Thursday, September 16, 2021

Coast to Coast - MADAR Detections

 As I have mentioned before, the MADAR system is built around the theory that some UFOs emit a strong magnetic field and other forms of radiation that can be detected by specifically designed equipment. As I have said, not all UFOs seem to have these strong fields, but some do. With that theory in mind, the MADAR network was created to detect these UFOs and provide record data collected by these various sensors and detectors.

Just this last week, on Tuesday, September 8, the MADAR Node operator in Goshen, Kentucky, sighted a triangular-shaped object that had three white lights on it with a single, flashing red light in the center. The UFO was flying at five to seven thousand feet, traveling from the northeast to the southwest. Although it stayed on a basically straight line, it did make some minor maneuvers. The sighting was not near any Air Force base or government facility.

According to the information supplied by Fran Ridge, a nearby MADAR Node did not activate because there had not been an indication of a strong electromagnetic field. However, the compass heading had gone beyond the normal variations. The MADAR did not activate because the sensor was tracking at one-minute intervals rather than one second. The compass variation, however, was significant.

A check of local flight operations and radar showed nothing in the area at the time of the sighting. This sighting, along with the strange readings for the compass deviation caused a resetting of the sensors that documented the passing of the UFO.

This latest sighting does bring up the theory that there are more reports of triangular-shaped UFOs in the world today. Some of that might be due to the testing of modern fighter and military aircraft that have a more triangular shape to them. These somewhat unconventional but terrestrial aircraft might be part of the reason for the rise in triangular UFO reports.

A triangular UFO.

I will note however, that if we look back at the history of triangular-shaped UFOs, we find that they have been reported from the very beginning of the modern UFO era. The National Institute for the Discovery of Science has cataloged triangle sightings and recently reported, “The United States is currently experiencing a wave of flying triangle sightings that may have intensified in the 1990s.”

They continued, saying that the flying triangles are being openly deployed over cities and along Interstate Highways which is a significant change.

NIDS reported that there seemed to be no attempt to hide them, and that an early correlation between triangular craft sightings and Air Force bases may be modified because of that inconsistency in the new data. There are two camps suggesting that the triangles are a new human-made craft while others suspect they are not. The NIDS findings are not consistent with the previous introduction of triangular-shaped terrestrial craft, meaning that the testing was done when and where there was little chance of observation. They picked isolated areas and flew at night. That is no longer the case.

Colm Kelleher, NIDS Administrator, said that triangles were flying in the open, with no attempt to hide. He told that this was not consistent with the testing of earlier craft. He said, “This is open, even brazen.”

NIDS has created a database of nearly 400 recent sightings of what he called triangular/boomerang/wedge-shaped objects that are brightly lighted, flying at low altitude and surprisingly slow speeds. You can read that whole article, written by Leonard David, here:

A quick survey of the sightings at the National UFO Reporting Center website showed that in September until the 7th, there are been 5 triangle reports out of 21 sightings, and in August about 10 percent of the sightings were of triangles.

Underscoring some of the NIDS data is a sighting made on September 4, in Bowie, MD. The witness said, “[I] looked out my door window… Noticed unusually bright light in the distance just above the tree line. [The] object was very far off, almost appeared to be a planet or other star, but noticed the object ‘floating’ around, moving slightly in a non-rhythmic or patterned way… Object appeared to be triangular in shape.”

The witness did say that he took photographs and video. He said the object dimmed and brightened multiple times. He did say that using the Skyview app that it appeared the object was Bunda, a star in the Aquarius Constellation but that the movement and brightness didn’t seem to bear out this solution.

Another of these sightings was one from Johnson City, Tennessee on September 3 of this year. The witness reported, “I was sitting at the stoplight… and directly across… I saw a triangle craft with three lights on it, one on top and two on the bottom… It was high above the tree line. Within a matter of seconds, it was below the tree line. It moved straight down and there was no sound.”

Both of these sightings seem to bear out the NIDS assessment that the triangular craft are often seen close to the ground and are not moving rapidly. In a sighting from Port Washington, Wisconsin in 1998 is another example of these findings. A woman said that a huge object, she said “monstrosity” appeared as if it was an alien ship “uncloaking”. It was no more than 500 feet up and was, based on her “crude mathematics” about 200 feet wide and 250 feet long.

This is, of course, an interesting development. I have no explanation for this and note that the research is continuing.

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Are the specifications for these MADARs available to the general public? And, who designed them?