Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson - Redux

The Devoid (Billy Cox), columnist at the Miami Herald, reignited the Admiral Thomas Wilson debate several days ago. Although it seemed that most of mainstream Ufology had realized that the story told by Dr. Eric Davis about his clandestine meeting with the Admiral was probably more hyperbole that truth, there are still those who believe the information is leading us to disclosure. You can read the article here:

I bring all this up because, a while back, Dr. Davis had suggested, on Coast-to-Coast, that the Del Rio UFO crash was real. That crash is based on the information of a single witness who had claimed to be a retired Air Force colonel, a former Air Force fighter pilot, and a veteran of the Korean War. I explored all this at length in a posting on this blog that you can read here:

Given that the Del Rio story is a hoax, and the lone witness to it has been less than honest about it, this does cast a shadow over the credibility of Dr. Davis. I mean, if he truly had inside information, he would have known the Del Rio crash
Dr. Eric Davis
was a hoax. I exposed it as such in 2010 in my book, Crash: When UFOs Fall from the Sky. I also gave a presentation at the MUFON Symposium in Denver about Willingham and why his tale should be rejected. This merely means that the information I uncovered was available long before Dr. Davis had his conversation with Admiral Wilson (which, BTW, Wilson has denied ever having taken place).

In the last few days, a number of people have been discussing this on the Internet, and I wouldn’t mention it but their experiences seem to match my own. As I said in the post, I had emailed Dr. Davis a couple of times, even asking George Knapp for some help in making contact, but never heard a word back from Davis. The excuse was that Dr. Davis was getting plenty of emails from all over the world and I certainly could understand his failure to reply to me.


I wasn’t the only one having that sort of problem. AndrĂ© Skondras told Philip Mantle had he had attempted to contact Dr. Davis but hadn’t heard back. Given that had been less than twenty-four hours after he had sent his email, that wasn’t all that surprising. Now, several days later, he still hasn’t had a response.

Don Schmitt
That’s not the end of it. Don Schmitt reported, “Tracy Torme had asked me to contact Davis after his failure when he and James Fox were shooting the forthcoming docu-film. He never responded to email or personal calls. Next, because Davis was listed at that time as a MUFON consultant, I asked Jan Harzan to make the same effort. Same result.

This was important because of Don’s efforts and the suggestion that MUFON Executive Director Jan Harzan was involved. While I fully understand Dr. Davis ignoring some of these requests, as a consultant to MUFON, you’d think that a response to the Executive Director would be forthcoming.

This has now taken a different path with a suggestion that we contact Admiral Wilson, who has repeatedly denied that he knew Davis and wouldn’t recognize him if he walked into the room. Since the Admiral has been contacted and responded a number of times, I don’t know what good it will do to bother him again. He’s not going to change his mind.

I’m reminded of the note Kent Jeffrey received from the late Colonel Robert Barrowclough, who, in 1947, was one of the senior officers at the Roswell Army Air Field. In that note dated June 15, 1997, Barrowclough wrote, “Thank you for the copy of the [MUFON] UFO Journal on the Roswell Myth. Maybe some of those crack pots will quit calling me up and say I’m covering up a deep gov’t secret.”

Even if Admiral Wilson did know something, he would be obligated to deny it if it was still classified. I’m not saying that he does, only that continued pestering of the man will not yield any positive results… especially since he is on the record, repeatedly, as saying he had no such discussion with Dr. Davis.

The key here is Dr. Davis, but it seems to be a key that is lost. Since Dr. Davis has proclaimed a well-known hoax (Del Rio) as being authentic, I fear that there is nothing more to learn from him. All we end up doing is chasing a claim that cannot be verified and it does nothing to advance our knowledge. It only diverts us from a path that could yield better results.


Bryan Sentes said...

John Greenewald proposes a bold but no less persuasive reading of the Davis / Wilson notes:

Jack Sarfatti said...

Strange silence from Eric Davis on these allegations.

sam said...

ufology is a field of charlatans and liars. Add to that modern snake oil salesmen and people who want to sell you a ticket about a ufo convention and you have an apt image.

No wonder since 1947 we are still in the dark

Joe said...

Hmmm, I never have any problems contacting Dr. Davis. Also received a quote from him on matters related to the Wilson/Davis document.

Part 3 is the Davis quote.

Philip Mantle said...

I had this comment dated 15 June from Hal Puthoff (via email):
Hi Phillip,

I have no reason to comment on the authenticity of a document that purports to describe classified USG programs to which I'm not privy.

Best regards,

Eric Davis added on the same day:

Hal speaks for me.



What can I say ?

KRandle said...

Bryan -

John's analysis in no way negates what I have said. I approached from the direction of the fake Del Rio crash and John approached from the direction of a movie script. John's analysis was quite interesting and suggests, as I did, that the meeting didn't take place.

Joe -

Well, you were certainly lucky. My emails went unanswered, as did those of the people I quoted.

Philip -

The response you received tells us nothing other that Hal Puthoff has no reason to comment... and then Eric saying that Hal speaks for me... I guess we have answers to emails but nothing of substance in them.

Jack Sarfatti said...


Jack Sarfatti said...

Eric Davis is probably not lying about his meeting with Wilson. Wilson has every motive to lie. That said, Eric, probably out of ego, is suppressing the real physics explaining how UFOs fly.

Bryan Sentes said...

Kevin, no negation intended! Mere supplementation.

SugarRayTaylor said...

It's worth remembering that Eric Davis also claimed that whilst "investigating" at Skinwalker ranch he was momentarily possessed by some kind of entity which proceeded to talk through him, telling the investigation team that "we are watching you, you're not welcome here". Might not be the most objective source.