Monday, May 23, 2011

Annie Jacobsen, Area 51 and UFOs

Okay, let’s see if I have this straight. In 1947, the officers and men of the 509th Bomb Group found the remains of a crashed flying saucer. They took parts of it to Fort Worth where Brigadier General Roger Ramey and one of his weather officers, Warrant Officer Irving Newton (seen here), identified it was a common weather balloon and radar reflector.

The press, which had been very interested, suddenly couldn’t care less and didn’t ask how the highly trained officers of the only nuclear strike force in the world at the time could make such a stupid mistake. They didn’t wonder if the men with their fingers on the triggers might not be as trustworthy as everyone hoped. No, they bought the story and went on their way.

Then Jesse Marcel Sr., who had been the air intelligence officer in 1947, began to tell ham radio friends that he had picked up the pieces of a flying saucer in 1947. Articles were written, followed by a book, but the Main Stream Media (hereafter MSM), yawned because they knew that there were no flying saucers The Air Force had said so.

Interest in the Roswell crash built anyway and move articles and books were written. Television documentaries were made, many times without unnamed sources, but the actual people appearing on camera to tell their tales. MSM yawned because these were crazy old men and women whose memories were playing tricks on them. Besides, there were no flying saucers because the Air Force said so.

But suddenly there was real interest and a New Mexico congressman began to ask questions about the Roswell UFO crash. He wanted an investigation into this. The MSM paid attention because Steven Schiff was a real congressman and that made the story credible... though why escapes me... which is not so say that I didn’t find Schiff credible.

The Air Force investigated, issued a final report, and found that what fell at Roswell was a... weather balloon. Oh, no longer was it just a regular weather balloon, it was Project Mogul, so highly classified that not even the scientists working on it knew the name. This became the accepted truth because the Air Force said so.

Of course Project Mogul (balloon launch seen here) was just regular weather balloons and rawin radar reflectors, just like the tens of thousands that had been launched all over the country for years and there was no reason to be fooled by them even if they were tied together in long arrays. Project Mogul turned out not to be so highly classified... just the ultimate purpose was. But the MSM bought the story because there were no flying saucers. The Air Force said so.

No one in the MSM bothered to ask a couple of simple questions like, “If you’re investigating a UFO crash in New Mexico, why didn’t you interview the more of the men who were there at the time? Why just Sheridan Cavitt? Why not Brigadier General Arthur Exon? Why not Patrick Saunders? Why five men who worked on Project Mogul, some of whom weren’t even in New Mexico in 1947?

No one in the MSM thought about that.

“But what about the bodies?” someone, not a member of the MSM, asked.

The Air Force came out with a second final report to explain the bodies. These were anthropomorphic dummies dropped during high altitude parachute and balloon tests in the 1950s. Never mind that the earliest any were dropped near Roswell was 1957 and that the dummies looked exactly like what they were. This is the solution and the MSM believed this nonsense because the Air Force said so.

Then my friend (at least I think of him as a friend) Nick Redfern (seen here) said, “Not so fast.” He had uncovered information that suggested the recovery at Roswell was really the end result of experiments using deformed Japanese and some kind of experimental craft. At least this provided a reason for the cover up... not some kind of secret balloons.

Not many accepted this and the Air Force remained silent. I think they had learned their lesson. Don’t get involved in these crazy flying saucer stories. Leave it to the kooks, which is not to say that Nick is a kook.

But Redfern was wrong about this and we know because a “journalist” meaning a person with ties to the MSM has said that the Roswell crash was the result of a collaboration between Joseph Mengele and Josef Stalin using stolen Horten Brothers “flying wing” type aircraft to give it an alien appearance. Never mind that the Air Force had access to the Horten Brothers designs after the collapse of Nazi Germany and should have recognized the craft if that is what it was.

But the MSM media listens to this because Annie Jacobsen, who is a contributing editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine said that she interviewed a guy, who remains nameless and he said so. Deformed children the result of the horrific “experiments” of Mengele in some kind of Horten Brothers flying wing for the extraterrestrial flavor. Stalin thought this “War of the Worlds” scenario would create public panic, though I’m at a loss to understand what he would have gained by this.

Did anyone ever notice that the Nazis and Stalin were enemies? Did anyone notice that Mengele had fled to South America and was no longer any sort of important person in 1947?

