Friday, June 12, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Don Schmitt and I Discuss the Legacy of Len Stringfield

This week I reached out to Don Schmitt to do a two-part show on the research of Len Stringfield. Len was the man who revitalized the idea that there had been flying saucer crashes, moving that research from the lunatic fringe into the main stream of ufology. You can listen to the shows here:

We talked about the history of the idea that flying saucers crash and how it had
Don Schmitt
turned into something that almost all UFO researchers avoided for decades. Len began gathering the tales of UFO crashes and in 1978 presented a paper to the MUFON Symposium that included the first public reference to Jesse Marcel Sr. It should be noted that the Marcel story wasn’t included in the printed version of the Symposium Proceedings because Len received that information too late for inclusion.

We did talk about those who attempt to insert themselves into the Roswell events, and talked specifically about the Gerald Anderson tale of the crash on the Plains of San Agustin. I have published information about that on this blog in a couple of places. You can read them here:

And another example of Friedman altering the evidence to support his points of view that you can read about here:

There were some questions provided by listeners and we did address some of those, but one point we did make, several times, was the allegation that Len was a liar. The point was made, I believe, by someone who “knows” that there is no alien visitation and therefore Len must be a liar. But the truth was that Len was a focal point for those who believed there had been some sort of crash retrieval program.
Len Stringfield
He didn’t vet the information, but passed it on in the form of his status reports. He was hoping that someone else who had knowledge of the event, had participated in it, or who had investigated it would provide additional material so that we all could understand what had happened.

I think one of the best examples is that of Robert Willingham who claimed he had been an Air Force colonel who had been involved, in some fashion, with a crash retrieval. If you follow the information as published through the various volumes of Len’s Status Reports, you end up with a clear picture of Willingham’s veracity. I have explored it as well and you can read about it here:

And there is this posting that lists a number of other postings about Willingham for those who wish to get the entire picture:

Between Don and me, there was a great deal of information packed into the shows because we had worked with Len and he had been a great help to us during our research. It gives a new take on the work that Len did and the value that it has in the world today.

Next up is Calvin Parker of Pascagoula abduction fame. During my first interview with him last year, we learned more about his experiences. This time will get a little deeper into that information. As always, if you have questions, post them to the comments section… I don’t always put those questions up here but do get them asked during the show.


William Strathmann said...

Thanks for this double show on Len Stringfield, Kevin. It has helped me, in many ways, to get a better understanding of what was going on with LS, and with others associated with the UFO community in those days.

Zak MacKracken said...

Mr. Randle
Regarding the Del Rio crash you made a blog about Eric Davis comments. I think I figured out where Davis got the information.
In 1993 George Knapp and Brian Gresh traveled to Russia and he received some goverment files from a UFO-project called "Threat 3" ( he talked to an officer who was in charge of thread 3).
Knapp released only very little info about that project. It contained data about roswell and a second crash at the texas Mexico border 1950.

Knapp recently said that he showed Hal Puthoff the files and two other scientist which I believe Davis was one of. The "several dozens" files went in to the AAWASAP database, for which Davis did a consulting job.