Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swedish UFO Crash

There has been, circulating on the Internet, a story that a crashed flying saucer has been found in 300 feet of water in the Gulf of Bothnia. That is, in the ocean between Finland and Sweden. It was found using sonar, which detected a circular object some 60 feet in diameter.

Peter Lindberg, a Swedish researcher (for ancient shipwrecks and the like but not UFOs), while searching for a 100-year-old wreck that might contain some rare champagne, found the circular object. Lindberg did not suggest it was a flying saucer. That has been left to Internet enthusiasts who decided that anything circular and that size must be a crashed flying saucer.

Lindberg himself did not make that suggestion but did say that in his 18 years as a professional he had never seen anything quite like this. That did not mean that it wasn’t a natural formation, something made by humans, or be an anomaly created by the rough ocean floor and the depth at which the circular object was found. In fact, it might not be as perfectly circular as some speculate simply because the sonar being used didn’t have the ability to discriminate precisely at that depth.

At this point there is absolutely no reason to suspect that this is an alien craft of some sort. Lindberg has said that he is not interested in further in investigations. While the recovery of an alien craft could potentially be worth billions of dollars, the more likely scenario is that this circular object on the bottom of the ocean is just that... a circular object that has no value at all.

This should be viewed as a cautionary tale. Only the shape, circular, suggests that this might be of alien origin, and that is highly speculative. The most likely explanation is something mundane. Since Lindberg is the man who found it, and since he sees nothing of value there, and in fact, did not suggest it was alien, we would be wise to listen. Yes, we need to keep an open mind but not one that is so open our brains fall out. With nothing else reported, without further information, the logical conclusion is in the mundane.

I hope this case will not be added to some of the extremely long lists of crashed saucers that float about on the Internet. It doesn’t belong there unless and until there is more and better information.


jeff thompson said...

Good analysis, Kevin. It is always nice to see some rational common sense in response to totally unsupported speculation posted by true believers.

Sarge said...

I saw a post today that suggests the object is actually 60 METERS in diameter not 60 feet.

KRandle said...

Sarge -

You have proved my point for me. The original stories were of an object 60 feet in diameter... not it is 60 meters, which is much larger.

I'm waiting to see what new information might by added.