Friday, September 10, 2021

Coast to Coast - Longer Duration Sightings


I decided to look at longer duration sightings because a number of experts have suggested that any sighting that lasted less than a minute probably didn’t provide enough time for the observer to get a good look at the object. For that reason, I have only selected sightings tonight that lasted longer than minute and that have a description of an object rather than just a light in the sky.

On August 18 of this year, in Midland, Texas, two people were traveling through a pouring rain when lightning flashed revealing an oval-shaped light that blinded them. The witnesses reported that two 18-wheelers passed between them and the light, which had turned a bluish-gray but still bright. The witness said that the UFO just vanished and that the rain suddenly stopped. The witness asked her friend what she had seen which was the same as that of the main witness. The object was in sight for one to two minutes… and yes, I did think about ball lightning as the explanation here.

On the fifteenth of August, in Staten Island, New York, the witness said, “I spotted a huge UFO with no lights on it, tilted slightly upwards and there was no sound. I have video footage of two objects. First is large orb that was very bright, then of a cigar-shaped craft that was about a block long.” The witness said that the object did not have the required FAA lights and there was no sound. The witness did take video footage. The object was in sight of about two minutes.

On that same day, the witness in Bethlehem, PA, watched a bright silver object that was high in the sky. According to the witness, “I was in the parking lot of the casino… looking east. There was a construction crane to my east. When I first saw the object, it was framed in the vertical and horizontal portions of the crane.

“The object appeared to be very high in the sky. It was moving slowly. It was very bright silver. It appeared mostly round but was so small that it was hard to tell. Since there was a crane in the video I made, it may add some perspective. I took a 50 second video with my cell phone.”

On Friday, August 6, 2021, we learn of a witness who was standing on the tennis courts at La Costa resort in Carlsbad, CA. According to the report, “When I looked up at the sky, I saw something... At first, I thought it was a balloon high up, but then thought maybe it was a blimp. It was too high to be a balloon, but changing shapes, so... I pointed it out to my tennis partner. After we watched it for several seconds, we pointed it out to the other 2 women on the court. We then told the [another] 4 women [on the court] next to us about it. The 8 of us watched it for 2-3 minutes. At one point there was a 2nd object in the sky close by. It was changing shape, like a cloud of smoke. One lady said it was "like a jelly fish" which I thought was a good analogy. After 2-3 minutes, they both disappeared into the clouds to the northwest, over the water.”

This is an interesting report because there were multiple witnesses and the sighting lasted for several minutes which tends to remove a number of mundane explanations.

Then, on September 2, the witness, in Newport Beach, CA.  took a video of a strange white object. The video was quite lengthy. It appears that the object is either hovering or moving slowly. The witness zoomed in on the object. One of the explanations offered was that this was Venus, which can be seen in the daytime, but the object in the video seems to be too bright for that. According to one astronomer, it is difficult to see Venus against the bright sky. You can see the video here courtesy of the William Puckett and the here:

Astronomers say that Venus can be seen in the day, but it is difficult to find without
knowing where to look. This doesn't seem to be Venus.

The longest of the reports, lasting over three hours, took place on August 4 near Port Townsend, WA. The witness reported that the event took place in three parts. According to the report:

1. At roughly 10pm on Wednesday, August 4, I was gazing outside my bedside window as I listened to a book on tape. I stargaze often & I keep a pair of small binoculars on my nightstand to see deeper into the night sky. I noticed what appeared to be a satellite crossing my field of vision. Watching the light, it began to curve in an upward direction, circled back counterclockwise, & then settled motionless in the sky, seemingly appearing as just another star.

I immediately grabbed my binoculars for a closer look. Inspecting the light/object, it shined in a manner that the nearby stars did not. The light seemed to curve & as I looked at it, I noted that it "twisted" its light in a very peculiar fashion. It was as if a dark serpentine tether was flailing around the object.

I watched it remain stationary for another few minutes with no further light anomalies. I resigned that it was simply a drone & that, perhaps, police or military were testing out their technologies in the air space just offshore as they often do.

2. This is where things get weird.

Approximately 5-15 minutes after I observed this object in the night sky, I was again sitting on my bed, listening to the book on tape, with only my nightstand quartz lamp lighting my room.

Suddenly, I had a strong intuition that something was about to happen. It was a feeling similar to the onset of deja vu. This feeling was followed by my room being LIT UP with a gridwork of white shining light. Imagine 10 strobe lights going off at once, but contained to a very geometrical grid that roughly spanned a 10' x 10' space across my bedroom. The grid FLASHED twice & vanished.

I was completely stunned. Not necessarily in shock, but just stunned. These were not car lights. This was not like anything I've ever laid eyes on in my life. Yet my initial instinct was not in fear, but curiosity.

I removed my headphones & again it happened, maybe 10-15 seconds after the initial flash. Except this time I noticed a small ball of light (roughly the size of your fist) tumble through the closed window on the far corner of the room prior to my bedroom again FLASHING with this same grid pattern of pulsing light, again two times, but in a slightly different location of my room. This time I additionally noticed three peculiar elements: 1) the air briefly "sizzled," 2) the pattern of the grid was aesthetically fashioned, as though I was looking at a holographic projection of an ancient temple, & 3) this light wasn't exactly light.

Within the span of those second two pulses, the "light" appeared to slide & gather against the wall ABOVE the window through which the ball of light came tumbling through. It was almost as if this brightness was more of a substance than a light.

I then entered something of an altered state of consciousness (markedly different from the initial deja vu feeling), although this too was very brief. I can't exactly pinpoint the sensation, but there was a certain heaviness, like gravity got a little thicker for that moment, & my ears slightly popped, as though I was surfacing from deep water.

After the moment passed, it felt like all the air came flooding back into my room & I was left with this highly uncanny feeling & a deep silence. I couldn't explain what happened & I didn't know how to feel about it. I am certain I did not experience a seizure or any sort of otherwise momentary mental health break.

3. That same night I had a dream, or what I perceived to be a dream, that was also particularly unusual.

I saw multiple UFO crafts outside my same bedside window. From high above in the night sky, I watched them trickle down in a motion that resembled falling leaves. I recall 5 crafts in total: 2 hovering & 3 falling in this tumbling, spiraling leaf pattern. They were all a slate blue grey in color, isosceles triangular in shape, with rounded grooves at the bottom of the crafts. There were pale yellow circular lights adorning their frames.

Why I say I perceived this to be a dream is because I woke up looking outside the window. I was standing up with my hands gripping the windowsill & my head leaning in for a better view. As I came to a fully waking state, I seemed to shake out of this dream trance & laid back down in my bed. I checked the time on my phone & it was shortly after 3am.

This is the report as it was made to the National UFO Reporting Center. It is a somewhat interesting tale that moves us a little beyond the standard UFO sighting. Although I find these stories to be a little bit wild, I do believe that it helps to report on some of them simply because it might trigger a thought or a memory in someone else. I will note that not all UFO reports are of alien spacecraft and do have a terrestrial explanation. By examining those reports, we might learn a little more about the world around us.


ilfakiro said...

I decided to look at longer duration sightings because a number of experts have suggested that any sighting that lasted less than a minute probably didn’t provide enough time for the observer to get a good look at the object.
Can you please cite these experts and the studies performed? thanks.

KRandle said...

ilfakire -

Seems that it would be self evident that a sighting that lasted only a few seconds would not provide sufficient time for detailed observations...

However, take a long at the early writings by Jacques Vallee, and Allan Hendry discussed this in his UFO writings.