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Blanchard, Lytle and Roswell

Before we start, let me say this. I have known Robert Hastings for nearly twenty years and I have always been impressed with his integrity and his intellect. I knew Chester Lytle for a long time. He was a man of impressive credentials who had no reason to embellish his position and suggest UFO knowledge if he had none. In other words, talking about flying saucers wouldn’t have done him much good and certainly could have hurt him.

Now both of these men come together in Hastings’ UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites. Hastings had the opportunity to interview Lytle on a number of occasions and Lytle shared an interesting story about the Roswell UFO crash. I will note that Hastings had shared this information with me prior to the publication of his book, so I have known about it for some time, but he asked that I say nothing until his book was available.

According to Hastings, he was interviewing Lytle about his involvement with atomic energy and what he might know about UFO sightings near nuclear plants or facilities. Hastings said that with no prompting from him, Lytle moved on to the Roswell crash and told Hastings that William Blanchard (seen here), who had command of the 509th Bomb Group in Roswell at the time of the crash confirmed the alien nature of the event.

Lytle told Hastings that in February 1953, with Blanchard now a general officer, they were in Alaska while Lytle’s wife was in Chicago about to give birth. Lytle was desperate to get home and Blanchard said that they could take an Air Force aircraft to Illinois, land at one of the bases close to Chicago and Lytle could get home from there.

While on the flight, somehow the subject of UFOs came up, maybe because of a couple of sightings at Elmendorf Air Force Base near Anchorage sometime earlier. Blanchard then told Lytle that an alien craft had crashed near Roswell. According to Hastings, Blanchard told Lytle that four bodies had been recovered.

Surprised by this, Hastings asked Lytle, "Blanchard actually told you that the Roswell object was an alien spacecraft."

Lytle said, "Oh, absolutely."

In break with the traditional story, Blanchard said that some of the bodies had gone originally to Muroc Army Air Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), but that they all wound up at Wright Field.

Now, granted, this is second-hand testimony about what Blanchard said, but there is no reason for Lytle to invent it, and it is quite clear that Lytle held many clearances and had been trusted with the secrets of the Manhattan Project. He was a credible man who would not have made up the story.

Of course, it fails on one point and that is that we can’t verify it with either Lytle or Blanchard. Both men are dead. The documentation that exists is quite limited and subject to various interpretations. At this point, this is an anecdote that provides a bit of insight into the crash... and it is the first time that Blanchard, through Lytle, put gave us a number of bodies. Blanchard, according to Lytle, said, "Four."

So what do we do? Add this to the list of stories about the UFO crash at Roswell and continue the search. Look for some additional corroboration but note that we had some reliable information that puts Blanchard in the center of this, just where he would have been as the commanding officer at the Roswell Army Air Field in July 1947.

For those interested in more of what Robert Hastings has reported, you can only order UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites at


Mac said...

Good stuff. I admire your tenacity, especially in the face of the witless hostility from a certain unnamed person in Europe.

Mr. ? said...
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Mr. ? said...

If the claims are true, then its hard to imagine why the newspapers havent been racing to verify if the story is true. However, if the claims are true then it is a startling claim about the "conspiracy theories" surrounding the infamous Roswell UFO Incident.

TruthBKnown said...

I had the fortune of speaking with Chester W Lytle in 2004. We had two separate (2 hour) conversations over the phone. (I called him by accident, as a lead for a sales company I worked for at the time. The lead had information from a previous salesperson who'd written on it "was part of something called The Manhattan Project??")

One of my questions was about his security clearance, and if it covered Area 51. He replied that he had FULL clearance, and YES there were ET vehicles being reverse-engineered. When I asked him if there were pictures of any REAL ETs, Mr. Lytle conveyed to me that there certainly was COLOR movie film of Eisenhower and himself MEETING one of the ETs.

He explained to me that "they cannot survive here for more than a couple of years. Their body works on photosynthesis, and cannot survive here for too long. The ET (named "E.B.") learned to speak English, and was kept until he died, a couple of years later.

