Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Great Roswell Debate

As some of you know, I had been scheduled to debate the merits of the Roswell UFO crash case with one of the most vocal opponents. The debate, arranged by Rob McConnell of X-Zone Radio (see his website was to take place on Thursday, August 28, but about two hours before the start, my adversary bailed with a lame excuse about terrorism. Unilaterally, he postponed the debate to December 7. Neither Rob McConnell nor I agreed to this change and it will not happen.

I make note of this here in case some of you may wonder why there was no debate (and others probably couldn't care less). He failed to appear, video taping some ridiculous excuse, in daylight hours, which means he planned to jump long before he notified McConnell. This is just another in the many strange tales that have come from him.

I will also note that he has a habit of bullying people, making claims that are soon disproved, and then attempts to hide the evidence of his failures. He changes the information to suit his purposes, has no ethical standards, and threatens those who disagree with him with lawsuits and worse.

I plan no further dealings with the man until he issues the apologies required for this bad behavior and several dozen other outrageous claims and mistakes he has made. For those who care to learn more about him, see


Joseph Capp said...

I agree, the guys a moron not even worth debating because any one who listen to him is a lost cause.
He claimed Stephenville was trump up by Joiner and other towns people for tourist business. He ask them to come on his radio show and they didn't even bother answering him. So he called them all names. I made a comment I don't know even if he let go up. I'm 65 so my time on earth is limited, I could not, in good conscious, waste another second on his site to find out if he did.

What a fool.
Joe Capp
UFO Media Matter

Mike Smith said...

Don't forget though, just as you don't want to be judged by the craziest and most extreme UFO believers--nor should you be--not all skeptics are created equal either.

Maybe you could debate Curtis Peebles or Benson Saler instead.