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Midnight in the Desert

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Richard Currier said...

What is your opinion on Annie Jacobsen's claim that Albert O'Donnel was told that the Roswell occupants were Soviet-altered children? How does that even make any sense? Stalin sending a flying saucer in the hope that it would scare the living shit out of Americans??? Seriously?? That would've been like gifting an intact nuclear bomb to Stalin! Right ... I wonder how such a high profile EG&G engineer would fall for that.

Larry said...


I know your question was directed to Kevin, but I will throw in my 2 cents.

The Stalin-Mengele-Horton story doesn't make any sense, for a number of reasons. And, my reading of Annie Jacobsen's book does not say that Albert O'Donell "fell" for the story or believed it, only that he was TOLD the story by his employer. On the other hand, Annie seems to take it at face value, and never seems to consider the possibility that it was a cover story. I personally suspect that that's because if you think it was a cover story, then you would have to seriously consider just what it was covering.

Unknown said...

Larry ... At first I thought that, too. What better cover story than claiming it was the Russians? But he claims that the US surgically altered retarded children to look like aliens too. Yes, you heard right, engineers (and not doctors). Either Al' was fed some serious horseshit or is going off his rockers.

Unknown said...

Sorry, his name is Alfred ... not Albert. Anyways, I read a Las Vegas times article on him and he was responsible for setting up for the timers on about 200 nukes. In any case, he was not a high profile technician or engineer in 1951-- the time he claims he worked on the Roswell debris. Further, he was not skilled in propulsion systems nor aerospace engineering. It makes little sense why they would choose O'Donnel to work on the project.

Brian B said...

Just my own opinion on Annie Jacobsen’s story:

First, Soviets did attempt a “flying saucer” type aircraft but it was in the mid 1950’s (jet propelled) and only in blue prints. So it wasn’t around in the 1940’s and couldn’t have crashed in 1947.

Second, in 1947 Soviets did not have any conventional aircraft that could fly from central Russia to the US. That was their worry plus developing their own atomic weapons. One of their copied B-29 bombers would have just barely made it to Roswell (or Corona) with a reduced crew and with everything stripped out except the essentials. But it would have to take off from the farthest point East and have decent weather to make it. There was an airbase on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The jet stream would have helped them save fuel, however, one has to ask why send a bomber over the US disguised as a US B-29 when it never had a chance of returning home? Of course it’s not saucer shaped either.

Third, Joseph Mengele was hiding in Brazil at the time, and the Soviets were searching for him like everyone else. There’s no way he would have returned to Russia, which means the Soviet saucer would have come from South America. However altering children to look like aliens is far too complex for 1947 and there’s no evidence he did that or supported Soviet counterintelligence efforts against the US.

Fourth, Nazi aircraft engineers never designed a working flying saucer. There were attempts to design VTOL and saucer shaped jets and prop planes, but none of them ever got off the drawing table. Just blue prints and a few mock ups.

Fifth, historical notes tell us German rocket scientists were held captive in Russia to work on V1 and V2 concepts and this included the Keldysh suborbital rocket plane. But Stalin didn’t trust the Germans and he nixed the suborbital plane before the Roswell incident or soon after. It was never built because the technology wasn’t there.

Lastly, a remote controlled Soviet saucer could not be controlled from inside Russia given the distance. So if it had been a Soviet deception the craft would have had to take off from Mexico or from a ship in the Gulf. Possibly air dropped but again no record of Soviet planes getting close to US airspace in 1947. Maybe a captured WW2 Japanese submarine with float plane capability, but again there’s no evidence any such thing happened.

My gut says Jacobsen was told a bogus story because she seemed gullible, anxious to get a best seller published, or someone just didn’t like her style.