes, that were based on George R.R. Martin’s books were better than later episodes in which the show runners had to base the story on, well, what Martin had told them would happen… but, as they say, “I digress…”

This show was fun from the very beginning, and I plan to bring him back in the future.

Contrary to what I said early in the last segment, next week (April 10) I will be talking with Dr. Michael Masters, who, if the emails are any indication, should be as much fun. We’ll talk about his book, Identified Flying Objects and his time travel theory.


RRRGroup said...

A splendid hour....

But you two fellows would make lousy revolutionists: soft-pedaling History Channel's Project Blue Book.

Nonetheless, a taste of all that is intriguing about UFOs and your Air Ship patter was particularly enlightening.


Bryan Sentes said...
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Bryan Sentes said...

@RRR Group: I DID say I was trying to channel my inner Rich Reynolds!

@ Interested parties: my poetic treatment of the Aurora Crash can be read here

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything enlightening about any of it to be honest.