Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Blogger's Note

Blogger's note: Yes, I have derelict in posting here recently. Some of you know what a catastrophe year this has been... and it has not gotten much better. I have been diagnosed with cancer. It is not particularly aggressive and quite treatable, or I have been told. I am trying to kept up with my various commitments, but find my time taken up with other concerns here.

I have been publishing this blog for many years and have found it to be fun, for the most part. I'll try  to keep up with what is going on in the world of the UFO, I mean UAP, but sometimes I find it less exciting than it was.

So, if I'm slow in getting back to you, or answering some of the questions posted to the comments, I hope you'll understand. Life just gets in the way.

In the coming year, I hope to do a better job in adding to the information published here.

Oh, and one final comment that isn't related to the above. No, Project Mogul does not answer the questions about what fell at Roswell... just had to say that because I can't believe the number of smart people who have fallen for that nonsense. And I probably should say, that doesn't mean what fell was an alien spacecraft, only that we have eliminated all the terrestrial answer for the moment.  


William G. Pullin said...

I am very, very sorry to hear about your condition. I know the past year has been tough for you and yours. Please know that you are in my thoughts, if you need anything, please feel free to reach out, even if only to talk. All the best my friend!

Philip Mantle said...

Take care Kevin and if I can help with anything just ask.

Bryan Sentes said...

Kevin, very sorry to hear of the diagnosis. As someone who is in a similiar situation, I wish you heart, forebearance, and what good humour and cheer you can muster in the face of all this.

TheDimov said...

Thank you for all your great work Kevin but ever most importantly take care of yourself and hopefully you will overcome this temporary scare, looking forward to hearing you had a full recovery!

jeff thompson said...

All the best to you Kevin. I know you will beat the cancer.

Unknown said...

Keep our chin up - and thank you for all the great work.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear that, Kevin. Best of luck with your treatments. --George

Al said...


Sending you all best thoughts. Please do what you need to do to get well. Thank you for all of the work you have done and the clarity you have provided on the UAP-UFO topic.
Best regards,

map any slide said...

Get well soon, Kevin. Horrible to think of missing you when I do not even know you. I feel like I only just found your blog much too recently, having missed on most of your earlier writings, but I found them here, so anybody can find them here.
I too noticed that the current inquiry into U.A.P. is less fun to watch than the decades long study of UFOs was. Something happened to suck the fun and wonder out of the most exciting and wonderful topic real or imagined. As I learned from you, that was the stated goal of the Robertson Panel, to make the public lose interest. They did the impossible, making the most amazing topic boring. I feel like it happened in 2022 with that snooze-fest of a congressional hearing and the renaming of the Pentagon's anomaly office or whatever. The idea of living beings from the distant reaches of this vast universe possibly existing and visiting Earth should evoke feelings of awe and wonder as well as humility, not just dreadful xenophobic fear of invasion, but somehow that most wonderful idea has become a punchline for the media's crude attempts at jokes.
I noticed something peculiar about popular media's parallel discussions on UFOs/U.A.P. and the search for intelligent life in the universe. Popular authors seem willing to consider anything but the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis to explain UFOs/U.A.P., and popular skeptical scientific media personalities seem unwilling to consider UFOs/U.A.P. as potential evidence of Extraterrestrial visitation. The Fermi Paradox originated in a conversation about sightings of "flying saucers" reported in newspapers during the early 1950's.
Now, we have authors telling us UFOs are piloted by angels, demons, faeries, genies, pagan gods, Nazis, and/or time travelers from various futures and sometimes fabulous fictional pasts resembling Theosophy's visions of Atlantis. Believe it or not, in this time of telescopes and space agencies, there are people who say they do not believe outer space really exists, saying all the lights of the night sky are all an illusion. Makes me sad. Hundreds of extra-solar planets have been detected by astronomers, but no convincing evidence has been provided to prove the existence of the extra dimensions favored by theoretical physicists and that rumor repeating whistle-blower from the Air Force.
The NASA panel from earlier this year looked promising since NASA has tools to detect things coming from outer space, and NASA's mission includes seeking out "strange new life forms and new civilizations", but turned out to be another snooze-fest. Then, we had journalists interview a whistle-blower who told us rumors we were already told by others decades ago, but he said the phenomena's origins were in other dimensions, whatever that means. The second congressional hearing on U.A.P was surreal, but still another boring snooze-fest. The witnesses had already told their stories to news outlets. Not to be outdone, Mexico's congress had two hearings too featuring a famous media figure with a known history of exploiting mummified remains. All this gives me bad feelings.
I eagerly listen to your weekly UFO reports on the radio every weekend. That particular program had a significant role in shaping public perceptions of phenomena over the decades. I worry it gave a platform to some who made a mess of fringe topics full of hoaxes, scams, and cults that set back attempts to study phenomena.
Thanks for all you have done to provide facts and clarity to a wonderfully strange topic too often lacking both!