Mr Lytle was 94 when we spoke. His speech was slurred, and slow. He apologized for speaking very slowly, and let me know that it was caused by radiation from over 2000 tests for the firing mechanism for the first Atomic bomb.

During the Cuban missile crisis, Mr. Lytle received a phone call in the middle of the night from "the young president who was killed." (I knew he meant Kennedy, but when I asked him,"you mean Kennedy?" his affirmation was again "the young president who was killed".) He mentioned ALL the other presidents by name. Anyway...he said,"The young president who was killed, called me in the middle of the night, and gave me to keys to the vehicle. The Russians had fired a LIVE device that was currently on the ocean floor a couple of miles off of Florida, and we had to go take care of it."
I'm guessing he meant the vehicle was a submarine, and "special" people were alerted to make sure it was real, and dismantle it.

I asked him if he had any idea who killed Kennedy. He said, "We had a good idea who did it, but we could never get them."

He knew EVERY president (personally) from FDR to G.W. Bush. BTW: He also told me that Barbara Bush was ALSO a CIA agent, and they always thought it was funny that nobody ever thought to ask.

He was the builder of the tower/antenna on top of the Empire State Building. He built many satellites, and held several hundred patents on many inventions.

He told me that he'd once been called to help MOVE the Washington Monument BACK to it's original position, after a small plane hit it, and MOVED it 10 feet. For whatever reason, the US didn't want people to know about it. Interesting.

All-in-all, these were the most interesting conversations I've ever had. He was the most interesting individual that I've ever spoken to.

He was adamant that "The young people should KNOW that we are NOT alone! They've been lied to all of these years."

Unknown said...
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KRandle said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Uh huh... sure he did.... my grandfather would never make up stuff like that even at 94

KRandle said...

Before I changed the way comments are accepted here, I was often unaware that someone had made a comment on a post that was years old. Such is the case with that made by TruthBknown. In the world today, I would not have allowed this to be posted because I knew Chester Lytle for a decade or more, and none of these things were ever said or hinted to... besides, some of them fly in the face of logic, not to mention what a 94-year-old man might have said to questions that were misunderstood. Or, in other words, I do not believe this but leave it up as an illustration of some of the nonsense that circulates inside the UFO community.

Unknown said...

Thank you. The only truth in any of those statements is the antennas on top of the Empire state building and the fact that he knew every president from Eisenhower to Bush the rest is hogwash. Also, my grandfather never would have divulged sensitive info to someone he had never met over the phone when called for a sales call. NEVER! I'm his grandchild and half this stuff I wasn't privy to till he passed away so I know he wouldn't have shared with a complete stranger, the risks were to high to him and our family.

Unknown said...

Additionally, he passed away at 91 so unless you spoke to him from the grave there is no way in hell you talked to him when he was 94. Also by 2004 he was quite sick and having a 2 hour long conversations would have been next to impossible for him let alone two of them. Please do our family a favor and do not spread any further lies about my grandfather. Thank you!!

KRandle said...

Samantha -

My first inclination was to remove the post because the information is inaccurate at best and a complete falsehood at worst. However, given the Internet and how these things work, I want people to see what was claimed about Chet and what the truth is. There will be those who refuse to believe that what you say is accurate, but I believe the majority will see this latest discussion and realize that the information provided by TruthBKLnown is no good. At least we have the opposite side out there.

Unknown said...

Thank you as I somewhat think removing it would just add to his validity in the minds of those who don't know my family or my grandfather.

Unknown said...

I knew Chet Lytle Sr, and had an interesting conversation, in 1990 at a company Christmas party. We struck up a different kind of conversation. My father worked for many presidents as well, Project Blue Book, and was at Roswell, and I asked a question about Roswell, and the fact my father died at age 40, did he think it possible that the Alien Factor, was true, and people die, who saw? He said he knew exactly what happened, but could not divulge what he knew. I begged, and said I was trying to solve the mystery, surrounding, my dads death. He visited a highly classified military installation, and didnt come home. Back to Mr. Lytle he said, things happen, trust your thinking...BLESS HIS HEART. ♥️ I LIKE AND RESPECTED HIM ALOT.