Enough of this latest nonsense. I do not understand why the MSM will listen to this sort of uncorroborated crap, but will ignore the information provided by the men and women who were there. Clearly the MSM does not have a grasp of history, they don’t know that we, meaning the Roswell researchers looked at the Horten Brothers aircraft designs(seen here) (and that we know the flying wing is inherently unstable and didn’t work well until computers could compensate for the tendency of the craft to flip) and we looked at many alternative explanations.

We can stop now because we have the answer... Stalin, Mengele, deformed children and a bizarre attempt to create a panic in the US is responsible for the crash... But when the Air Force buried the story, why didn’t Stalin pull a few strings at his end to interest the MSM? Why’d he let it die?

And for those interested, I have said for years that the big secret at Area 51 was that it was where the next generation of military aircraft were tested. It has nothing to do with UFOs... but the MSM isn’t interested in that opinion either.


Frank Stalter said...

Somebody sent the author to get the left-handed monkey wrench.

cda said...

Have the mainstream media really taken Annie Jacobsen seriously? I am not aware of this. Have they given her dotty ideas any more credence than Nick Redfern's book of 5 years ago? Yes, you are right: it is crap (with capital letters).

But don't get too carried away. Arthur Exon was not at Roswell in 1947, and there are doubts about Cavitt's presence too. And this radio ham pal of Jesse Marcel. Just when did Marcel start talking about it to him? And did Marcel ever think the 'thing' was an ET craft until a certain nuclear physicist got at him?

And you have not yet laid your hands on one single iota of hard evidence that anything intelligently piloted from beyond planet earth landed in the desert near Roswell (which site was it?) in 1947, or at any other time. Even after over 6 decades. Get to it Kevin. Time is running out. Actually it has long run out, but you can still disprove me if you are VERY lucky.

By the way, wasn't Josef Mengele the guy who wanted to turn the Nazis into a 'purer than pure' perfect human race? I wonder what he would have said had he lived to read all about those aliens interbreeding with us humans!

David Rudiak said...

I don't know Kevin--makes sense to me. Maybe you're just sore that you've been scooped by some crash-dummy working for the MSM.

I fail to see why you don't get the logic of the following scenario:
1. Stalin somehow finds and works with Mengele, 10000 miles away, hiding in South America.
2. In a space of only 2 years or less, Mengele manufactures "genetically engineered" 13-year-olds to resemble "aliens", no doubt grown in test-tubes in his advanced Nazi superman laboratory in Argentina.
3. In the meantime, the Russians somehow perfect the Horten flying wing for this propaganda plan and never used it again.
4. Somehow Mengele gets his genetically engineered children over to Russia.
5. The Russians, with no real long-range air projection capability at the time, somehow get the flying wing with child crew flying over the U.S., totally undetected no less.
6. They somehow manage to time this to exactly coincide with large numbers of UFO sightings over the U.S., starting with Kenneth Arnold.
7. To maximize the shock value to the U.S. population, they crash their "alien spaceship" in the middle of nowhere, instead of someplace like New York City.
8. Large numbers of Roswell witnesses later describe remarkable, highly anomalous debris that the Russians never used again. Nobody at Roswell can figure out that the thing is Russian, including the "hieroglyphics", even though part of Jacobsen's story is that there was Cyrillic writing in the craft.
9. The Roswell body descriptions do not match that of deformed, mutant, genetically-engineered, whatever humans, which look like--well, humans, and easily proven as human with such simple things as X-rays and blood tests.
10. Rather than exploit this huge propaganda coup, literally dropped in their laps, of Stalin using children in hideous experiments, the U.S. powers-that-be decide to permanently bury the whole episode, only to linger in the distant memory of one unnamed source claiming to have witnessed the craft and a still-living survivor at Area 51.

Yep, it all makes perfect sense when you examine the story carefully.

David Rudiak said...

cda naively wrote:
Have the mainstream media really taken Annie Jacobsen seriously? I am not aware of this. Have they given her dotty ideas any more credence than Nick Redfern's book of 5 years ago? Yes, you are right: it is crap (with capital letters).

As usual, cda seems a little out of touch. Nick Redfern's book was discussed by the UFOites, but never by the MSM in the U.S. Jacobsen, however, has been all over the MSM talkshow circuit in the U.S. in a media blitz: NPR radio, Jon Stewart show, FOX News, CNBC, the story also picked up by some major newspapers. Nobody in the MSM has yet seriously challenged her on her idiotic Roswell story, nor many other of her stupid, inaccurate "facts" about the Nevada Test Site area.