Marauder said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Van Dorn said...

Take time to take care of yourself and I really hope you will get better.

James A. Scott said...

As a cancer survivor myself (colorectal) I'm wishing you the best of luck. I'm eager to hear more about what's going on with UFOs/UAPs, particularly with the release of Garrett Graff's book, which I think is a kind of a dud. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

Lance said...


You know that I value our friendship. Mogul CERTAINLY could account for what became the Roswell incident.

The entire disagreement we have is over the meaning of a few words (which absolutely have ambiguous uses and examples that negate each of our arguments).

But I am more than willing to admit that I could be wrong. And I suspect that you (unlike many UFO zealots) are able to do the same.

I hope that we can talk soon. I very much enjoy our conversations. And I wish you only the best against what have been some very trying and sad circumstances.

Much fondness,


Capt Steve said...

Take care of yourself first, Kevin; we can always wait for a blog posting.

Louis Nicholson said...

I'll keep you in my prayers Kevin. I have an idea of what you are going through. I was diagnosed with cancer in July myself.

Paul Young said...

I get it, that Jim and Coral Lorenzen would be protective of their files (they worked extremely hard gathering the data for so many years)...but it's sad that their children found it necessary to keep the files under wraps for decades.

Fendrich said...

Thanks for the update Dr. Randle, wishing a strong recovery for you and (maybe just maybe) the new year bearing the gift of actual nuts and bolts.

John Steiger said...

Lance: I am glad that you value your friendship with Kevin. That said, your assertion that "Mogul CERTAINLY could account for what became the Roswell incident" is preposterous.

It is preposterous because there were two crash sites -- one at Foster Ranch in Lincoln County and the other north of Roswell in Chaves County -- thirty or more miles apart. One Mogul balloon cannot account for the debris at these two separate sites.

It is preposterous because a Mogul balloon could not cause the gouge on the Foster Ranch debris field.

It is preposterous because multiple witnesses (Marcel, Marcel Jr., Brazel, Jr., Rickett, Rowe, etc.) that handled the debris material obtained from both sites refute the claim that such debris was composed of Mogul balloon material.

I could go on with further examples, but these suffice to quash your assertion.

Louis Nicholson: I am very sorry to learn of your cancer. Fight it ... fight it and never give in. I wish you Godspeed in your recovery.

starman said...

@John Steiger:

Couldn't agree more about MOGUL but your refutations are based on old witness testimony, often second hand. The best refutation may be the documentation cited repeatedly by Kevin over the years. As Crary's diary shows, MOGUL Flight #4--the one supposedly responsible for the mess on the Foster ranch--never even flew. It was cancelled.
Btw, I don't think we need AI to sort out the UFO enigma for us.

John Steiger said...

starman: For the record ALL the witnesses I referenced above are firsthand witnesses to the Roswell debris. And while witness testimony may be old, the age of the testimony itself does not reflect on its truth or falsity.

That said, thank you for referencing the Crary diary as another example.

Lastly, I agree with you that we MAY not need AI to sort out the UFO enigma. However, if it is available, why not avail ourselves of it? After all, we don't need to perform all our math calculations by longhand now do we?

starman said...

@John Steiger: What first hand testimony do we have for the crash site nearer to Roswell (impact site instead of debris field)? I don't think we ever heard directly from Dan Dwyer just his daughter. Ragsdale, Kaufmann and maybe Haut claimed to be first hand witnesses but there are credibility issues. I'm not disputing the reality of the site just whether accepted testimony is first hand.

KRandle said...

starman -

Let me say that there are no credibility issues with Ragsdale or Kaufmann. It's clear that both were making it up. The best of the firsthand witnesses are the military personnel who were assigned to the base in 1947... Men who had firsthand knowledge.

John Steiger said...

starman: Lewis (Bill) Rickett provided firsthand statements re: his trip to the impact site. A summary is available in my book The UFO Trilogy in The Roswell Trial play on pp. 29-32 (encompassing endnotes 99 thru 115) of the softcover edition. The endnote references provide further support.

starman said...


Yes, that's what I meant by "credibility issues." I'm aware you rejected their testimony.