Monday, October 09, 2023

Jacques Vallee, Trinity and New Information


Jacques Vallee has been heard from again defending the nonsensical story of a UFO crash near San Antonio, New Mexico in 1945. According to Douglas Dean Johnson, that defense was published briefly on Paola Harris’ website. You can learn more about this here:

As I noted here a few months ago, I had communicated with Dr. Vallee about an interview of Reme Baca conducted and recorded by Tom Carey. In a cordial email, Vallee suggested that the fact that Baca wanted to make some money off his experience was no different than all of us who research, investigate and write about UFOs. You can read some of that analysis here:

And I would certainly grant that point. There are many of us out there who have made money off our research in magazine articles, books and even movies. I often joke about what I call my SAGA scholarship. SAGA magazine published the UFO Report in the 1970s and I was able to sell them enough articles that it basically paid my college tuition. I will note that I had other income streams as well but that’s a story for another time.

I emailed Dr. Vallee that I wasn’t all that interested in Baca’s financial motivation, but in the major changes in the story related to Carey and the story as told to Harris and Dr. Vallee. I asked specific questions about it. I suspect that there was no good answer to any of those questions because I heard nothing more about it.

Tom Carey

I did interview Dr. Vallee and Paola Harris on my radio show/podcast when their book was first published. You can listen to that interview here:

Douglas Johnson, at his website, published a series of articles exposing the contradictions and outright lies being told about this alleged event. I believe that anyone who reads those articles dispassionately will realize that there had been no crash near San Antonio, not in 1945 as now claimed or in 1947 as originally suggested.

The real fear here is that those in the government who are suddenly interested in UFOs, I mean UAP, will take this alleged event seriously because of Dr. Vallee’s reputation. They will not bother to dig any deeper than the book and an interview with Dr. Vallee. They won’t access Douglas Johnson’s website because they don’t know who he is even if they know about the website. They won’t be aware of the major contradictions and the outright lies told by the witnesses about this case.

Instead, when they finally learn the truth, they will then assume that all stories of UFOs and UAP are some sort of terrestrial phenomena if not just lies. They will only remember that this case, cited by a respected scientist has now been found to be a hoax, and they will assume, by extension, other cases fall into the same category.

If this case is one endorsed by David Grusch and some of those other witnesses alleged to have testified in front of Congressional committees or representatives of the various intelligence organizations, it will suggest that much of the other sightings cited will be similarly explained.

If I was a paranoid person, and if I didn’t know the best way to seal an intelligence leak is to pump bad information into that leak to discredit it, I would suggest we’re seeing some of that here. Of course, the intelligence community didn’t have to investigate the bad information. They had Reme Baca’s story as a starting point. Shove in the discredited 1933 Italian UFO crash and many people will just nod and say, “I knew it.”

Now add the Aurora, Texas crash of 1897, and a very strong case can be made that these sorts of stories are the result of active imaginations and hoaxes told for personal gain, and whole investigations collapse. I mention Aurora only because it figures in the Vallee/Paola book, Trinity. I investigated the case before it became famous back when I lived in Texas. You can read the results of that investigation here:

As I say, I’m worried that those conducting the government investigations will accept what Dr. Vallee says without critical comment. When they learn the truth about the “Trinity” UFO crash, they’ll begin to reject all other, similar data because of the poor investigation of Trinity. They will assume that all research is equally flawed. And they will use this when describing their work to the public.

Yes, I have seen this before. Nearly everyone scoffed at the Project Mogul explanation for the Roswell debris when it was first pushed in the mid-1990s. Now, in our world, we see that solution trotted out without any critical comment, even when the documentation proves that Mogul wasn’t the answer.

I am interested in what others think about this analysis and what they believe about the Trinity UFO crash, given the information available today.


William G. Pullin said...

Hoax. Plain and simple, Trinity and Aurora.

starman said...

I think Trinity is a pure invention. Someone I argued with recently in the paracast (Wingfield?) thinks it was a crashed aircraft with chimps on board, but there's no real evidence for that.

Sky70 said...

The Trinity UFO crash probably did not happen because it had no PR/media attention until recently. Forget its details, no one is listening or reading about it anyway, it's no Roswell. I've been interested in the UFO field for many years but NEVER heard about that crash till that book came out. It seems to me that the more PR/media attention is given on a particular UFO crash, it becomes more probable that it happened! Then people begin to believe it happened, rather it happened or not!

edward said...

Kevin, All,
"Jacques Vallee has been heard from again defending the nonsensical story of a UFO crash near San Antonio, New Mexico in 1945." According to Douglas Dean Johnson it was all a hoax and fraud and on the surface, it appears to be that. But it is not!
It is a SNAFU. The subject is the "Alien Autopsy" and not Trinity. The crash site they describe is the crash site the camera-man leads us to. You are making a mistake by continuing your disparagement of the AA without even examining the basic facts.
I would think that you would like to know the truth.

George Kanakaris said...

Jacques Vallee, the fall of an icon. Case closed.

KRandle said...

Ed -

I am tired of you complaint that I haven't, and others haven't examine the basic facts. I am astonished that you refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence that the AA is a hoax. It seems that no amount of evidence will ever convince you of the truth. This is the last time I will post a comment by you referring to the AA.


I believe Vallee is a man of character and understands UFO phenomena very far ahead of others. He is a scientist, and a credible man.