U.S. secretly carried out many, many above-ground tests at the Nevada Test Site, she is shocked to discover? Hardly. I grew up in Las Vegas, and the tests were always announced. You could see the flashes of the A-bombs on the horizon, sometimes even feel them. I still have vivid memories of one of the radioactive pink clouds drifting over Vegas. They certainly lied about the dangers of above-ground testing, but not about the tests. Total hogwash. Where has this lady been?

Area 51 never officially acknowledged. False. Area 51 getting its name from when the Roswell craft moved there in 1951? Just another numbered area of the Test Site region, along with many others, and as far as anybody knows, testing of the U-2 didn't begin there until 1955, when the base was first developed.

Underground tests at Area 51? False. Completely different area. Astronauts training in the underground test craters because the geology was the same as the moon? More bunk.

The Oxcart/A12/SR-71 Blackbird only recently declassified and made public? False. Pres. Johnson was leaking information on this clear back in 1964. The CIA designing the aircraft? False. Developed and designed by Lockhead, then picked up as a spy plane by the CIA.

The nuclear rocket engines tested there leaking massive quantities of radiation? False. Stan Friedman, in particular, would know about that. The nuclear rocket tests were secret? False. I read about them in the local newspapers when I was a kid, along with the A-bomb tests.

Ironically, Annie Jacobsen resembles Sarah Palin and seems every bit as ignorant as Palin, a real airhead. Her book is a mish-mash of junk with facts that have been public knowledge for many years, which she hypes into her own personal top-secret discoveries. Unfortunately, she also seems to be laughing all the way to the bank, since her book is currently around #1 over on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Trash sells, I guess.

cda said...


You had a very low response to your last blog. It looks as if things have hotted up a bit on this one. I even agree with DR! (well, over about 95% of what he wrote anyway).

There has been no mention of Anne Jacobsen's book in the UK. Nobody seems to have heard of it or cares one iota about it.

David Rudiak said...

cda wrote:
"I even agree with DR! (well, over about 95% of what he wrote anyway)."

I guess that means hell has finally frozen over (or at least 95% of it).

KRandle said...


Exon flew over the crash site in 1947 which puts him in a place to have seen something important. He was also in communication with those who were conducting the research in 1947... his contribution would have been valuable to a legitimate investigations.

Jesse Marcel was in communication with other ham radio operators in 1978. One of those was the station manager of a Louisiana TV station where Stan Friedman did an interview. The station manager mentioned that Stan might want to talk to Marcel who had found a flying saucer... in 1978 flying saucer clearly meant alien spacecraft. Stan did not introduce the concept to Marcal... Marcel had already made the connection.

Erich Kuersten said...

It's ridiculous and hilarious but no more so than some late inning last gasp by the Flat Earth society of old. The concept we were just one orb in billlions was hard to grasp a few centuries ago, and the thought we've been visited since the dawn of time and still are is even harder, especially when no one wants us to know, on either side. The Air Force can leak disinformation as well as anyone and the fact that this is their THIRD or FOURTH version of the story shows that mainstream mediae still will stretch believablity to the breaking point rather than admit the obvious - an obvious as spooky as waking up from a dream as a king to find yourself locked up in a stockyard awaiting your master's slaughterhouse. Go back to sleep, children! It was just Magical Mengele and the Stalin balloon!

edithkeeler said...

Back to Kevin's original post about how the government and MSM deal with the UFO subject. I read an article yesterday about the history of tornado reporting. Apparently, prior to around 1950, the word tornado could not even be used in on-air weather reports because it was thought that it could incite public panic. It was not until around this time, that meteorologists were finally able to recognize and track specific weather conditions that can produce tornadoes, which eventually led to the tornado watch. Previously, it was assumed that tornadoes were completely unpredictable, so the government did not permit the MSM to even mention them unless one had already occurred. As silly as this seems today, there is something about it that seems strangely familiar. It is almost the same approach that the government has used to deal with the UFO phenomenon, except that their protocol on this subject continues to this day. They cannot predict when or where UFO’s will appear, nor can they assess the relative threat, if any, that UFOs could pose, so the preferred response is to ignore them entirely. If pressed, the government is sometimes forced into action using a variety of methods of denial, disinformation and deflection, all of which depend upon the tacit cooperation of the MSM.

purrlgurrl said...

For the record, I believe that "Roswell" was an intelligence operation of some sort, either ours or a foreign government's. I believe the Roswell folklore is based on the retelling of planted stories (with embellishments over the years) and a great deal of "me tooism" on the part of locals who enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame by attaching themselves to the legend.

