Thursday, October 22, 2020

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Susan Swiatek


This week my guest was Susan Swiatek, the MUFON State Director for Virginia, a member of the MUFON Board, and a woman who has been around the UFO field for longer than she probably wishes to mention. We had an interesting discussion that covered many topics. You can listen to it here:

Susan Swiatek

We began talking about some of the problems with Stan Friedman’s Crash at Corona, including the rather dubious testimony of Gerald Anderson. Anderson’s credibility collapsed when he forged a telephone bill disputing the length of our first, and as it turned out, only conversation. He said that he had done it to make me look bad, but, of course, it had the opposite effect when I was able to prove it was a forgery. One of the first articles outlining the problem with Anderson can be see here (though the Anderson information is toward the end of the post):

There is more about Anderson and the tales he told, but that gives you the idea. I put an entire Appendix in Roswell in the 21st Century, outlining all this in great detail for those who wish to pursue it farther.

Special Colletion at UTA

Moving away from that part of the Roswell story, but continuing in that vein, we talked about the Ramey Memo, which has been a topic here on several occasions. I have even been to the Special Collections at the library at the University of Texas Arlington twice. You can read about this here:

And, we did talk about the Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base incident in which it was alleged that an alien creature had been killed during an encounter there. Susan provided some insight to the event because of her friendship with George Filer, who was assigned to the base at the time. We both had read the book written by Filer that included the incident in it. I wrote a review of the book and you can read it here:

Finally, we talked about one of the UFO sightings in Virginia that she investigated recently. As usual, there was much more that we could have talked about, but time just slipped away.


John Steiger said...

What a wonderfully positive, wide-ranging discussion of many various and interesting UFO topics you have presented us with here -- all in one interview!

Thank you very much for having the truly engaging Susan Swiatek on your program.

RedTornado2008 said...

Excellent interview as always. One thing that sticks out for me in the Ramey Memo is not the words victim or viewing but the term 'the wreck'. Why did they use that term to describe debris if that's what was left? Wreck tends to mean wreck as in car wreck or train wreck. Then again that's my two cents.

Sue Swiatek said...

In reference to RedTornado's comments, I too always felt the word choice of "wreck" was odd for an aviation crash, human or otherwise. Ah, another Roswell mystery...