Thursday, July 22, 2021

X-Zone Broadcast Network - Rob Swiatek and MUFON

This week’s guest was Rob Swiatek, a member of MUFON’s board of directors and someone who has been interested in UFOs for decades. He has participated in some very interesting investigations. You can listen to the show here:

Rob Swiatek

The first thing I asked was about was the state of MUFON since there had been some trouble in the last year or so. The headquarters was moved from Santa Monica to Cincinnati and apparently the move was only completed just days ago.

I also asked about the MUFON Journal. I have noticed that it is not quite as robust as it once had been. Sure, there are UFO reports, but they aren’t examined in depth. Rather, there are just the bare bones of the sightings. The Journal reminded me of a popular magazine rather than a journal. In the past, there had been comprehensive articles about important UFO sightings but that seems to have given way to interviews with members, and the promotion of the organization. True, they must move forward with the times, but the real point is that they seem to be appealing to an audience that isn’t there rather than to the one that is.

We did talk about the MADAR system that Fran Ridge is running. I have talked about this in the past and I think it’s a very good idea. Sort of a proactive way to conduct research rather than waiting for someone to see a UFO and then report it. While the system has been up and running for a while, it hasn’t produced a mass of sightings, but it has proven the concept. You can read about the MADAR system here with embedded links to additional information:

Finally, we talked about abductions and the attempts to validate these sorts of reports. A project had been designed to gather evidence electronically, but seems to have produced little in the way of evidence. The problem wasn’t a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the participants, but a lack of funding. Too often it is forgotten that those involved in the research are not paid for it. They volunteer their time and their money but so much more needs to be done.

I was worried that the results of the abduction study would be negated because there was no control group. I wondered if that might lead to a problem with the research. The other problem was that they didn’t have the equipment to monitor a large number of people. Over time, I believe, there were only thirteen participants. Nothing has been done there in about two decades.

Next week, I’ll talk with Robert Scheaffer about his UFO research. He approaches it from the skeptical side of the fence, but then he is reasonable about it. 


Joeschmoe said...

Relocating from Santa Monica, CA to Cincinatti is probably a financial endeavor to cut costs, though most work is probably accomplished from remote locations.The scientists like Robert Powell et al, left the organization probably recognizing the political undertones and recognising that some board members were on power trips. The self promotion bit may be based on outsourcing to consultants to improve the name brand..Didnt we read on here that the former MUFON Director is under indictment for other matters unrelated to the UAP topic?? I don't think that many with an interest in the phenomena like me,rely on MUFON for news updates..Then again, what do I know

John Steiger said...

Kevin: If Robert Sheaffer is indeed "reasonable" about UFO inquiry as you state, then please have him detail those UFO events that he finds contain any merit. I doubt there will be many ... if any at all.

I have two of Mr. Sheaffer's books -- Bad UFOs and Psychic Vibrations -- and from my perception they are both biased against UFO studies.

KRandle said...

John -

I have had many conversations with Robert and found him to be reasonable in our discussions. Of course his books are biased because he is making an argument from his perspective... just as the books from our side of the fence are biased... This doesn't mean that we can't engage in intelligent and rational discussion, which is the whole point of the program. If you have a question for Robert, let me know.

KRandle said...

Joeschmoe -

The move was that the executive director no longer resided in Santa Monica but was now located in Cincinnati. The other facts are irrelevant to the move from one location to the other, though I suspect that the move cut some of the expenses that were common to the California location.