Nevertheless, Jacobson's version of Roswell is laughable to anyone who has even a minimal knowledge of WWII history.

But hey, she's trying to sell books and make some money. There's likely no more sinister motivation for her goofy Roswell explanation than that.

cda said...

I have not seen the book and hope it is never published over here. What is curious is why this kind of book should ever sell in the US. Does anyone really take it seriously or are the various media merely being polite to the author but in reality laughing behind her back?

As for the jew hater and gipsy hater Dr Mengele, what would this would-be breeder of a pure, beautiful, blue-eyed Nordic race have said of the aliens' appearances, let alone their alleged interbreeding with homo sapiens? The mind boggles!

Arcturus said...

Excellent post. I was thinking the same thing as I kept seeing this woman on national broadcast after national broadcast. It's a mystery why sometimes this stuff is picked up and other times more plausible theories (or facts!) are dismissed as being in the domain of crackpots.

To me, the idea that an alien race crash landed is MUCH more likely than this Stalin/13 year old freaks/Mengele thing.

Frank Stalter said...

"It's a mystery why sometimes this stuff is picked up and other times more plausible theories (or facts!) are dismissed as being in the domain of crackpots."

She has a big name publisher with a big publicity department. The book is apparently selling very well. I haven't looked at the book yet, but I did see the Nat Geo documentary she had some hand in. It was pretty straightforward, focused on the guys who did the work there. If it's a better representation of what is in the book than the articles and interviews, then it's a book that has some value written by someone who did buy into a tall tale.

David Rudiak said...

ABC News Nightline has just gone after Jacobsen's claims as a bunch of nonsense:

They also interviewed the source, who was who he said he was, but according to ABC also said he was trying to help Jacobsen sell her book.

Anthony Bragalia also figured out who the guy was and interviewed him:

His name is Alfred O'Donnell, and was indeed one of the original people at EG&G and one of their major execs. O'Donnell basically deflected Bragalia's questions and told him nothing. Bragalia then speculated that maybe O'Donnell was shown a hoax craft and bodies, told they were Russian, and to this today believes the story.

Anonymous said...

Purrlgurrl wrote: "I believe the Roswell folklore is based on the retelling of planted stories..."

I agree with you -- if we mean the same thing by "Roswell folklore". The most effective transmitters of the folktale were (and are) the Roswell researchers. Whether intentionally or not, they collaborated with the AF in its coveup of the "incident" by 'going Roswell' and moving the incident from the Foster Ranch in Lincoln County, to the town of Roswell in Chaves County by accepting the changes in location (or the additions of locations) of the crash site closer to Roswell and the RAAF, based on the testimony of Roswell residents (not just Ragsdale, Kaufman, Dennis, but also Haut). And like the MSM, they give undeserved credence to certain witnesses because of their status: Colonels, Generals, and army officers generally (including Haut and Marcel).

It's like referring to an event in Cleveland as the Pittsburgh Incident.

'Roswell' is a heavy weight on researchers into whatever happened on the Foster Ranch, the summer of 1947.



Dr said...

ummm am i missing something. I am not a ufo-oligist, im not crazy and i was just interested in what area 51 did. but as has already been mentioned by many other readers regarding there is a big difference between a flying wing and a flying saucer with a unidentified power source in the 1940's owned by Stalin who wanted everyone to believe it was from outerspace so he wrote on it in Russian. Are you kidding me. so what they had this fantastic technology and went on to develop the Acronoplan and the mig 27 while the USA who was obviously still 100 years behind them invented the SR 71 and smart bombs and the stealth bomber. if Russia had that technology why would they destroy communism by building ICBMs when they already had technology light years ahead. man that last chapter ruined your credibility Annie. Your SOURCE had one too many trips in the 60's and hes laughing his 90 year old ass off at the BS he spun you.

Benjamin Kanarek said...

Jacobson states that her story of the ROSWELL incident is fact based on an anonymous report that does not want to be revealed. There have been scores of serious researchers like Kevin Randal, Stanton Freedman etc. that have been researching this story for decades and have received less exposure than this HACK reporter that had little exposure to this subject. Useless grey matter wastage! :(

Rick Martel said...

Hmmm…genetically altered 13-year-old children….

That means that they were “conceived” sometime in 1933 while Mengele was 22-year-old undergraduate student at the University of Munich.

I want more corroboration because this is making so much sense it’s BLOWING MY MIND!!!

Must have been a class project….